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Neato vs Roomba: Showdown of the best Robotic Cleaners

Well, we all love to be in a squeaky clean home, don’t we?! But, the effort that goes behind it surely makes it a mammoth task to be carried out on a day-to-day basis.

Neato vs Roomba

Technology has been hard at work to make our life more comfortable than ever. And finally, it has come up with the best solution to vanish your cleaning and moping troubles. Robotic Vacuums are the answer to all your cleaning woes without the discomfort of investing too much time or efforts in the required activity.  

With the latest models available in the market, you can schedule the cleaning cycles as per your needs. And, charge them remotely and do almost everything possible that will make your house spotless with minimal efforts from your end.

Even though we suggest you make a buying decision after reading the whole article, if you’re in a hurry, we’ve got you covered here!

The best possible combination of price and value – Neato Botvac D5.

If you don’t mind spending a fortune on only the most premium cleaner available in the market, go for iRobot Roomba 980.

So, now that we have unraveled the suspense, let’s go right ahead and explore the how and why…!!

Why buy a robotic vacuum cleaner?

You don’t ask why but how when it comes to buying a self-sufficient robotic vacuum cleaner. Since our lives are busier than ever but thanks to such amazing inventions, we can actually invest most of our time in doing things that we actually want to do.

Advanced Control Panel

Today, a robot vacuum cleaner comprises a number of features assured to give you a cleaner ambiance in minimal time. Side brushes, mop attachments, lasers, sensors, motherboard and other similar additions work together for a seamless cleaning experience.

The aim here is to give you a smart and reliable cleaning buddy which is durable and user-friendly. The variety of models available in the market make sure that you end up with a vacuum perfectly suitable for your household requirements.

Intelligent Work Mode

You will be thrilled to know how easy your life can be if all your appliances can be as smart as the robotic vacuum cleaner. As a result, it is almost like assigning all your cleaning chores to a reliable authority all at once and then forgetting about it for the rest of the week or month, as the case may be.

The daily, weekly and monthly schedules can be easily set up by any member of your family in this vacuum. And when the time arrives, the vacuum will automatically start the cleaning processes according to the required specifications. It can even charge itself after reaching the critical battery level and resume the work in a speedy manner.

Features of an ideal robotic vacuum cleaner

There are many significant features of a robotic vacuum cleaner. Let us take a look at the most significant ones of them:

Saves Time and Efforts

You will be saving tons of efforts and precious minutes not cleaning and getting exposed to irritating allergens. Rather, you would be comfortably seated in your lawn reading your favorite comic strip and having a chuckle as the robotic vacuum cleaner quietly cleans your whole house.

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Minimal Supervision Required

Once you set the schedule for the entire week, you need not worry about it anymore. You can get on with your daily schedule and the house cleaning will be taken care of by your very own robotic vacuum cleaner. Once you start using this magnificent invention you will regret wasting all this time without it and not buying it any sooner.

Set Daily and Weekly Events Easily

One might think that it will be difficult to use this futuristic gizmo but it is totally opposite. The user interface and outside panel could not be any simpler than it is right now. You might not even need the user manual if you are a bit familiar with automated devices. But even if you are using this kind of device for the very first time, it will be a cakewalk.

Control from Next Door or Next Coast with the Same Ease

Last but not the least, most of the robotic vacuum cleaners can be remotely controlled. This means that you don’t have to stay confined to the house if the device is operating. You can control and monitor it from your office, picnic spots and even a weekend getaway location.

Neato Botvac: Prime Models

The popular Neato Botvac has come up with three popular models to take care of all your cleaning requirements. Read on to know more about each one of them.

1. Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum

Neato Botvac D80

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • Sees and chalks out the most efficient cleaning path through the room independently.
  • SpinFlow System picks up all the dust and allergens from the floor without fail.
  • Fully automatic functioning drastically reduces your weekly cleaning chores.
  • It would return to the charging point on its own if it is running low on power.


  • Comes with an extra large dustbin without the hassles of a hard to handle bag.
  • Easily cleans all the hard to reach places for a thoroughly cleaned environment.
  • Smart sensors allow it to avoid obstacles and mindfully move from room to room.
  • Schedule automatic cleaning and also manage the intensity at which it works.


  • Some customers are complaining that it is poorly built.
  • The laser and scanner might stop working properly after a year or so.

The Verdict

Go for this model when you are looking for a trustworthy appliance for your day to day cleaning purpose. The vacuum has been build to offer premium service at comparatively economical prices.

2. Neato Botvac D5 Connected Navigating Robot Vacuum

Neato Botvac D5 Connected Navigating Robot Vacuum

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Main Features

  • Comes with the very convenient Wi-Fi support for easy navigation throughout the room.
  • Suggested for homes that have pets or people highly sensitive to commonly found allergens.
  • Combo brush, side brush, ultra performance filters and other helpful accessories are present inside the box.
  • Smart D-Shape of the vacuum lets it reach those hidden nooks and corners that are impossible to clean otherwise.


  • The charge base is integrated with this model for easy and quick charging whenever required.
  • Simply open the Neato app on your smartphone and operate the vacuum throughout the home.
  • Use voice control feature which is totally compatible with the Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • Operates perfectly on all floor types without ever encountering any sort of glitch.


  • Sometimes the app loses connection with the vacuum if the Wi-Fi signals are not strong enough.
  • Might be a bit difficult to operate in the beginning if you have not had similar exposure.

The Verdict

For homes that are full of happy and active pets who love to roam from one room to another, this vacuum is a godsend! The numerous brushes and filters that come along with this model will let you enjoy that fresh and clean surrounding which you always wanted without working tirelessly for it all day.

3. Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

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Main Features

  • Enjoy total control over the operation of the vacuum with the Neato app and get regular notifications too at the desired frequency.
  • CornerClever technology makes this vacuum most suitable for getting that deep clean which you always want in a home.
  • Comes with two different cleaning modes namely Eco & Turbo mode.
  • The Eco mode is for an easygoing and calm cleaning experience whereas the turbo mode is meant for a quick and flawless sweep.


  • Real-time scanning enables this robotic vacuum to intelligently go about the room rather than just bumping around.
  • The clever scanning and mapping features make sure that the cleaning processes are carried out in a smart manner.
  • The rechargeable Li-Ion battery gives a good battery backup so that you don’t need to recharge it every couple of hours during the use.
  • Best for picking up pet hair and other kinds of flimsy debris that is often hard to clean away.


  • Not that great at digging dirt from carpets and other similar surfaces.
  • The metallic body is quite prone to scratches and scuffs.

The Verdict

For a big house with a considerable number of residents, the Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum is perfect when it comes to automatic cleaning. It fares well in all the important aspects without going overboard on the price margin.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum: Detailed Reviews

Your search for a fully automatic and yet easy to use robotic vacuum ends at iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum. It comes with its very own three levels of cleaning that assures a dust-free and spotless area every day without fail for as long as you are using this marvelous creation.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum Detailed Reviews

It specializes in picking up all shapes and sizes of debris including the almost invisible pollen to the considerably bigger cereal chunks. It stands only 3.6 inches from the ground which means that you can store it anywhere without it taking over your space. Its compact size also helps it in reaching the difficult corners of your home.

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • Utilize its entire set of highly sensitive sensors to navigate through your constantly changing accommodations.
  • Schedule it for as many as seven days in advance or you can just press the clean button when you feel like its time.
  • Adjusts to different floors in different rooms such as carpets, tile, hardwood, and lamination.
  • Docks and recharges itself without requiring your help so that you don’t have to keep tabs on it during an already busy day.


  • Packed with the patented Dirt Detect Technology, it cleans the home in the most efficient way possible.
  • Your rooms will be cleaned at your schedule, no matter how early or late it turns out to be.
  • Dual multi-brush attachments help in carrying out the cleaning exercises in a speedy fashion.
  • Its Edge-Sweeping Brush is designed at a twenty-seven degrees angle for scrubbing the corners in the best possible manner.


  • Most of the advanced functions have not been configured properly in this system.
  • The after sale service can easily use an upgrade especially when it comes to timely technical support.

The Verdict

If you are new to the world of smart home automation then you might want to start with iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum for giving your home an organized daily clean without even lifting a finger. It has been designed to specifically focus on areas that attract the maximum amount of dirt thus saving a lot in terms of time and energy.

Brief Description of Updated Roomba Models

A series of Roomba models have been launched in the market. Keep reading to know a bit about all five of them.

1. iRobot Roomba 652

The iRobot Roomba 652 Robot Vacuum is best suitable for your everyday cleaning when you are in a rush but you do want to come back to a squeaky clean home. The floors and carpets can be cleaned without any problem thanks to the Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head which lets this vacuum easily glide from one corner of your home to another.

iRobot Roomba 652

Check Price on Amazon!

The robust and strategically designed body helps in cleaning your home from behind and under your designer furniture pieces too that are often quite hard to navigate around even when you are doing it by yourself.

2. iRobot Roomba 860

Pick this model if you are looking for an extremely easy to use robotic vacuum that gives you a smart and deep clean with every use. The manufacturers have focused on making this model suitable for giving every kind of home surface a gentle but wholesome clean.

iRobot Roomba 860

Check Price on Amazon!

The AeroForce Cleaning System is the backbone of its innovative design. It delivers five times the usual air pressure which makes cleaning different parts of an establishment simpler than ever. Thus, you can just turn it on and pick the desired mode to let it do its job.

3. iRobot Roomba 880

The central focus of this vacuum is to pick up dust and other debris from the floor without letting it clog the entire system. Tangle-free extractors are present in its body to prevent any sort of system failure during the cleaning activity.

iRobot Roomba 880


Check Price on Amazon!

Another amazing feature of this vacuum is the AeroForce high-efficiency filter that is meant to trap all the surrounding dust particles to offer the maximum level of sanitation. You will achieve almost fifty percent better performance with the help of AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System.

4. iRobot Roomba 960

iRobot Roomba 960

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For all those who either have pets or planning to own one in near future, this model is certainly a must buy. The tangle-free dual multi-surface brushes are perfect for cleaning their shedding hair along with otherwise present allergens all around your place.

5. iRobot Roomba 980

Cleans the assigned surface for as long as 120 minutes non-stop. And then quietly docks at the charging spot for resuming the cleaning task from the last spot as soon as it gets fully charged. The Carpet Boost feature lifts and cleans the underlying area properly with ten times more suction power to give you a cleaner area.

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The iRobot HOME App has been upgraded to give you a better control over the vacuum at any given moment. Most noteworthy, you get timely notifications and updates to keep you in the loop about the progress of the cleaning process without overwhelming you with the details.

Other Worthy Alternatives

Aside from the above mentioned popular choices, there are a lot of other robot vacuums too in the market that deserve at least a brief mention.

1. Bobsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Bobsweep vs Roomba

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • The strength of this model lies in its personalized scheduling and auto charging ease.
  • Specifically designed for cleaning the undesirable paw prints and pet hair from the floor.
  • Harmful allergens are removed from the air with the help of HEPA filtration.
  • It performs a total of four different functions including sweeping, cleaning, mopping and UV sterilizing the floor as it moves through your residence.


  • The aesthetically pleasing and practical design makes it the best choice for homes of all shapes and sizes.
  • For mopping purpose, you just need to attach the provided microfiber cloth and your whole place will be polished to a shiny clean gleam.
  • Sweeping action is performed with the help of squeegee-style dust sweeper and full-contact brush to offer the premium level of hygiene.
  • No need to bother about the toxic viruses, allergens, mold and dust particles encircling your home thanks to the 400 NM Ultra-Violet lamp that will sterilize the entire floor area instantly.


  • Pet hair is sometimes not properly picked up by the device.
  • It does not fare well when it comes to huge living spaces requiring heavy duty cleaning on a regular basis.

The Verdict

At present, it is one of the most user-friendly robotic vacuum cleaners that is known for its versatile cleaning prowess. Thus, you can have your entire home cleaned in any manner you want. Therefore, use the help of various options that are available with this vacuum.

2. Eufy RoboVac 11

Eufy RoboVac 11

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • With the High-Capacity Li-ion Battery, you can afford to use fade-free high suction power for as much as 1.5 hours non-stop to get that deep clean.
  • Covered with an anti-scratch tempered glass cover for preserving its sleek and glossy look long after you start getting good use of this equipment.
  • Masterfully avoids all big and small obstacles on its path with the help of infrared-sensor.
  • Pitfalls are avoided with its razor-sharp drop-sensing which keeps it moving at just the right pace throughout the house.


  • Get the entire house cleaned spotless with the click of a single button.
  • Easily choose from a range of cleaning modes to give your house the kind of cleaning that it urgently requires.
  • Optimum cleaning is achieved by doing a combination of side brushes, a rolling brush, and powerful suction.
  • Offers that 100 percent hands-off cleaning facility where it climbs and reaches all the high and low sections of your place.


  • Sometimes it might start cleaning all on its own without any initiation.
  • Complaints have been received about some models being rendered useless within two weeks of use.

The Verdict

Consequently, you will find this vacuum perfect for cleaning your surrounding while you focus on things that require your attention more.

3. ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ECOVACS DEEBOTN79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • Enjoy total control over your device thanks to the impressive applicability of the ECOVACS App.
  • A range of highly specialized sensors makes it quite easy for this vacuum to power through the uneven home terrains.
  • Fitted with a V-shaped, 3-in-1 rolling brush that will give you that amazing clean everytime you use one of its many powerful cleaning modes.
  • Get all the dust out of various spots in your home with the help of a roaring suction of up to 1000Pa, thanks to the brushless motor present within it.


  • Edge cleaning, single room cleaning, and spot cleaning are few of the many cleaning scenarios you enjoy with this vacuum.
  • A combination of three intelligent anti-drop sensors avoids all kinds of inconvenient falls that have a drop-off higher than 3.1 inches.
  • Has a 14 inches wide cleaning path that is cleaned to perfection with the central cleaning brush and consistent suction at required spots.
  • The smartphone app is available for both apple and android phones which makes communicating and coordinating with the equipment all the more easier.


  • The smart sensors are not able to predict and avoid all the pits and corners in real-time.
  • Customer service department urgently requires an upgrade in their service quality.

The Verdict

Buy this vacuum for the ease of use and everyday cleaning comfort. Because this way you won’t be struggling with any kind of cleaning when using this breakthrough invention.

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes down to the best robotic vacuum cleaner in the market at present, the ever dependable Neato Botvac D5 should always be your first choice.

Neato Botvac D5 Connected

Check Price on Amazon!


It costs a fraction of the price of other quite expensive vacuum models and still offers a stellar performance every single time. The Neato also navigates in a smooth and highly organized manner throughout your home.

This brings us to the end of this blog. Was this information helpful to you in any way? If yes, then do like this page. If no, then you can always leave your comments and let us know how we can make our website better! Thanks for reading till here!

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