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Top 4 Most Popular Types of Houses: Which One Suits You Best?

Different people need different homes to house their varied personalities and preferences. The homes are a window to the psyche of a person. How messy or squeaky clean it is can give you a peek into the way a person likes to unwind. Your home is where all your façade drops and you just be. No more pretending to be what you are not and being totally unabashedly you.

After initial experiences, you get a fair idea of the kind of home you feel most at home in! You might think that you are a townhouse kind of sophisticated guy. But you may feel uniquely you at one of those storybook homes. And then your family grows and you have to leave room for their likes and dislikes too. Now it’s a group effort.

Your home can also denote if you just have space for yourself in your life for now. Or there is room for others. At different stages of life, you may feel differently and it’s important to honor all of them. So that eventually you perfect your dream home!

Read on to know the popular types of houses and which one might suit you the best.

4. Ranch House

The story of Wild West is best told by one of these lively Ranch Houses. They are full of sunshine, horses and never-ending land to gallop on all around. A lot of retirees and young couples opt for them when they don’t want deal with the intricacies of complex homes.

Ranch House

And just because they have a simple layout does not mean they lack in their charm. Blame it on those heart-felt country songs and Southern living catalogues but these Ranch houses are already an experience in its own for the tourists coming from all over the world.

Ruggedly Comfortable

The best of Ranch houses is found in USA and UK. The main aim here is to get an abundance of sunshine and ventilation. This is why it comes with large windows and open area around the home. The house, adjoining stables and other farm animal houses have high ceiling. There is usually a porch at the front for you to kickback your shoes and have a quiet moment by yourself or with your cowboy buddies.

A lot of these houses have been converted into tourist attractions. The simple yet intriguing ecosystem that they house within themselves brings in curious visitors from all over the world. In Texas, you will see a lot of wooden structures such as barns and other in the ranch houses. The house and the vicinity are all shades of tan and brown emphasizing its earthiness.

3. Chalet

The latest luxury is to have a chalet booked for your ski season. This has become one of the many ways you can line your holidays with luxury. These homes beautifully blend the Nordic style into the heavy snowfall terrains to give that authentically dreamy look.

A lot of hikes and ski folks love to book them well in advance for their ski trips. Nothing about them is affordable though they definitely make for memorable stays. They are usually overlooking a snow-laden valley that makes them all the more desirable for trip of all kinds.

Rustic Snowy Dream

The steep roofs perched on the sturdy exterior walls are their signature look. They derive heavily from European architectural styles and are both aesthetically and structurally sound. The heavy snowfalls cannot do much harm to the roof because of its steepness. Otherwise, the snow might settle and cause the roof to cave in causing heavy loss of life and property.


The strategic design helps a lot in maintaining the house in all its vigor. Most of these houses are built from wood inside out. It adds a festive flavor to the entire setting thus making it a perfect end of the year destination. You might notice fine samples of these types over the French Alps.

2. Cottage House

They featured heavily in fairytales and Disney movies and rightly so. There is something about these houses that makes them suitable for both fairies and the simple farm life. The sense of calm and peaceful routine guards these halls. This style is quite popular in the working-class farmers of England.

Cottage House

The cottages usually have a single theme going on within the establishment. You will always find a cozy fireplace here with proper seating around it. Stone and wood feature profoundly in the local construction. A small porch will be there to give you enough space for starting and ending your day right.

Homely Warmth

This is not the most spacious of homes. Sometimes there is just one main room where all the important things are going on. It is ideal for areas where winters last round the year. It has been repackaged as a warm and cozy vacation experience by the tourism industry. That does not mean that you won’t find certain flamboyant interpretations of the same.

Pastels, kitchen garden and intricate shrubbery all over the property can be seen here too. The various types of cottages found in different corners of the world are English, country, coastal, southern, vintage and French. Here, they blend with the aesthetics of different category to put forward a fascinating fusion.

1. Portable Tiny House

So, there are people who hop on the first chance they get to live in a Caravan and travel cross-country. If you want to go a step further then you can definitely get a tiny home. These homes are usually portable thanks to the size and relatively low investment.

This is what you get when you want to explore the world and yourself on that journey. You can usually have one more person on this journey with you because the house is not that spacious. It is very adaptable though. It comes from 60 to 400 feet max.

Conceptual Housing

That gives you enough room to park it wherever and whenever you want with proper permits of course. Most of these homes are mobile. And even if they are not initially, you can turn them into one later without much trouble. It is advisable to stock it up with stuff which is mostly foldable.

Portable Tiny House

The hook in the kitchen and other places are magnetic to keep everything in its place when the show is on the road. It is as affordable and mobile as they come. Though, it can’t be your option with kids and everything. A lot of housing loan companies might not be able to provide a suitable plan for you with this.

These are our popular picks of housing options out in the world.

Do you own any of the houses mentioned above? Which one will you go for when its time to upgrade? Tell us in the comment section below. Forward this post to your family and friends to tell them about what they can go for next!

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