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Best Automatic Pet Feeder: Less Hunger, More Smiles!

Pets are what keeps us in high spirits with their constant presence in our lives. So, we should also make sure that they are getting the best in terms of food and every other essential requirement. As far as the proper nutritional intake is concerned, you can troubleshoot all your problems with just one automatic pet feeder.

This remarkable invention has been designed for the busy, go-getter generation of today. Just because you got a big project on which you have to spend every single waking hour now does not mean that your pet’s health needs to suffer. You can just program this automatic pet feeder as per the dietary requirements of your pet and the rest will be taken care of.

Top Picks of the Season

You might be a bit busy to read the whole thing right now. But that does not mean that you cannot know the crux of it in few seconds. Rest you can read right before you are about to buy the thing.

So, at just $31.49 you should definitely go with the PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder when it is the end of the month. It is highly affordable with absolutely no compromises in the quality.

But, if you have just got the payment on that aforementioned big project then you might want to invest in the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder 2018 Model. This decision will surely benefit your pet in ways that you always wished for.

Features Of An Ideal Automatic Pet Feeder

There are so many sophisticated models available in the market nowadays for the position of that automatic pet feeder at your home. Keep reading to know all the things you need to take care of while making this purchase.

1. Multipurpose Use

Great care needs to be taken when buying an automatic pet feeder for a dog. But, you cannot apply the same rules while buying one for your feline buddies. Both have very different feeding habits. And that is why the automatic feeder comes with the specification of the pet for which they are most suitable.

You might want to repurpose your hardly used old feeder for you new pet but if it is not recommended by the manufacturers then it is best not to do so. A mismatch like this will do more harm than good to the health of your sweet pet. You can always buy a new one that is suitable for both dogs and cats to get out of this situation once and for all.

2. Number of Pets

Buy a pet feeder for each pet you own if you don’t want to sort out massive fights during the feeding time later on. The pets get really aggressive during eating time. They might not even like you to pat them then. So it is not wise to assume that they will be fine eating from the same feeder during the meal time.

Features of an automatic pet feeder

You can get one individual feeder for the big and small pets you own and everyone will be living harmoniously together with no literal catfights!

3. Pet Fitness

No one can say no to those big puppy dog eyes. And puppies use this tact quite well during the feeding time. You don’t want to get trapped in that and give that second cup of kibble to your already fluffy pet.

With an automatic pet feeder, you will be able to get strict with your pet without actually being the bad guy in front of it. Your pet will eat right, on time and soon you will have your best friend in the best of its health.

Monitor and track the eating habits of your pet without spending much time or efforts on the same with this remarkable appliance.

Best Automatic Pet Feeder Reviews

If you are the owner of an amazing pet then you would surely want to read further. Here we have compiled a list of our top contenders for the position of top Automatic Pet Feeder.

1. Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder 2018 Model

Basic Introduction

If you want to take complete care of your pet whether you are inside or out of the home then you must go for this model. This hi-tech device makes sure that you get regular updates via your smartphone and tabs. You can use it to dispense wet food, dry treats, and even meds.

This device is perfectly compatible with both Android and Apple gadgets. This allows you to make the most of your current set of available smart gadgets.


  • Use the built-in smartphone to look after your pet even when you are miles away.
  • Apps are available for Windows, Android and Apple platform to offer you complete compatibility.
  • There are a total of six compartments and each one has the capacity of total 8 Ounces.
  • You can easily schedule the feeding time and quantity with just a few taps.


  • Picture quality can definitely use some major upgrade.
  • Few pets are not reacting positively to the entire set up of the pet feeder.

2. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

Basic Introduction

If you are both a dog and cat person or just require a multipurpose pet feeder then you can’t go wrong with this one. It is perfect for feeding both dogs and cats and comes with the all the basic components that will make the feeding time all the more fun for your pets.

It also comes with a very special digital clock that lets you fix the scenarios with the accurate time so that your pet’s health is never compromised.


  • Can use both battery and power outlet for its operation thus making things more convenient for you.
  • Dishwasher safe parts make the cleaning process extremely simple for you on a daily basis.
  • You can easily disassemble the parts for a through and easy clean.
  • Stainless steel bowl is the perfect replacement for the otherwise toxic plastic bowl that may not agree with your pet’s health.


  • Not the easiest to program especially when you are running low on time.
  • Some calibration of its various parts makes it even more efficient as a well-tuned pet feeder.

3. PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder

Basic Introduction

This is a fully battery-operated device. The batteries that come along with the package will last for full 12 months. For enjoying the optimum performance, you might like to accompany it with the Polaroid D Batteries. This combination will surely do wonders for your pet feeder.

The proper operation of this feeder will require a total of four D batteries. Make sure that you get the ones that are best compatible with this feeder.


  • Construction has been done solely with the BPA – free plastic to make sure your pet is always enjoying the best of health.
  • Food tray that comes along with this feeder is totally dishwasher safe thus saving you tons of time and energy.
  • Set feeding times without much trouble thanks to the digital timer that is set within its body.
  • A total of 5 portions with 1-cup capacity each is present within this feeder.


  • Pets are easily able to figure its functioning and get all the food whenever they want.
  • Some models are not able to fare well when they have to deal with the frozen food content.

4. OUTAD 5.5L Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Message Recording and LCD Screen Large Smart Dogs

Basic Introduction

Talk to your pet and see how much he is following its food routine with the help of a giant LCD screen. You also get to record voice messages that will encourage your pet to eat on time and miss you the least when you are away.

The interactive panel of this feeder has been designed to help you monitor all the proceeding related to your pet from anywhere.


  • Food hopper is completely made up of the ABS plastic to ensure utmost health standards.
  • Feeder material shows good resistance to heat and impact when subjected to the same.
  • Just need water and a warm soapy cloth to clean the feeder whenever you want to.
  • Veterinarians advise the pet owners to own one of these for instilling healthy eating habits in their pets.


  • LCD screen does not function properly on several occasions that makes the whole purchase useless.
  • Size of the jar is not suitable for holding day-long food for large sized pets with a good appetite.

5. PetCul Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Dog & Cat

Basic Introduction

First of all, you can use this device to feed both cats and dogs. And the best part is that you get to set distribution alarms so that you spread the feeding time evenly throughout the day. You will also get to record your voice messages and programming facility along with this feeder.

This will enable you to schedule the feeding time just as you would when you are at home with your adorable pet.


  • When you see Red LED light blinking then it means that the feeder is running low on batteries power.
  • Total dry food capacity for this feeder is 3lbs which is enough for a pet of average size during any season of the year.
  • Flexibility with the meal portions gives you the range of 1 till 39 for proper customization of the portions according to your pet.
  • Set the meal schedule for up to 4 meals a day to make sure that your pet is not starving when you are running a little late.


  • Functioning gets faulty during times when it is not able to respond properly to the food quantity inputs.
  • Automatic functioning gets stuck sometimes and you have to shake the feeder for getting it to resume.

6. MOSPRO Programmable Feeder with Intelligent Voice Recorder & Timer

Basic Introduction

The feeder has been designed keeping in mind your weekend getaways where you cannot possibly take your pet with you. The 4.5l massive capacity will let you relax as far as your pet and its feeding schedule is concerned.

The intelligent voice recorder is perfect for making your pet take its meal right on time. The digital timer further makes things a lot easier for you and your pet.


  • Large LCD display is highly readable from both near and far so that you can take quick necessary actions.
  • Intelligent voice recording can be combined with the feeding times so that your pet never notices that you are away.
  • For pets with certain over-eating conditions, you can always schedule the times to slowly improve its eating habits.
  • Both battery and power backup works just fine with this feeder that makes things quite simpler for you.


  • Small portions of the food are required otherwise it gets stuck very often.
  • Price is a bit on the higher end that makes it out of reach for most of the pet owners.

7. WOpet SmartFeeder

Basic Introduction

When you are constantly on your phone all day then it is always better to get a feeder that gives you constant updates there. This is exactly what WOpet SmartFeeder does. You get to monitor and record all the ongoing activities with your pet so that can take care of it round the clock.

You can control it fully with your very own smartphone. You just need to check the present status of the feeder and offer inputs accordingly.


  • Easily switch between automatic and manual feeding when you feel like doing so.
  • Works like your very own pet sitter that can be controlled from any corner of the world with your phone.
  • Pet feeder app is extremely simple to use and you can start using it right away.
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your pet by making him eat mindfully with the help of this amazing feeder.


  • Durability is a domain where this device lacks excessively.
  • There is not proper sync up between the app and your home Wi-Fi, no matter which platform you use.

8. HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Recorder and Timer Programmable

Basic Introduction

You can easily schedule up six meals a day with this self-sufficient feeder. You might want to install its app and from then onwards you can totally breathe easy. This appliance will give a detailed breakdown of how and when your pet had the meal throughout the day.

This is perfect for medium to large sized dogs and cats. It has tested pretty well with all the common pet breeds people own nowadays.


  • Amazon self-owned battery brand will give consistent service with this feeder for over 6 months.
  • Power consumption is extremely low with this energy efficient automatic pet feeder.
  • Get full 18 months of no questions asked warranty along with this terrific feeder.
  • Record up to 12 seconds of your voice as a meal call for your cherished pets.


  • Some models get scratch marks all over their body after just a few days of use.
  • A bit loud to be used daily in the house with pets that are sensitive to loud noises.

9. Homdox Automatic Pet Feeder

Basic Introduction

Do the portion control for both your dogs and cats with this powerful device. The entire body of this feeder is made up completely of the ABS material. This means will not be endangering the health of your beloved pet every time you serve it a meal through it.

The feeder is perfect for the diabetic and overweight pets who have gotten too lazy to go out and play with their furry friends.


  • D batteries are used in this highly useful pet feeder that keeps it running well for months.
  • Use the power adapter when you are running low on battery or just have easy access to a power outlet.
  • Feed your pet for up to 5 days without any glitch with this magnificent feeder.
  • You can easily set the amount and the time of feeding from anywhere with your phone itself very easily.


  • Pets can easily break into the bulk food storage jar and finish it at will.
  • The design is very fragile to make it durable for even a couple of years.

10. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Dogs & Cats

Basic Introduction

Program the entire schedule for your dear pet when you are too far or too busy to feed it manually. This way you will be able to make changes to the feeding schedule. This will come in handy when you learn any new information that might require you to change the portion size or timing.

If you have been struggling to make your pet eat more healthy and regularly then this pet feeder has been made just to free you from all your troubles.


  • Easily record the personal meal call for your lasting for up to 10 seconds.
  • Automatic food dispenser makes it highly simple for you to maintain the overall health of your pet.
  • All your pets varying in sizes can benefit from this feeder if you set it well according to their food intake requirements.
  • Dispense the portions from one to ten in number for feeding your pet appropriately during different hours of the day.


  • Need to reprogram the whole thing when you unplug it by mistake.
  • Low battery or other warning alerts are hardly noticeable from different corners of your home.


Finally, you must be able to know about all the latest automatic pet feeder models that are flooding the market nowadays. The reason to get one of this for your pet right away is that it will benefit both you and your pet.

You don’t have to tear yourself away from your busy schedule and keep track of all the things going on with your pet’s feeding habits. You can just program the automatic feeder for the same once whenever you are free. And this way, your pet will also get a thoroughly planned meal every single time.

Our choice when it comes to the automatic pet feeders is the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder 2018 Model. This model has everything which you might expect from a pet feeder and more. This is surely the best automatic pet feeder in town right now!

This way you have reached the end of yet another insightful account about the smart home automation segment and the rise of automatic pet feeders in the same. Make sure you subscribe to get regular updates as soon as we update them here!

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