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8 Types of Security Lights: Which Is Best For Your Home?

There is an obvious reason why more cases of breaking and entering happen at night. There is no way that one can pull off the same stunt when the sun is out while there is enough foot traffic circulating around your home. A good security lighting system deters the perpetrators from pulling the trigger in the first place.

Today, you have various options to choose from when it comes to security lights for your home. This flexibility makes sure that you end up with one that keeps your home safe and you at peace. You can go as simplistic and as high-tech as you can afford and desire with the latest selection.

8 Types of Security Lights: Which Is Best For Your Home?

Take a look at the most popular types of security lights available for homes nowadays.

1. Timed Lighting

There are a million things that you need to take care of in a day. It’s understandable to forget a thing or two. But, you cannot take that kind of chance when it comes to your home security. That is why it is better to set a timer on the security lights once and thus make sure that they are on every night without fail.

You might have to do a few tweaks for the new season as the days grow longer or shorter. Otherwise, there is not much that can go wrong with the timed lights. They are high-tech enough to offer you the latest comforts. And, their simplistic usage makes them perfect for almost every kind of homeowner.

Timed Lights

Having your lights on every day without fail will keep the goons away too. Whether you are at home or away, there is no way of knowing about your absence from your home since the security lights come alive daily without a fail. These security lighting systems will make it easier for you to focus on other important stuff besides your home security.

2. Motion-Activated Lighting

An energy-efficient option like the motion-activated security lights slash your power bill in half from the get-go. No more keeping the porch lights on an entire night just to keep the burglars away. With these trusted light solutions, you can effectively scare them away if they even dare to step on your property.

The light sensors fitted on these systems detect the lurking anti-social elements in the vicinity of your home. As soon as they get too close for safety, the lights will start flashing making them well aware that they have been caught. This sudden flashing of light will make it easier for you to notice too just in case you are swamped with the numerous house chores.

Change the settings a bit to make sure that your pets don’t cause the alarm to go off every time they decide to frolic around the home. The lights are usually active from dusk till dawn but you can extend or reduce this timing according to your preference.

3. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Security Lights

These are the lights that you get when you need something brighter than the sun to take care of your home security. They are most commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. But off late, they are being generously used for the home security lighting purpose.

The HID lights offer concentrated strength and intensity. This makes sure that your establishment is well-lit from one corner to another. You will find them in stadiums, parking lots, and various other huge chunks of lands that need something stronger than just the floodlights for safety and vigilance.

Make it a point to take permission from your local RWA to obtain any and all clearances to get one installed in your home. The unbeatable light coverage from the HID security lights offers unmatched coverage and monitoring facility.

4. Outdoor Coach Lights

Have you ever noticed those amazing porch lights that can easily double up as the snowglobes? Those breathtakingly beautiful lights are known as the outdoor coach lights. They do a fine job of adding a glamorous touch to your place while keeping it safe and secure.

Outdoor Coach Lights

You can find them in a number of colors, patterns, and elements. One look at them and you will be transported to a page out of your favorite period novel with the best architecture in place. These lights add a certain flair to your home thus improving the overall aesthetics while serving the purpose.

You can get them fitted in the porch, driveway, walkways and any other place possible outside or within your home that can use a bit of light and charm. They offer a finishing touch to your home and security system thus providing dual benefits.

5. Exterior Soffit Lights

The projection on the porch goes by the name of the soffit. The exterior soffit lights are the perfect way to illuminate the remote crevices of your home both inside and out. In a way, the soffit offers a protective layer to install security lighting underneath.

These lights are protected from natural and man-made disasters, thanks to their ideal positioning. You can also use them to highlight certain home design details within your home. Their versatile use makes them a smart investment for both security and decoration.

Use them along with the porch lights to make sure your outdoors are sufficiently lit. Use them near the windows and corners of the home that are usually poorly lit from outside. These additions will light the way for you so that you don’t stumble into the bushes yet again.

6. LED Flood Lights

One of the best security lights in the market today has to be the LED floodlights. They consume just a little energy and offer the brightest, most far-reaching output. They fare exceptionally well when compared to the incandescent bulbs. The LED lights are not affected by the temperature and weather variations.

Flood Lights

Hence, there is a lot less cases of the exploding bulbs or fire hazards. They come at a bit expensive price. But they more than makeup for that in the convenient and energy-efficient usage with their years of service. The emitted light is quite similar to the daylight in terms of intensity and color.

You will find the LED floodlights most commonly alongside the perimeter of the warehouses, stadiums, playgrounds, and the housing lot. Use them in combination with the motion sensors to save even more on your energy bills.

7. Spotlights

You need these lights when you want to monitor a specific place without getting lost in the rest of the location. These spotlights offer a narrow beam of light focussed onto the monitoring location. Most of these lights are battery powered with a battery life of over one year.

That is really easy to install and you can relocate them too without much hassle. They might not be as bright as the LED floodlights but you can always upgrade to a better model. They come with fitted cameras and motion sensor options too. There is no wiring required thus making them tripping and weather-proof.

Spot Light

Get one with multiple heads so that you have multiple beams of light taking care of your home/place. They can turn on and off without manual help. But, you might want to adjust the timing a bit on the initial setup. Motion detection range might be limited unless you go for the premium models.

8. Solar Flood Lights

If you live somewhere sunny then you have to give the solar flood lights a try. All they need is sunlight and a solar-powered battery. If everything goes right, you might not have to pay a single penny for your security lights ever again.

They use LED lights and motion sensors. So you get the best of conventional floodlights too. You need to install these lights in someplace that gets the most sunlight for the longest time in your home. This will charge the solar battery all day. And you can use the generated light to secure your home throughout the night.

The bad weather and days without sun will take a toll on the performance of these lights. They are not good at covering a huge expanse of land. You might not be able to get the same light intesity from these ones as you get from the LED floodlights. The higher-end model will offer better performance in terms of battery life and light.

These are the various types of security lights that you can install in your home to keep the intruders away for good.


Proper lighting is the first and most important step towards home security. You can choose the right kind of security lights for your home depending upon your current and future expectations. Overall, the LED security lights are your best bet that will require minimal updates, if any, for future usage too.

Does your home have a security light? How has been your experience with the same? Has it been a waste of money for you or has it already paid itself in full within its first year? Tell us all about it in the comments below. Don’t forget to forward this article over at your socials to keep your family and friends safe too from the pitfalls of bad lighting.

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