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Is Your House Safe? Here Are 7 Tips To Enhance Home Security

A home should be a safe haven for you and everyone else in your family. Today, you have a number of options to keep it secure, thanks to the technological boom. There are a few other tips too that can turn your home into an unsolvable Rubik’s Cube for all the burglars out there.

7 Tips To Enhance Home Security

Below are the top 7 ways in which you can beef up the security of your home at the earliest.

1. Invest in Window Locks

Most of the burglaries happen through the windows. This is because they are often the weakest link of home security. Most of the time they only serve the decorative purpose. A good amount of them doesn’t even have sturdy locks to keep them properly locked. This is where the window locks come in.


In addition to this, you can also get the window grills and glass break sensors installed. This will fool-proof your entire window security task. If you can, plant a prickly hedge around the perimeter of your home to deter the goons from even attempting a theft.

2. Request a Police Inspection

It might sound like a stretch. But, a number of police departments are more than happy to perform a thorough inspection of your place. This activity will help them to educate you about the loopholes of your employed home security methods. You will get to know a lot about the current situation of the area you are living in and how to safeguard your place accordingly.

This service is available only for community members. Of course, they are a busy department and might not be able to offer this painstakingly detailed and free service to every single member. But if you are lucky enough to get one then pay full attention to all the important points that the inspecting officials point out.

3. Get Smart Security Systems

Today, having a smart security system is a no-brainer. You need one just like you need electricity and water supply in your home. It is a basic expense. You will find one in almost every other self-sufficient home that believes in the prevention of the disaster rather than cure.

There are a number of DIY options that can easily be installed within minutes. You can also avail of a number of useful services they offer in a very reasonable monthly subscription plan. Go for a trusted brand that is known for its dedicated customer care service.

4. Keep Up the Illusion When Away

If only we could be present at multiple places simultaneously! But till that happens, a few tricks will definitely come to your rescue. You can make this deal with your neighbors and friends to take care of each other’s home when anyone of you is away.

House Lighting

Things like preventing the mails from piling up, keeping few lamps lit indoors and mowing the lawn can give that illusion. You can also keep up the charade by yourself with the help of a smart security system. The motion sensors can alert you about every new development. Or, you can watch everything on the security footage to sleep stress-free at night.

5. Create A Well – Lit Area

A badly lit place makes all the vandals and culprits feel encouraged to break-in. Also, it gets particularly difficult to navigate around a dark alley even if you know it like the back of your hand. That is why you should invest in high-tech night lights.

Night Lights

These can be motion sensor-controlled and synced with your mobile app. This way you can turn them on and off as you like to scare off the intruders. Try putting them on the timer and implement the solar light panels if you can to make the most out of it.

6. Keep the Doors Secured

It is incredibly frustrating to know but around 34% of the intruders enter through the front door. Make sure that your home is not making it this easy for the troublemakers to rob your place. You can start with changing the locks the first day you move into a new place.

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This will give your door locks a clean slate and you the chance to incorporate trusted locks at your door. Use a smart lock system with a deadbolt to turn your home into an impenetrable castle. A video doorbell will help you keep all the suspicious elements out without missing out on your deliveries.

7. Don’t Let Everyone In

People often get into so much trouble just because they don’t want to be rude. And the anti-social elements know it all too well. They take advantage of this useless social custom and wreck havoc on your home. So, the next time, don’t let a stranger waltz in just because you don’t want to be rude.


That is not being rude. It is just being careful and smart about your surroundings. It is completely acceptable to not let people into your home if you don’t know or want them to be there. Know, preach and practice it. And let someone in only if you know and trust them enough to do so.

These are a few tricks that you can use for keeping your humble abode safe at all times.


Home Security is something that needs to be dealt with carefully. Online research and discussion can help you zero in on the best option for your current location and living situation. It takes a combination of useful security installations and daily practices to keep your place secure.

Is your home safe enough for you and your family? If yes then good job! If not then you can make it so starting today. And, forward this information to your out-of-touch friends and family to keep them safe.

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