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Best Soundbars Under $200: For Those Rocking Moments!

There is nothing better than listening to your favorite track on loop at just the right volume. It can be a relaxed Sunday morning. And you can be humming along your favorite track and appreciating the beauty of every moment as it passes by.

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Soundbars are the perfect music and overall sound companion for a well-functioning smart home. They are made keeping in mind all your requirements and desires whenever you hit play on your current music player. And somehow they also have the scope of impressing you with their performance.  They do so by offering you something far beyond your expectations.

There is a new soundbar being launched every other day. So you do want to have a handy list of the top few. That is why, we bring to you the best, both in terms of price and quality in this segment. Before moving to our comprehensive list, you might want some quick details.

Music To Your Ears

If you want to save this article for later and still want to know which models to look out for then you are in luck.

The best combination of overall value for money and durability – ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Sound Bar TV Speaker With Hearing Aid Technology.

For a fully wireless and exceptionally wonderful soundbar, pick the Samsung HW-M360/ZA 2.1 Channel 200 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar. This is easy on your pocket and you get the best bass boost and surround sound with this model.

If easy installation and TV hookup is what you are after then you need to go with the Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar. You will face almost no difficulty getting this model set up and from then onwards you can enjoy all your favorite movies and shows with that perfect sound quality.

How To Choose The Perfect Soundbar

You can buy the most expensive and highest rated soundbar in the market but if it is not according to your requirements then you are not going to use it for more than a month. Soon it will be magically relocated to your storeroom where a lot of other hardly used equipment are kept that you bought in a rush without any careful consideration.

That is why this time you can keep in mind following few points to figure out what makes a soundbar perfect for you:

1. Total Channel Count

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for the standard 2.1 channel system or the latest multi-channel setting. It all depends on your utility and how you want your soundbar to be. Usually, people go for the 2.1 setting option where you get two accompanying speakers and one subwoofer.

You also have the option to incorporate the virtual sound mode by using the 3-channel setting that includes left, center and right speaker for that surreal musical experience. The number of channels has now gone up to seven that helps in the amplification of the surround sound.

2. Passive vs Active

Whether you are traditional or modern in your speaker choices will decide whether you go for an active or a passive model. The active model is the one where you get all the components within a single box. The passive one is where you need to power and plug it up with different components to keep it up and running.

It also depends on how handy you are with the speakers and their usage. An active soundbar is for those who do not want to face a complicated installation and play mode. And the passive soundbars is for those who have not accustomed to setting up their own speaker with a lot of mix and match options that somehow ultimately works for them.

3. Connectivity Options

When we talk about connectivity in terms of the soundbars then we are mainly talking about the ports and the connectivity options. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the most popular wireless connectivity options nowadays. You get at least one of these option in the current models. Some of the models might have both.

The port situation of the recently launched soundbars gives you enough room to connect other devices in a wired mode. HDMI ports, USB ports, optical ports and standard 3.5mm ports are the usual ports you will come across in the soundbars nowadays.

4. Subwoofer

Some devices have the subwoofer built-in within them while others have the connectivity option for the same. Whether you need a subwoofer or not will be decided by how good your current soundbar audio quality is. If it can use a bass boost and fine-tuning of the audio then going for the subwoofer is always a great option.

Soundbars with subwoofer

The incomprehensible sound that is crucial in the movie, sports and sitcom watching experience can easily be deciphered with the help of a strong and competent subwoofer.

5. Placement

Even if you live in a mansion, you might still like to own a sleek and elegant soundbar. Most of the people surely prefer the sleeker versions as opposed to the bulky obsolete counterparts. Nowadays you also get the option to mount them conveniently on the wall to save on space and add a touch of whimsy to your home.

When you connect the soundbar to your TV then you might want to place it nearby without occupying a lot of space. In such cases, you might need a compact and suitable model that fits your space and budget!

Best Soundbars Under $200

You want the best of quality but you are on a budget too. So read on to know your best picks well within your budget which you can buy right away.

1. VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

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Main Features

  • Enjoy the unlimited benefits of the wireless remote control for that desirable convenience with the Vizio Soundbar.
  • Audio controls, inputs, volume, and other features can easily be controlled with the remote.
  • Dolby Digital decoding, plus DTS TruVolume and DTS audio post-processing together give you crystal clear sound.
  • Free yourself from the shackles of wires with the built-in Bluetooth update of this device.
  • Get that added bass with the help of wireless subwoofer throughout your home.


  • You can turn up the volume to an incredible 100 dB when you are hosting a party.
  • Make the most of the extremely clear audio quality less than 1% total harmonic distortion.
  • 2.1 Sound Bar System is the latest model that gives you the best of music all around your home.
  • This model comprises of powerful speakers paired up with a robust subwoofer.


  • Sound quality deteriorates terribly after just one year of use.
  • The build of the model is not strong enough for a long-lasting use.

2. Samsung HW-M360/ZA 2.1 Channel 200 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar (2017 Model)

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Main Features

  • The Samsung HW-M360 Soundbar has an immersive sound experience that can be enjoyed if you pair it up with the wireless speaker kit (swa – 8500S).
  • Bluetooth-compatible devices can be connected with a one-touch control for maximum comfort.
  • Powerful bass makes sure that you enjoy the full range of your favorite movies, shows, and sports. 2.1 Channel surround sound feature is for the dynamic home audio experience.
  • Connect your soundbar easily with your TV with the easily compatible Bluetooth connectivity option


  • Get full mobility with the 6.5-inch and 130-watt wireless subwoofer to enjoy amazing sound quality throughout your home.
  • The installation process is extremely simple that lets you enjoy the full range of your favorite genre.
  • Sound quality is wholesome enough without making you require to blast the volume to higher decibels.
  • Affordable pricing further makes it suitable for everyone and anyone who has an ear for music


  • One needs to have the HDMI support to fully control it through your TV remote.
  • Wireless connection does not work flawlessly all the time.

3. Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar with Dual Built-In Subwoofers & Bluetooth Black

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Main Features

  • The Yamaha YAS-107BL SoundBar is extremely simple to install with the HDMI, analog or optical connection as per your choice.
  • Fully wireless music streaming for extra comfort all over your home.
  • Amazing Bluetooth connectivity lets you enjoy the wireless setting with a string of devices.
  • Enhanced dialogue clarity is guaranteed with its clear voice.
  • No addition upgrades required thanks to the Built-in subwoofers.


  • The aesthetically pleasing design makes it a nice addition to your already stunning living place.
  • The overall structure is kept simple and elegant for that modern decor vibe.
  • Being ultra slim is structure makes it perfect for the ones with limited space.
  • Simply rotate it and mount it on your wall to save space and enhance your home layout at the same time.


  • Sound quality does not stand up to the expectations.
  • Bass is not as outstanding as you are used to getting in such a price range.

4.  ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Sound Bar TV Speaker With Hearing Aid Technology

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Main Features

  • The ZVOX AccuVoice works in a glitch-free manner with most of the control systems.
  • AccuVoice AV200 Speaker works extra hard to make the voices highly audible and comprehensible to you.
  • The entire installation process is quite simple to follow on your own without any professional help.
  • At just 17 inches, you can put this soundbar almost anywhere in your home without it cluttering up the place.
  • Just need one connecting wire to hook up the soundbar to the TV.


  • Output Leveling (OL) feature has been designed keeping the never-ending column adjusting struggle in mind.
  • This feature makes it possible for you to amplify the soft sounds and tone down the loud noises.
  • You can also tame those annoyingly loud commercials with the help of this brilliant technology.
  • For an enriched 3D sound experience, you can always rely on the PhaseCue Virtual Surround Sound


  • Sometimes you might get abrupt responses to your inputs into the systems.
  • You might get faulty and old products if you do not buy this model from a reliable seller.

5. Razer Leviathan – Elite Gaming & Music Sound Bar With Dolby Surround Sound – Enabled with Bluetooth 4.0

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Main Features

  • The crystal clear sound will be a regular in your home with distortion-free lower frequencies and impressive highs.
  • You get a properly synergized 5.25” downward firing subwoofer along with total two full ranged drivers as well as tweeters.
  • Ultrafast pairing is for yours to enjoy with the built-in NFC technology in the Razer Leviathan SoundBar.
  • It also remembers all the latest paired devices for quicker and hassle-free pairing the next time.
  • Connect with any device you recently paired with just with a single tap.


  • Make good use of the celebrated aptX technology along with this soundbar.
  • Bluetooth v4.0 comes into play when you use its wireless connection setting.
  • Impressive dynamic range and sound quality as good as the wired connection can be availed with the wireless connections of Razer Leviathan.
  • Futuristic Dolby technology, projecting in-game battle scenes and your favorite tunes enhance your audio experience all the more.


  • After sales service is not at all helpful when you need it the most.
  • The Auto turn off feature might get on your nerves when it interrupts your music listening experience constantly.

6. Pyle 300 Watt Bluetooth Soundbar with USB/SD/FM Radio and Wireless Remote (PSBV200BT )

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Main Features

  • The Pyle SoundBar is perfect to pair up with the TV sets which are 32-inches or bigger in size.
  • Get the built-in subwoofer to fill up your home with dynamic and clear sound.
  • Connect wirelessly to any device of your choice instantly via Bluetooth.
  • Extremely easy to mount in on your wall for saving space or just giving a new look to your home.
  • Wireless Remote control further makes the usage highly convenient for you.


  • Listen to your favorite tracks anytime with the Wi-Fi wireless music streaming service.
  • Get the best in sound quality with this 3D surround sound system.
  • Highly compatible with almost all popular models of the latest Home Theater TV Speaker System.
  • Can also pair it with your Mac or PC whenever you like without much trouble.


  • Bluetooth connectivity might trouble you a bit sometimes.
  • Volume is not as loud as the other models in the same price range.

7.  JBL Cinema SB100 Soundbar Speaker System

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  • Simple plug and play model in the JBL Cinema SB100 SoundBar lets you enjoy the quality at its best without any hassle.
  • Room-filling, clear and 3D sound can be enjoyed from this power-packed model.
  • Input modes are as versatile as the varies media sources with proper channels for both analog and digital media devices.
  • Depending upon the location of the soundbar within your home, you can easily tailor the setting.
  • Extremely stylish and portable structure makes it simple for you to carry it anywhere.


  • Add the bass boost with a single click whenever you are not satisfied with the ongoing quality.
  • Enhance the movie night experience with the edgy HARMAN Display Surround technology for unprecedented sound effects.
  • Offers up to 60 watts of inbuilt power to keep the compact system within running perfectly.
  • Subwoofers, tweeters, amplifiers, and controls are present within the soundbar in the form of a sleek and convenient design.


  • Remote control’s battery drains a lot faster with even intermittent usage.
  • Might get a bit tricky when you are trying to hook it u with your TV system


Now you have got a good idea about all the latest soundbars. And, you can keep tabs on if you are planning to make a purchase anytime soon. But if you want our opinion then you might like to know that there is a clear winner here.

Go with the ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Sound Bar. This is clearly the best soundbar out of all the ones mentioned above. It gets you all the latest functions without burning a massive hole in your pocket. And the durability of this product will further pleasantly surprise you.

Finally, it is time to wrap up yet another nugget of information from the world of smart home automation. Hope you like our entry from today. Subscribe to us for getting regular updates about the news and happenings of the Smart Home Automation world. Till then, keep exploring!

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