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Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus: Which is the More Secure Choice for Your Home?

You cannot put a price on the security of your home. It is priceless. Well, that was the case until now. Today, you can put a very reasonable price on the total safety of your home. Technology has made it possible for you to use the best in security cameras and make your sweet home safer than ever.

Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus

Now, technology has been evolving for a while. And so have our way of taking care of our cherished abode. The advent of smart home automation has made it possible for you and every other savvy user to safeguard their home better than ever. And, this has led us to the several smart security options of today!

Better Lives with Smart Home Security Cameras

Now, you can not only monitor your home with the best of the home automation domain. But, you can also know the status of everyone and everything present nearby your home at any given point in time. This level of vigilance has finally made us able to take that long-awaited sigh of relief.

So now zoom in without deteriorating the picture quality when you sense something suspicious in the live feeds. Or, store them all for a closer look when you have the time and energy to do so. Most of the times, the security camera will itself alert you when they encounter something irregular.

Basic features of Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus

The two main smart cameras that have become an absolute crowd favorite nowadays are Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus. Read on to know crucial details about these outstanding security cameras.

1. Arlo Q

Basic Introduction

NETGEAR has come up with the perfect solution to all your security troubles. With Arlo Q, there is not much that you cannot monitor or control when it comes to your home security. Live stream and view all the video feed in 1080 pixel HD quality.

This way you will be able to notice every single detail that might come in handy during critical times. The night vision further makes it easier for you to keep a watch for the anti-social elements at night. So, get ready to sleep as carefree as a baby with the extremely useful Arlo Q.

Main Features

  • View the videos and initiate other important functions with the help of voice commands.
  • This camera works perfectly with the Amazon Alexa, Echo Show and Fire TV for your convenience.
  • Enjoy the 7-day free cloud recordings with the purchase of this model.
  • You can view both audio and video recording in real time or later on as per your schedule.
  • Built-in mic and speaker facilitate the two-way audio thus enabling seamless conversations.

2. Arlo Q Plus

Basic Introduction

When you are looking for something more flexible for your home or business then you might find the perfect candidate in the form of Arlo Q Plus. It offers a lot of freedom in terms of connectivity, set up and the monitoring process.

You get the highly useful motion and sound alerts in case the camera detects something out of the ordinary that requires your immediate attention. You get a lot of upgrades over the previous model with the Arlo Q Plus. You will find these new additions up to your liking when you finally start to use this version for your home/office.

Main Features

  • Make good use of the SD Card slot in the absence of reliable internet connection.
  • You can record and save as many video feeds as you find necessary with this additional SD card.
  • Opt for the Continuous cloud recording if you require that constant protective watch.
  • This feature will monitor your home round the clock, every single day of the week.
  • PoE feature lets you connect to the local network with a single cable in a hassle-free manner.

Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus: Detailed Comparison

By now, you must have been able to know quite a bit about these two models. So, read on to know how they fare when we compare them on six of the most crucial features of home security.

1. Remote Access

Arlo Q

When we talk about security camera, we all want one with good remote access and control. You want to operate it with the same ease when you are home and away. Arlo Q surely offers you a lot of options when it comes to accessing your camera from a remote location.

Arlo Q

You can easily control Arlo Q with a variety of apps or by going online on select web browsers. Android and iOS, both platforms show immense compatibility with this model. And you can control then via your smartphones, tablets, laptops and a string of other smart devices.

Arlo Q Plus

Almost all the cameras from the house of Arlo have that ease of remote access from a variety of mediums. Arlo Q Plus is known for being one of the most advanced models from the house of Arlo. That is why you can rest assured when it comes to the topic of remote access ease with this one.

For both iOS and Android, it is compatible with the version 8 or later version. Coming on to the web browser section, you will find it to be highly compatible with all the versions of Google Chrome for the remote access purpose.

2. Home Automation

Arlo Q

The more smart appliances you have in your home, the simpler things become for you. All you need to do them is to network them together and see your life enjoy that seamless comfort on a regular basis. The Arlo Q pairs up perfectly with all the major smart hubs present in the market at present.

Pair it up with the IFTTT ( If This Then That) App and make the most of your already outstanding Arlo Q camera. The Arlo team has worked extensively to make sure that you are able to benefit from its three cameras using the IFTTT app without any hassle.

Arlo Q Plus

You will find the Arlo Q Plus to work in a perfectly synchronized manner with the IFTTT app too. This feature has been incorporated after a thorough market study. It revealed that most of the smart home users prefer the IFTTT app over its counterparts.

Arlo Q Plus Features

Next smart hub that works in harmony with the Arlo Q Plus is the Wink Hub. It is one of the most powerful smart hub at present that is known for its remarkable performance. This hub will connect the Arlo Q Plus with a series of other Z-wave and Zigbee devices.

3. Security Features

Arlo Q

The prime aim of all the security cameras is to offer the ultimate safety and security to the specified premises. Over time, we have seen a gradual progression in the sophistication level of the inclusive security measures.

The Arlo Q offers you the comfort of a sound sleep at night. This is because you get the night vision feature with this camera that makes it as useful during the night time as it is during the day. Motion detection is another worthy feature that will alert you in a timely fashion when any fishy activity is detected.

Arlo Q Plus

Arlo Q Plus

Arlo Q Plus also has all the advanced features that you have enjoyed in the Arlo Q version. You get to enjoy the sharp night vision to keep the intruders at bay throughout the night. You also get the highly sensitive motion sensors to alert you in times of danger.

The pan, tile and zoom features are available in all the threes cameras to further increase the security level for you and your home. These three cameras work together to give you the most detailed view of the area in question. Pivot them as you like to get a closer look at the place, activity or person you are uncertain about.

4. Design

Arlo Q

Design wise, you will find all the Arlo cameras to be highly appealing. They are sleek enough to stay hidden at strategically placed locations such that they can do their job in the most discreet manner possible. But this does not mean that they cannot sport an elegant look.

The Arlo Q comes in a sleek and handy case. This enables you to put it in the trickiest of the corners without having to worry about their sturdiness in the said location. The clear white finish blends them with the surroundings thus making it easy for them to blend with the surroundings.

 Arlo Q Plus

Arlo Q Plus comes in the same flawless white shade too. It has got a lot of other amazing features too that will make it all the more suitable for your home. The tough weather conditions will never interfere with its working. It will give the same level of outstanding performance in the wide range of -10° to 50° C.

Thus, you will have a clear view of your surroundings in both freezing cold and scorching summers. The whole one year warranty further makes this decision even wiser. Along with this, the complete 90 days technical support will give you the perfect cover for that smart purchase.

5. Power

Arlo Q

With the Arlo Q, you get the most convenient power option. You just need to plug it with a 120-volt power adaptor. You don’t need to worry about keeping a track of the batteries. The performance of the camera will never falter because of the draining batteries.

You just need to install the camera close to a power outlet. Make sure that the wiring does not reach the floor else it might get trampled when there is a considerable amount of foot traffic in that region. Keep the camera tucked away in a clear view area from where you can capture the majority of activities happening around your home.

Arlo Q Plus

With this security camera, you get the PoE (Power over Ethernet) option. Basically, it has been created to safeguard the small and big scale business houses. You can still very much use it for your home. You will get an even better level of security which is quite capable of securing an entire enterprise.

PoE feature allows this camera to connect to the local computer or broadband network by using the most common of all Ethernet cable. This feature makes it quite a catch for the business houses that can really use this feature in their everyday official security practices.

6. Video and Audio Quality

Arlo Q

Crisp picture and clear sound are what you can expect from all the Arlo cameras. They have been designed to give you the best of visual and sound effects when they count the most. Sometimes, it is the most ordinary of things that if caught at the right time can save you from getting into big trouble.

Arlo Q camera has the wide-angle field view of 130 degrees. It is good enough to cover all the major activities taking place around your home. The 1080p video quality further makes it easy for you to spot anything suspicious even with a cursory glance.

Arlo Q Plus

You get the best in terms of audio and video with the Arlo Q Plus too. Aside from the 1080p resolution and 130 degrees wide angle, there is a lot more to make things even safer for you. You get to view the live stream in that HD quality for prompt action in times of need.

You can view all the current action outside of your home and in the vicinity in full HD. Then there is the two-way audio service. This will allow you to answer your door and interact with people just the way you would do otherwise. You will finally be able to get that courier on time and talk to your kids at home when you are miles away at your workplace.

The Verdict

The question that remains is which one of the two is best for you. Arlo Q Plus is undoubtedly the smarter choice. Go for it if you are looking for that advanced security camera with all the latest features. You can even get it for your own office and reap its benefits to the fullest.

Security cameras are a necessity for all kinds of homes today. You can never be too safe with your home. And now you can get them at the most affordable prices. Tell us if this article helped you in making a home automation decision. Also, keep reading until next time!

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