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Best Z-Wave Thermostat Reviews: 2018 Edition

Best Z-Wave Thermostats

Today, the technology gives prime importance to our comfort and budget simultaneously. One such example is the Z-wave thermostat. It is aimed at making the most of the available energy resources without breaking the bank when it comes to paying the energy bills. You can finally realize your dream of …

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Z-Wave Sprinkler: Pamper you Garden!

Smart Water Irrigation Control

“The grass is always greener on the other side.” Do you know why? Because the informed masses on the other side have been using the Z-Wave Sprinkler system all this while! We all are a product of our choices. And it is high time that we make a smart one …

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Filtrete WiFi Thermostat Reviews – 2018 Edition

Filtrete 3M-50 WiFi Thermostat

Today, you can get a WiFi connection in just about anything, be it your refrigerator or your bathroom scale! So, why not in thermostats where it can come to some practical help? Well, the Filtrete WiFi thermostat does just that. Coupled with an advanced and programmable WiFi system, this thermostat …

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Best Z-Wave Fan Control Reviews – 2018 Edition

Z-Wave Fan Speed Control

Just one click and the desert of Sahara becomes the balmy Caribbean for you. Fans – the cost-efficient as well as a simplistic alternative to all your summer and ventilation problems. You enter the room, press the switch and feel the sweat beads disappear from your forehead. And then the …

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