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Best HD Projector Under $200: Amazing Picture, Resonating Sound!

We want bigger and better things and that is what makes us the ruling species. HD projectors are surely what you, me and everyone else feel enchanted with nowadays. Just the thought of getting that crystal clear HD IMAX experience without having to shell out big bucks seems like a dream.

Best HD Projectors under $200

And finally, you can fulfill that dream by bringing home your very own HD projector and watching even the intermediate commercials in that HD big screen format! Now, that’s what you call living life king-size! You will finally realize how those big budget sets affect your overall experience when you watch it unfold so perfectly in front of you.

Best of the Best…

Thanks to the competitive market and the mass production of goods, you can get just what you like nowadays at the right price. Same is applicable for these innovative HD projectors too. There are so many to choose from that you must make up your mind about the type of projector you are looking for first.

You will get the lifelike picture and clear sound with the GBTIGER 4000 Lumens Portable Home Projector. And the added bonus that it just happens to be well under $200 margin is the icing on the cake.

For a heavy duty projector that still is very light and compact, go with the Digital Galaxy HDMI LCD Projector. You will never face any trouble in terms of the entire big screen viewing experience with this model for many years to come.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Projector

There are a lot of things that you might need to consider before you finally settle on an amazing HD projector for your home. If you go wrong with this choice then you might want to have to put up with a misfit projector for quite some time. Or worse, dispose it off at marginal prices. None of these scenarios are ideal.

Read on to know how to get the HD projector of your dreams without having to invest too much time in the process. Make the following list your checklist and you are good to go!

1. Purpose

You might not think so but it is very important to decide the purpose for which you are buying this projector. For entertainment purposes, you need a projector that can handle the full motion picture in the best possible way. For the business chores, you need something that will deal best with the official documents and still images.

And you can never mix these two together. That way you are only going to end up with a projector that underwhelms you in both the cases. So think well ahead of making the purchase and get the most suitable projector for your home or office today!

2. Portability

Portability has become a big concern since the rise of the compact HD projectors. Since you can easily get a lightweight projector then why to settle for the bulkier models? It is the right time to dispose off the clunkier models and get a brand new compact version for your home/office.

Features of an HD Projector

The best thing about the latest compact projectors is that they are just as good as their heavier counterparts. And they become highly useful because of their compact size since carrying them around is never a struggle. You can use them as easily as an outdoor movie watching experience as you would use them during a business trip.

3. Resolution

Resolution is where the purpose of purchase needs to be extremely clear. You will do just fine with a 800 x 600 pixels if you have to use the projector just for the official still image and text purposes. However, when it comes to the HD movies and ultra HD video game playing part then nothing less than at least 1920 x 1080 pixels will do.

And you cannot just go for the higher resolution model and think that it will work fine for the lower resolution official work also. That is because the way higher resolution devices handle and present the lower resolution items is not always suitable.

4. Brightness

One of the basic rule while going out to buy a new projector is to keep in mind where and for which purpose are you going to use it. Because that is when you can accurately guess the brightness requirement for your specific model. Nothing under the 5000 lumens will be satisfactory if you are going to buy it for entertainment purposes at home.

But if you are buying it for your office then anything well within the 1000 lumens will be fine. The office settings are perfect for even the least bright of the projectors. So you don’t need to go big on brightness till you are going to use it at work only.

5. Cost

There are a lot of things that you need to take care of even after getting the best projector in the market. So it is always better to have some money set aside for the audio setup as well as the screen.

Today, you can buy a projector starting from well under $200 to a staggering $10,000. So you need to prioritize your requirements and price range before making the final purchase.

6. Indoor vs Outdoor

Here, you can just buy a good outdoor projector and use it anywhere you like. If a projector gives you clear sound and vivid picture outside then it will work just fine indoors too. However, check for the projector sound which gets highly noticeable in quite small rooms.

Best HD Projectors under $200

Currently, you are in great luck. Today when you are looking for an affordable HD projector then you have got plenty of options to choose from. Below we have summed up our top picks. Read on to know in detail about them:

1. Digital Galaxy HDMI LCD Projector

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Basic Introduction

You can make the most of every work or recreational activity with this well-designed projector. Enjoy the pleasure of vivid picture with the 720p breathtaking resolution. You get the native resolution of 1280×768 pixels and the standard aspect ratio is 16: 9 and 4 : 3.

The portable design only measures up to 5 feet and comes with a TFT LCD Panel and a 70W LED Lamp for delivering an extraordinary picture quality.


  • Total Throw distance for this marvelous creation is 5.8 feet – 18 feet.
  • You get a total of two built-in speakers along with this model for that resonating and clear sound.
  • Image size generated from this device ranges between 50″-150″ diagonal.
  • LED Lamp is highly durable with the average lifespan of 20000 hours or 14 years.


  • You might not always be happy with the performance since this model is not able to compete with the higher range models that well.
  • All the features do not always work according to the specifications.

2. GBTIGER 4000 Lumens Portable Home Projector

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Basic Introduction

When you want to enjoy a home theatre experience without going overboard with the budget then the new GBTIGER 4000 Lumens Portable Home Projector is your perfect solution. You can hook it up to your TV and PC in no time and get that unbeatable picture quality in no time.

You get the crisp picture of 1280 x 800 Pixels that is assured to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests, no matter how easily forgettable the movie might be!


  • Accompanying headsets are perfect for that quiet home theatre experience when you do not want to disturb the rest of the household.
  • Control every big and small aspect of this device with the highly responsive remote control.
  • Full one year warranty takes care of all your hesitations while planning to buy this amazing innovation.
  • Round the clock customer care service will get back to you with the right solution not later than a day.


  • Remote might be missing with some projectors.
  • Projector tends to get noisy on prolonged usage.

3. ELEPHAS 1080P HD LED Movie Projector

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Basic Introduction

Finally, you get to enjoy the perks of a projector that has the astounding 3500 Luminous Efficiency. You can ease up your workload at the office and kick up your home entertainment system to a whole new level with this amazing rendition.

You get the incredible ELEPHAS 3-years Warranty along with this gadget along with the 2-month Hassle-free Return / Replacement assurance.


  • No technical glitch will bother you when you have the premium customer care services and lifetime technical support to deal with it.
  • HDMI cable comes with the package so that you don’t have to invest extra on it.
  • Fully supports the HDMI/VGA/AV/USB ports thus making sure that you have full access to the latest connecting modes.
  • Sync it up seamlessly with the Amazon Fire TV stick to enjoy uninterrupted TV viewing experience on a grand scale.


  • After a while, the screen gets covered in white blobs for no apparent reason.
  • You might experience a subpar quality in a lot of aspects if you are used to higher end projectors.

4. DBPOWER T22 LCD Mini Projector

Basic Introduction

Today, you need a projector that easily grabs data from various mediums. In such a scenario, DBPOWER T22 LCD Mini Projector is your best bet. It readily connects and gets the required data up and running from all the popular smart gadgets such as your iPad, iPhone, Android phones, PC, and laptops.

You can also connect them with the speakers of your choice and get that amazing surround sound experience in an instant.


  • You get the slots for HDMI /SD /AV /VGA /USB/Earphone for easy wired connectivity.
  • Enjoy the professional and fully covered warranty for over 3 years with this model.
  • Built-in speakers are designed to amplify the volume levels by a total of 50%.
  • Advanced LED lamp that comes with this device can run perfectly for around 50000 hours.


  • For 2400 lumen, the brightness of the picture really underwhelms you.
  • It is hard to ignore the wheezing noise that one can hear all the time when the projector is working.

5. RAGU Z720 Video projector

Basic Introduction

You get the promise of the brightest and sharpest picture along with this projector. You get to view in the crisp 1280×768 pixels resolution with this device. The picture quality has been claimed to be 50% brighter than their present-day counterparts.

The luminous efficiency of this projector is 3200ansi lumens. This means that you will get a bright and vivid picture of every viewing experience.


  • Sync up your projector with different kind of gadgets thanks to the AV/USB/SD/HDMI interface.
  • All the forms of music, video, text, and other multimedia formats are supported in this model.
  • An extended lifespan of the energy-saving LED lamp is over 3000 hour.
  • This will bring down your power bills considerably. And also manage to keep up the fun viewing extravaganza.


  • The picture is not HD quality which might bother you if you are used to HD or Ultra HD.
  • Some people have received the defective and previously returned models for their order.

6. Leakind Mini Projector

Check Price on Amazon!

Basic Introduction

One gets the full two-year warranty on this particular projector. You also get the complete and dedicated assistance from the technical support as well as customer care service from the lifetime. You can contact them for the queries related to the installation, operation and any other aspect of the device.

No matter which kind of device-related trouble you are facing, you can also call the competent staff and get it fixed in no time.


  • The generated picture is at least a whole 30 % brighter than the basic LED projector.
  • Being compact in size, you can use it indoors as well as outdoors for that open theatre viewing adventure.
  • Watch your favorite shows and movies on the big screen with better lighting and resolution.
  • Escape from the limited size of your smartphones and tablets to get the best of big screen viewing revelation.


  • People are complaining that it didn’t even turn on in some cases.
  • Picture quality is far from what has been extensively marketed by the makes and distributors.

7. GooDee Portable Movie Projector

Check Price on Amazon!

Basic Introduction

Most of the time you might struggle to find a quiet projector that runs ever so calmly. GooDee Portable Movie Projector has finally answered all your prayers by offering you its silent operation and spellbinding picture.

You are finally free from the trouble of discerning the projector noise from the ongoing movie/sitcom. And that is how the ideal viewing mode should be.


  • Built-in stereo speakers boost the clarity and tempo of the soundtrack.
  • They come with the SRS sound technology, the best one in the current market.
  • Easily add the external speakers too if you want to amplify the sound to fit a larger audience.
  • The factory directed warranty has you covered with the 2-months free return and 2 -year free exchange warranties.


  • Picture quality slowly deteriorates over time if you are not a careful handler.
  • You might want to be extra careful during the initial installation process to avoid any unwanted damage.

8. Fixeover Video Projector

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Basic Introduction

You will save a lot of energy and money with this model. You can get it to work even with the car’s cigarette socket when you are out in the remote area or just don’t plan on staying indoors. You will get most of the consumed energy with this energy efficient device.

Just requires a 150w during its operation which can easily be arranged no matter where you find yourself in the wilderness.


  • Native resolution for this projector is 1280*800p which is quite extraordinary.
  • The entire display is fully HD from end to end which offers you a wholesome and impeccable picture every time.
  • Fully supports the videos that come in the 1920*1080p format so that you don’t have to compromise anywhere.
  • Perfectly designed for both indoors and outdoors keeping in mind the varying light intensity throughout the day.


  • The fan is extremely loud and noisy which ruins the whole activity for everyone involved.
  • Picture quality is extremely dull and is hard to decipher properly during the daytime with even a hint of light.


HD projectors are the latest rage that is finally reaching its full potential. Soon you can enjoy the movie going big picture experience on a regular basis from the comfort of your home. Here you came to know about a lot of highly qualified contenders for the same role.

But, the best HD projector under $200 is definitely the GBTIGER 4000 Lumens Portable Home Projector. The HD picture quality and perfect brightness are reasons enough to make it your weekend staple.

Here we are again. Another day, another interesting account of the latest that is going on in the Smart Home Automation universe. Let us know what do you think about this content piece in the comment section below.

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