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6 Cool Tips To Minimize Water Wastage While Showering

The earth is 3 out of 4 parts water. But, that is no excuse to leave the bathroom tap on for eternity without remorse. The actual usable water is finite and constantly shrinking. So what can you do to fix that? Well, try not wasting it. But why, you ask? Umm…do it for the environment.

If that does not motivate you enough then do it to cut back on your soaring water bill. So, you don’t have to live the Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s not fun when this 120 mins adrenaline fest becomes your life. That is just 31,556,952 minutes of pure mayhem with no interval from scorching hell.


6 Tips To Minimize Water Wastage While Showering

You can save water in a million different ways. Below we have mentioned the easiest ones out of them. Take a look.

1. Stick to a Shower Routine

The routines keep you efficient and organized. Everyone follows some form of passive shower routine. You can follow an active one to save your money, time and water. Some people like to shave or brush in the shower. You can start with a quick spritz to wet yourself. Then suds up your hair and body.

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Follow it with a quick shave or brush or both in that order. Finally, turn on the shower to rinse quickly and properly. The more you do it, the more it will become a part of your muscle memory. A month in, you will be showering and saving water in auto-pilot mode!

2. Have a Post Shower Indulgence Session

It can be a good read, Insta-stalking or your current Netflix favorite. You can motivate yourself to wake up early, save water or even sleep on time if you use the right reward. Carve a quick indulgence window in your post-shower time before you get to work.


This will motivate you to get out of the shower as soon as possible to get to your current favorite activity. And in the process, you will be doing a favor to the environment. It’s a win-win. You can even gamify it if you want and note down your best time to keep on outshining yourself!

3. Place a Bucket

Usually, it takes about a few seconds for the desired temperature of water to start drizzling from the shower. You can put a bucket or tub under the shower during that time and step out as you otherwise do too. Keep a bucket or tub in your bathroom at all times so that you can easily implement this useful change.

Minimum water will be going to waste this way and you don’t have to power through the few seconds of scalding or freezing showers. You can use this saved water for gardening, cleaning or in the toilet. All these small efforts add up to huge water savings when adopted as a habit.

4. Make a Shower Playlist

Some studies claim that your heartbeat syncs to the music you are listening to at that moment. Use this to your advantage with a Shower Playlist. You can even repurpose your workout mix as the Shower Playlist to wake you right up on those early mornings. This will help you get into the action mode right away.

And minimal water will go down the drain as you crawl around lazily otherwise. Keep the total time of your playlist under 8 minutes. Its enough for a daily refreshing shower. Keep it under 3 songs so that you don’t get lost in yet another musical wormhole!

5. Shower With Room Temperature Water

The icy cool showers in summers and the sizzling hot showers in winters are perfect to stimulate that good night’s sleep. They fix all kinds of bad days and that is what makes people use them like 45 minutes long therapy sessions! This usage pattern is just too wasteful, no matter what.

That is why it is best to take a shower with room temperature water in all seasons. It gets the job done. Your body temperature does not fluctuate terribly as you step out of the shower and suddenly into the undesirable temperature. And you are not tempted to sing or dance to the entirety of a motion picture soundtrack while in that oyster of a pleasant shower!

6. Treat Yourself With Monthly Water Bill Savings

Nothing motivates us animals better than the instant gratification. That is how people get addicted to various means of ‘joy’ in the first place. You can use this powerful method moderately for a good purpose. Buy something you won’t otherwise with those water savings each month.

It can be a gourmet chocolate box, a glow-in-the-dark sticker collection or anything else that unnecessary yet tempting. This will motivate you to get innovative with your water-saving habits. And, in the end, you will be making a positive impact on the environment.

The above mentioned six tips will help you kickstart a mini water conservation initiative right at your home. You can eventually inspire your kith and kins to do so as you see it turning into a responsible lifestyle for you and your family.

How Smart Home Automation Does It ALL For You

It gets extremely easy when you assign all these tasks to a single entity and make it keep a record of everything. Thankfully smart home automation makes it very much possible for you. You can set your goals, monitor their progress and set the reminders once a week/month to work on a daily basis.

You can even program your shower and other smart bathroom attachments to do all the work for you while you reap the benefits. The smart showerheads optimize your savings without compromising with your shower experience. Check out the easiest options to do so here.


Showering is an integral part of every efficient morning routine. We can optimize it for the sake of our budget and the environment. The smart shower systems are one of the simplest ways to do so on a long term basis.

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