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Ryobi Vs Chamberlain: Which is the Best Smart Garage Door Opener?

All of the car owners are definitely worried about whether they closed their garage door or not on multiple occasions in a day. The technology has finally solved this problem too with the creation of smart garage door openers.

Ryobi vs Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener

Now, you can remotely control your garage door from miles away. And that means that your days of worrying about forgetting to close the garage door and other security concerns that creep up along with it are finally over. This begins the age of yet another remarkable product in the smart home automation domain.

Depending upon your requirements, you have a variety of options to choose from. There are the ones that are fully compatible with your home Wi-Fi and then there are the ones that work on just Bluetooth for the added security cover.

The Best of the Lot

You may or may not have the time to read this entire thing right now but you surely can bookmark it for later. And if you are really curious about some main facts then let us help you out with that.

When money is no bar then you can get yourself a Chamberlain garage door opener at $217.99.

For a constrained budget, go with the GarageMate. At just $49.95, you can hardly get a better deal than this.

Both these models are great for doing their job to perfection. The price difference is mainly owing to the additional support, warranties and the durability that ultimately accounts for a heftier price tag. So even if you go with the more affordable option, you can be rest assured that the quality will never be substandard.

Ryobi Vs Chamberlain

Presently, the garage door openers market has two main options that are majorly ruling the market. The premium price for the best performance is offered by the Chamberlain garage door openers. For the innovative choice, you can always pick the Ryobi model and explore the best of future, today!

1. Installation


Thanks to the manual kit which you get along with the package, the whole installation process is quite simple. You just need the follow the specified directions in the manual and you will be done with your new door opener in no time.

Ryobi Garage Door Opener Installation

You might also contact its customer care for the additional help if you require it. And then your problem will surely be solved with dedicated assistance in no time. The setup process is equally simple for different settings and you are going to face no trouble at all.


This specific model of door opener has been ruling the market with its durability and performance for quite some time. But the entire installation process for the same is not as easy as you would expect it to be. But its widescale presence has made it simple to find the professional help for the installation process of the same at discounted prices.

Today, you have so many online tutorials and online help that even if it gets a bit tricky or if you are not used to such kind of gadgets then you can just go online and find the required help without any delay. Also, once you get a hang of it, it will be a cakewalk from them onwards.

2. User-Friendly Features


You might be using the best appliance in the market. But without a user- friendly panel and features, it is worthless. Thankfully, the Ryobi garage door opener has taken good care of this aspect and provided us with few of the most amazing user-friendly features that one can ask for.

You get to enjoy the comforts of owning one of the best garage door openers in town with an incredible set of user-friendly features. Everything is synced up with your phone and you can use the app to keep track of all the activities going on when you are away.


There are a lot of reasons that make Chamberlain one of the most successful garage door openers of all time. But when it comes to the user-friendly features than this model cannot compete with the likes of Ryobi.

Chamberlain Features

You could have been enjoying the durability and quick responses of the Chamberlain garage door opener for quite some time but you might feel it a bit lacking when you get to use the Ryobi model once. This does not mean that you will the Chamberlain lacks in overall performance in any way. It just does not compare to the Ryobi when it comes to user-friendly features.

3. Belt drive


You will find the Ryobi to be quiet in operation too. It works on the steel reinforced belt driver thus offering you new levels of noiselessness and durability. Like most of the other features of this garage door opener, this one also demonstrates a high level of innovation. But that also means that it not has been on the market as long as its prime rival, the Chamberlain garage door opener.

Hence, it will be too soon to compare the long-lasting performance and overall capability of the Chamberlain model with the likes of Ryobi.


There are not one but multiple benefits of replacing the chain drive with the belt drive. First of all, they are very quick to operate. You will save quite some time using it instead of the age-old models that still use the chain drive. The belt drive is also considerably easy to maintain. It is way more durable and you will never notice it until you plan on upgrading to the latest version.

Belt drives are totally silent in their functioning which means that the noise trouble will not be there whether you are parking the car during the rush hours of the morning or the wee hours of the night. There is this total comfort and ease with picking a door opener with the belt drive over the one with the chain drive.

4. MyQ technology & Security


Ryobi comes with its very own set of online assistance to help you out in times of need. You get total compatibility with the Homelink and the Wi-Fi. Thus you get online and see the activities happening in and around your house via your account. But, it still needs to come up with a customized app to be as useful as the Chamberlain garage door opener.


You always feel like checking on home when you are away. And if you can do so in a quick and easy manner then your days will get a lot more peaceful for you. Thanks to the MyQ Home Control app you can finally do so without much effort. You can use this app to check up on the garage door and the outside light situation. Or, you can turn them on or off depending on the requirement right through this app.

You can also make sure that the settings of this app are always one step ahead of the possible intruders. Change the setting as many times as you like to keep the possible break-ins and the unfortunate incidents at bay. There is just so much that you can do with this app to make your life infinitely better.

5. Strength


A lot of advantages and benefits are listed with the usage of Ryobi model. And most of them stand true to the claims. Strength wise, you can say that this model does not disappoint you in most of the everyday life scenarios. But does it fare better than its Chamberlain counterpart? Not better, but not worse either. You need not doubt the strength of the Ryobi model.

Ryobi Features

However, it will take a long time for this appliance to make the same kind of impact in the market with its strength and durability. Till then, you can just keep using Chamberlain with the confidence of being the owner of the best garage door opener in the market.


Depending upon the overall dimensions of your garage, the door can be light or heavy. Also, the size of the door also matters when you are planning to install a certain kind of garage door opener. If the door is well under the 7 feet margin then you don’t need to worry about getting any extra extensions.

However, if the door measures more than that then you need to chip in a few extra bucks for getting the required extensions to enjoy the same level of performance as promised by the manufacturer. You can make good use of the three-buttoned remote control even from the wider distances. You just need to power it with the tri-band frequency such that you can enjoy the same quick responses using it from comparatively farther locations.

Other Worthy Alternatives

There is no shortage of the smart garage door openers in the market. But, if you want a reliable and sturdy one then you might have to look a bit harder. Or, you can just keep reading and make this task extremely easy for you.

1. Chamberlain WD962KEV Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain WD962KEV Garage Door Opener

Basic Introduction

This garage door opener works equally efficient on both battery and power backup. You will be totally at peace both figuratively and literally with its Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Operation. This means that whether its day or night, you can get full use out of it without disturbing your neighbors.


  • Integrate it with your smartphone with the help of MyQ Smartphone Control.
  • Enjoy extra comfort with the help of Keyless Entry Keypad for smoother operation.
  • The wall-control panel sold along with this model adds to the overall functionality of this garage door opener.
  • With the timer-to-close feature that automatically closes the door after 1, 5, or 10 minutes, you get an additional safety net.


  • The price range of this model is a bit on the higher end.
  • Sometimes you get the package with few important parts missing from the set.

2. LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener Elite Series

Lift Master 8550W Garage Door Opener Elite Series

Basic Introduction

When in need of a sleek and hassle-free garage door opener, just go with the LiftMaster. It has been designed to be installed in minimum possible time with almost no efforts. The entire design supports the  DC Battery Backup Without Rail Assembly thus making it all the more convenient.


  • A new code is generated everytime you use it such that only you get secured access to it.
  • The unique code also ensures that no one else is able to trespass and cause trouble behind your back.
  • When the power is out, the battery backup comes into play for making sure that you never face any trouble with it.
  • Monitor and control all the functions of your garage door by syncing it up with your smartphone instantly.


  • The customer care service is not helpful at all and can use a more dedicated staff support.
  • An annoying noise can be heard when you open or close your garage door with this device attached to the same.

3. NEXX GARAGE Smart Remote Garage Door Opener

NEXXGARAGE Smart Remote Garage Door Opener

Basic Introduction

You often need a device that pairs well with other smart gadgets. If that is the case then you will do just fine with this model since it pairs up in a glitch-free manner with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other similar appliances.


  • Connect the smart opener with your home Wi-Fi and stay updated about latest progress from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Use the Nexxa Garage Controller to make sure that you can open and close the garage door just like you would when you are at home.
  • Keep a record of all the activities that take place in terms of garage traffic on a daily basis.
  • It is very easy to install it and most of the time you will be able to do so yourself without taking any professional help.


  • The app is not compatible with the device at all and needs a major upgrade for proper customer satisfaction.
  • Sometimes, the device does not work depending on the structure of your garage door and overall wiring.

4. GarageMate


Basic Introduction

Make the most of your garage door opener by pairing it up with your smartphone. The GarageMate works fine on both Android and Apple platforms. The app functions quite well with both these platforms and you will find no problem in controlling your garage door via your phone in both the cases.


  • In the temperature range of -40 degrees F to 140 degrees F, you can expect the unbeatable quality that this appliance is known for.
  • Since it works on Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry about the online hacking and possible security breaches.
  • The delivery time is not over 3 days for most of the specified delivery locations.
  • Works remarkably with Siri and you also have the freedom to pair it up with as many as 8 phones.


  • You might find the range a bit lower than what you’re used to with other similar models.
  • Also, the installation can get a bit tricky if you have not been in touch with such an appliance recently.

5. GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller

GoControl Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller

Basic Introduction

This is basically a remote controller that works quite well with all the major garage door openers. It makes the use of your Z-wave network and the existing garage door opener to help you be in full control of your garage door from next room or the next continent!


  • Get both audio and video updates about all the proceedings going on in your garage.
  • It helps you fully control the functioning of your sectional garage door.
  • You will not find any problem in pairing it up with the models that have been manufactured after 1993.
  • Doubles up a repeater for your Z-wave network thus contributing to the strength of your home network.


  • Some customers are complaining that it failed to function properly after the initial few months of use.
  • You might also get an older model disguised as a newer model with fresh stickers and packaging.

6. Insteon 318276I RF Drape Control Kit

Insteon 318276I RF Drape Control Kit

Basic Introduction

For that total control over the drapes present all over your home, you can blindly go with the Insteon 318276I RF Drape Control Kit. It has been created to offer you easy control of the drapes along with keeping you updated about their latest status.


  • Make use of the Insteon network to enjoy that unprecedented control over the drapes of your home or office.
  • With the Insteon compatibility, you can be sure of the outstanding performance every single time.
  • Each and every input in your Somfy Interface that you make will get you instant results without much delay.
  • The installation process is extremely easy thus making it a must-have for the tech-savvy and newbies alike.


  • You cannot get it to work along with Amazon Alexa.
  • Sometimes you might get stuck with a faulty product and require immediate replacement.


This brings us to the end of the highly informative account of the garage door openers. The above details will surely help you in picking the model that best addresses your garage door needs. You can also pick the one that suits your budget and specifications well.

The undisputed winner of the garage door openers for the year of 2018 is Chamberlain. It has all you require from an outstanding garage door opener such as quick reflexes, high reliability, and easy installation among others.

Since you are here till now so do tell us what you would like to read about next. As long as, it is from the smart home automation universe, we will make sure that you get rare details about the product of your choice without going through many hassles.

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