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7 Tips To Renovate Your Bathroom Space

A bathroom renovation has the potential to make or break a house. If you make the right moves, you can end up with a luxurious oasis. Otherwise, you will have to face the daily discomforts of an impractical washroom space.

With just a bit of planning and research, you can accomplish a lot in terms of an optimized bathroom. Just take care of the following few points before everything literally gets set in stone.

7 Tips To Renovate Your Bathroom Space

Renovating a bathroom should be a group effort. Discuss among all the house members and then come up with a final plan. This will make it useful for everyone living in the house. Also, it will result in a more wholesome outcome that will improve the resell/renting value of the property. Read on to know the top 7 ways to do so.

1. Stick To The Budget

This should be the first step in your bathroom renovation plan. You cannot afford to be careless with this step. It is natural to get swept away by all the amazing bathroom renovation idea pins on the Pinterest boards. But, you cannot let it sway you to spend away all your retirement funds!


Make a clear differentiation between necessity and luxury according to your current budget. Stick to it no matter what. And if you really wish to get that luxurious remodel then start saving right away. But, first, take care of the basics that need to be tended to within your current bathroom space.

2. Future-Proof The Remodel

Always stick to the classics when it comes to the renovation. It can be the tiles, the layout or the bathroom fixtures involved. You should never invest in something that has just been launched and the media has brainwashed you into believing that you cannot survive without it.

You need to make sure that every change you are making will still be useful in the next 10 years. Go for the upgrades that have stood the test of time or at least have garnered consistently good reviews. It can be for you or the future renters and buyers that will be using that space. Keep the decor classic and installed fixtures futuristic to make the renovation worthwhile.

3. Efficient Ventilation Solutions

Proper ventilation is very important in every bathroom. It not only prevents the mold and mildew from settling into the expensive installments but also keeps the air quality good. You don’t even need to spend a fortune to ensure sufficient ventilation.

Just install a couple of exhaust fans or windows to let out all the steam and moisture inside. Otherwise, all of these elements will stay trapped inside thus eventually making it impossible to even breath properly within the bathroom. It will add to the hygiene of your washroom too as you keep it dry and clean at all times.

4. Suitable Shower

You can never be too careful with the shower selection process. The various types of showers available in the market include a waterfall, hand-held, fixed, massage, low and high-pressure jets among others. In our opinion, a hand-held shower is the best for a quick and thorough bath.

If you really want to upgrade your shower experience then go for a smart shower system. It will automate everything for you. You just need to enter your requirements and it will make sure to fulfill them while adding 1 more year to the planet earth in the process!

5. Proper Lighting

Just take care of a couple of things. Make sure that the installed lights are moisture-proof LEDs that can endure the test of time. Create a well-lit vanity space to get ready in perfect lighting every morning. Invest in a durable heat lamp if you live in colder regions.

A few dimmer switches will make it easier for you to adjust the lights during various times of the day. Nowadays, it is easy to find the bulbs that emanate natural-seeming light. This keeps your mood and eyesight balanced no matter if there is ample natural light supply during the day or not.

6. Never Rush

Your home cannot function without a bathroom. That is why it is important to make other reliable arrangements while the current one is under renovation. If you are lucky and have more than one bathroom in your home then you can easily alternate between them.

Otherwise, be patient and do a thorough review of every new development in your bathroom. Pick the right tiles, bathroom fittings and vanity for your bathroom after a good amount of research. Measure and analyze every aspect of your bathroom properly to avail of the full benefit of the remodel.

7. DIY as an Option

If you are not a professional or experienced in plumbing and electric installation then don’t attempt to do so for the very first time during your bathroom renovation. This might cause you to pay double of what you would have to pay initially plus all the efforts that you put in.

There are a good number of simple DIY bathroom remodeling jobs you can do. This includes prepping the place and stripping down the tiles among others. DIY projects save you a ton of money. But they might just double the expense when performed without expertise.

These are a few of the many ways in which you can maximize the benefits of your current or next bathroom remodel.


We all spend a good portion of our daily life in our bathrooms. They need to be hygienic, well- ventilated and fitted with updated bathroom fixtures for a relaxing bath experience. If not, then there is always the next remodel! Do your homework to make sure that you don’t have to remodel every new year and still end up with an unsatisfactory result.

Forward this article to your friends and family today and let them know discreetly that it is time for a remodel! And if someone has forwarded this to you then get started on that dream bathroom that you pretend to be in while reading that classic in your bathtub.

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