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Best Speakers for Echo Dot Reviews (Mega Guide): 2022 Edition

Update – January 2022

[We have added a new speaker for Echo Dot at #8 to make this list more exhaustive and current for our readers. Another quick update, product #6 has been discontinued on Amazon for now.]

After 14 hours of exhaustive research on 10 of the best speakers for Echo Dot available in the market, we found out that the Echo Studio with Echo Sub set is the one to go for in the year 2022. And enjoy the best that the smart home automation and music has to offer till now. Read the rest of the article for more details!]

Things have revolutionized quite a bit since the introduction of the rightly famous Amazon Echo Dot. You have got that exclusive voice control over all of your major daily chores and other activities taking place throughout the home. Life has become simpler than ever and the Echo Dot played quite a big role in making all this possible.

Now, all you need to do is add a perfect speaker to this picture. The digital market is already offering you all the best options you can choose from. Amplify the horizon of your Echo dot by integrating it with the best kind of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speakers that perfectly suits your personality.

Make sure you read until the end to find the most suitable choice for you. Each speaker has been reviewed to identify the users and the home that will benefit the most with its addition.

Keep on scrolling to know how you can take your nearly perfect Echo Dot life to the next perfect milestone.

Listen Before You Swipe

Music is funny. It paints with the emotions of your past and present while projecting a promising picture of the future. But only and only if you invest in the right kind of equipment. Don’t get us wrong, you can play your favorite track anytime, anywhere and it will still click.

But one day you will listen to that premium audio quality that perfectly matches with your music preferences and nothing will ever be the same. You will enter into this universe made out of your go-to track and truly know what you love about that song or just music in general. You will finally get it. The price, the effort, the time-consuming installation process – it will all finally make sense. It will finally feel worth it.

Take a look at the many simple ways you can curate this umami experience for yourself with our helpful instructions below:

It Begins with Aesthetics

I mean why to even get one if not a pretty one. It’s all about the senses anyways. The music and the aesthetics of your brand-new speakers can perfectly sync up with your home. And thus, give you all the more reason to be proud of this latest purchase.

Aesthetic Speakers

There is matte, medium gloss, high gloss, pastel and even custom color combinations to choose from. It is nice to have your speakers front and center in the living room not just existing but accentuating the overall appeal of your place. You can pick one that perfectly goes with your home décor scheme.

Additionally, you can even get a bucket of your choice of speaker paint. And cover the speakers with whatever scenery or patterns you have in mind. Sooner or later, you are going to get bored with the same built and type of speaker staring back at you. But you can always jazz it up with the right color and style in mind.

The Ideal Price Point

You can find a hidden gem of a speaker system for almost every price bracket you decide to shop in. But, let’s take care of the key concerns first. First comes the non-negotiables of features that absolutely need to be in this new purchase. They are actually the reason of your latest purchase altogether.

Future-proofing is of utmost importance when you decide to invest in a new speaker. Technology sometimes does seem to be that dragon chasing its own tail. It somehow manages to be more obsolete and futuristic by the minute. The more it progresses the more your latest buy is going to be obsolete.

But still, you can go for the model that comes with its own technological edge so that it still has a fighting chance of being relevant even after 3-4 years of consistent usage. You can even upgrade just certain key components to revamp the entire system if that is possible. Or go for the whole system upgrade. But make sure to do it on a particularly generous payday so that you have enough to invest in that audiophile heaven of your dreams.

Power Mode

The three main types of speakers from energy consumption perspective are – powered, active and passive. When you want to keep your lot neat without the speaker system stretched and sprawled across the area, go for the powered speakers.

The powered speakers have a built-in amplifier which runs the signals through the passive crossover. The signal fed into the drivers is this case is amplified and then separated into different frequency bands. You get amplifier benefits within this albeit expensive price range. The only major downside is, you lose this entire pricey speaker-amplifier system when you finally decide to upgrade in future. You will need to put together and fine-tune an entire new assembly line of equipment all over again to create a suitable system.

This is where the passive speakers come into play which includes the outside amplifier along with the entire series of source, audio interconnects and speaker cables. You can cherry-pick which components to update if and when you desire. A lot simpler if you have the time and literal space of a bit of mess in your apartment and life.

Bigger Speakers for Better Sound, Not Always Though

Usually the sound of the speakers, in terms of quality and sheer volume, is directly associated with their size. The bookshelf/standmounter speakers are known for being portable and sleek. They can lull the entire home into a warm musical blanket. But you can’t party with them.

The tempo and bass of these type of speakers are good for the study or kitchen or any other place that can use a little bit of soothing melody. The floorstanders are what you need when you want to range all day, every day through the week! They bring the party with their gigantic frame that houses a powerful subwoofer/satellite combination perfectly.

Floorstanding Speakers

But you don’t party every day. Your neighbors won’t let you and rightfully so. There are strict noise pollution regulations nowadays to keep the concerns of students and elderly in mind. Also, you like to sleep with decent peace and quiet. And so does everyone else. So, think that before you decide on what kind of speakers actually make sense in your vicinity.

The Fine Print

It always pays to do the due diligence. Every week we are celebrating something somewhere and somehow everyone across the globe is getting discounts because of that festive/patriotic/greeting card holiday. But you can actually get some pretty decent deals with this lame excuse of a celebration. They are worth a browsing session or two.

This is a game for the seasoned players only. The too-good-to-be-true discounts might actually be true but with a catch. There is always a catch. Sometimes it can just be that it is not as trendy as it was a week ago. Though, you can still get it if you genuinely like this particular system.

Look for the details like warranty, return policy, assistance with return and replacement among other crucial things. Sometimes there is a reason that amazing speaker is still in the shop even weeks after you seem to have given up on it.

Or, be impulsive. Make a bunch of mistakes so that you know all the ways these amazing deals and discounts can lure you in only to disappoint you at the end. And then tell us about it here in the comment section. Or better yet use the power of social media to call out the offenders and make it safer for fellow consumers like you.

Buying One Online Because You can

Pandemic has shown us the true luxury that online shopping is. You can buy what you need, what you want and what you never ever thought you will need or want in the first place. It is a reverse mirage that is always somehow listening closer than you would expect. But, as with every other curve ball, you can use it to your benefit.

Technology goes obsolete on paper fast. But not that much in real life. That is what the retro trend is all about. The hipster-approved trend of refurbishing and using everything from blenders to cars to speakers thrives on this model only.

And that is to show that if it is well-made, it can last generations so that the next one can pretend to be nostalgic about the bygone era that they were not even born in while listening to some old song on some not-so-old speakers that make them feel like that movie character that they have based their entire life around. Now, you don’t want to pop that bubble. Trust me.

An Anecdote

But you can definitely carve out a weekend for yourself for some retail therapy and browse some of them fine speakers online. Then go to YouTube for watching the ‘expert reviewers’ who at best are reading the specifications off of the box for you and title it as a ‘detailed review’. (I have great respect for unboxing videos though. They help you waste less money on superficial stuff for that new stuff smell.) Then, you finally visit one of these sites and read all that you need to know.

And then go to Amazon. Or, Amazon.com. Then make a Wishlist. Compare across other decent online stores. Then brave the pandemic and go to your neighborhood store. Tell them it’s cheaper online and they ask you to buy from there then because they are actually the ones supplying in your area.

So, you buy from Amazon. Because…well…. even I don’t know why I buy from there. It all happens so fast. My package arrives before I can process what I did in that cookie coma last night. I save enough to buy the next thing I want from my Wishlist though…so maybe that’s why.

Setting Up for Success

It is important to take care of the little things too while selecting a speaker system for your place. A good chunk of them do well with a spacious area. Some might require you to keep them at a 2 meters distance from the wall to help the sound waves do what you have bought them for to do.

Sonically, the positioning of the speakers in your place can be a crucial factor in their performance. So, clear any and all doubts you might have in this section with the seller online, beforehand. It’s better to measure the room first where you are planning to keep them for the most part. And narrow down your options accordingly. Or, have a different place ready before you decide to bring that glorious monster truck of a speaker home!

Familiarize Efficiently

Make sure that you are still in the return window while you are running all these performance tests. Just because you bought them does not mean that you will like them in your home for the next 2 or 10 years. And sometimes you might not vibe with them even for the first few weeks. And this is how you know that.

Let the speakers have a couple of ‘audio miles’ on them. That is to say that let them run-in a bit. It helps with opening up the audio range of the speakers. They are technically not horse but somehow follow similar principal. It is better to make a special request or confirmation and get run-in speakers from the store itself.

Or, you can give it a couple of days and see if the sound quality is showing the range that made you go for these speakers in the first place. You only have to do this if the sound seems disappointingly different even though nothing is wrong with it. Otherwise, you can always return and get a new one, and repeat, till you find exactly what you want.

Alternative Solutions

Its great if you know exactly the kind of speaker that you have been wanting to buy since your last birthday. But, it’s even better to have a range of features as your ultimate choice. That allows you to have wiggle room in terms of price, aesthetics, availability and even buy additional accessories that can enhance the audio experience for you.

Your first choice might be at best a ‘meh’ for someone else. And vice-versa. So, make sure that you like the speaker because of your personal preferences. And not because it’s the trendiest, best thing ever to have been created by mankind, or any other marketing gimmick that might be used to sell it before the ‘sales pitch spell’ wears off. The features will give you clarity by focusing on individual things that you are looking for in your next speaker system with your very own ‘whys’.

To the Playlist!

So, you must have a huge stack of songs, movies and cat videos that you like by now. The best way to test if you like what you just bought from the magical realm of internet is to start with the familiar. Play the movies, the songs, both audio and video.

See if it pairs well with your TV, laptop, tablet, neighbor’s wi-fi and everything else that you would like it to fit in. Because if it doesn’t then it needs to go. Before the return policy window expires. Your playlist helps you to make that decision fast. And save you time and money while doing it. Beat that!

Take care of these few things and you will not regret buying this or anything else ever. Like never ever.

Best Speakers for Echo Dot

Music is a never-ending mood booster. You have hundreds of songs available nowadays for every mood and every season.

So it comes only naturally to get a good enough speaker to listen to all the beats loud and clear whether you are alone or enjoying a few cherished moments with friends and family.

Keep reading to know more about your top six choices when it comes to premium speakers, which can be integrated with Echo Dot. We’ll explore the main features, pros & cons, and then give a final verdict for each of the products below so that you end up buying only the best! Alright, so let’s move right ahead!

1. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • Enjoy the crystal clear surround sound with that desirable deep bass.
  • Bluetooth pairing has been made super easy with the help of regular voice prompts.
  • The massive 30 feet Bluetooth transmission range makes it an instant hit among people of all ages.
  • Enjoy the dependable power back up to over 10 hours thanks to the advanced Lithium-ion battery.


  • You can easily take the calls out loud with the help of built-in speakerphone.
  • These speakers are totally wireless and quite compact thus making them perfect for all events and locations.
  • The micro USB charger is one of the many tiny details that are going to make this your new favorite instantly.
  • Ease and comfort that comes with its multi-function button are irreplaceable.


  • Quality of the speakerphone is really unsatisfactory.
  • Voice alerts are rarely as useful as one would hope them to be.


Bose has come up with yet another amazing treat for the ears. Enjoy the unmatched audio quality of this exceptional brands of a larger level with this amazing Bluetooth speaker. The robust and user-friendly built of these speakers are meant to make your music setting chores simpler than ever.

2. Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • Petite and compact design surely make it a suitable option for the cramped up big city lodgings.
  • Treat yourself to a variety of breathtaking color options including black, blue, white and red.
  • Extra Bass feature of these speakers is surely going to make your ears fall in love with every beat.
  • Bluetooth and NFC connectivity options make the task of connecting and streaming music seamless.


  • For the stereo sound experience, you can always add an extra speaker without much hassle.
  • Listen to it indoors or outdoors with utmost ease thanks to its water-resistant body.
  • More than 16 hours of battery life makes it a perfect companion for those all-night raves and get-togethers.
  • Lightweight body and sleek design make it a perfect addition to your sophisticated living setting.


  • Abruptly stops too often to enjoy a continuous and mesmerizing musical extravaganza.
  • Audio quality is not impressive at all, especially if you are used to some top-notch Bluetooth speaker brands.


Elegant design and stellar performance are the two main things that will make you opt for this specific model right away.

3. AmazonBasics Shockproof and Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • Over 12 hours of battery life gives this model an edge over its counterparts.
  • The entire exterior has a thick rubber coating for offering unbeatable impact resistance.
  • Being square and small makes it perfect to just put in your packet and be on the move.
  • Get that premium hands-free convenience with the carabiner that comes with the box.


  • Wireless range for this particular speaker is as far as 33 foot which is actually quite impressive.
  • The 3-watt audio driver and passive subwoofer amplify every beat in perfect pitch.
  • Robust Bass and a high definition sound quality are assured to make you its instant fan.
  • Get thoroughly entertained with the elusive instant Bluetooth pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled device.


  • Sound quality gets severely distorted when you turn the volume up to high decibels.
  • Speaker is very directional hence cannot enjoy that much-needed surround sound experience.


Buy the AmazonBasics to listen to your favorite tracks any hour of the day, non-stop. The portable design surely increases its appeal manifold.

4. UE MEGABOOM Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof and Shockproof)

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • Make the most of UE MEGABOOM app to control the speakers full and conveniently from anywhere.
  • The battery life extends up to 20 hours for giving you an interrupted service when you don’t have the time to charge the speakers every couple of hours.
  • With ultra-fast micro USB charging, even when you need to finally charge, you will be able to do it in an instant.
  • Bluetooth wireless range extends as far as the unimaginable 100 feet.


  • Ultimate Ears brings the amazing feature named PartyUp that lets to connect as many as 50 UE speakers speaker wirelessly for a never before musical fiesta.
  • Seamless compatibility with the Amazon Alexa allows you to play your favorite songs from the Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio.
  • Try connecting with the Echo Dot (2nd Generation) when you want total hands-free control.
  • Indulge in the full spectrum of music with the 360-degree sound feature backed with deep bass.


  • The PartyUp feature is not properly functioning in all the models.
  • Sound quality is not that impressive and cracks badly at higher volume.


For enjoying the best and the latest in the world of Bluetooth speakers, always go with the magical UE MEGABOOM speakers.

5. SONOS PLAY:5 – Smart Speaker for Streaming Music

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • Amazing sound quality to help to get the maximum benefit of this marvelous Wi-Fi speaker.
  • The design is sleek and stylish to jazz up the surrounding with its looks and clear sound, no matter where you end up keeping it.
  • Very strong bass without the undesirable distortions that ruin the whole experience.
  • Highly compatible with both Android and Apple platforms to be easily connected to corresponding smart devices.


  • Streams all the major music apps including Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, and Tidal.
  • Boasts of the best Sonos speaker that the company has been able to deliver until now.
  • Convenient wireless experience to set it up anywhere without any hassles.
  • Can be controlled quite easily from your phones, tablets and other compatible handheld devices.


  • Quite expensive when you compare it with other models that offer fairly similar service.
  • Tech support is not available for all the shipping locations as of now.


Best of technology meets the best of sound quality with the SONOS PLAY 5 smart speaker that is becoming the new favorite at a rapid speed.

6. Touch Bluetooth Speakers Portable Wireless Outdoor Speaker

Main Features

It comes with the one Touch Bluetooth Speaker, Micro USB Cable, 3.5mm Audio Cable, and a User Guide. It boasts of rich bass and powerful HD stereo speaker audio quality. The Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity makes it extremely portable and useful in a variety of daily scenarios.


  • The Dual passive subwoofer and the Dual acoustic drivers make for a room-filling sound with zero distortion.
  • You get the sensitive touch control of this speaker to control the music and incoming calls as and when required.
  • The 30% louder volume and Crystal clear deep bass 6W HD loud speakers keep it way ahead in the competition.
  • Being wireless, compact and Bluetooth-enabled makes it easy to keep and carry anywhere.


  • The audio levels might not be as loud and clear as advertised.
  • It lacks the noise cancellation and waterproof feature that limits its usage quite a lot.


Portability is what makes this speaker the star performer of today. Its crystal clear sound makes it a strong contender for versatile use including family dinners, parties, study or a relaxed Sunday evening. Get one for yourself today at around 70 dollars if this sounds like your perfect music companion.

7. TECHDOTY Bluetooth Speaker

Main Features

The incredible price of under 20 dollars might not convince you of its audio range. But, the TECHDOTY Bluetooth Speaker is definitely worth a try. It allows you to enjoy a full range of clear and well-balanced music everywhere you go. This package will consist of TECHDOTY Wireless Outdoor Speaker, Micro USB Charging Cable, 3.5mm Aux-in Cable, “D” ring Carabiner, and a User Manual.


  • The IPX6 Water-Resistant Rating makes it suitable for beach parties, swimming, and hiking.
  • You get the 18-Month Warranty & Friendly Customer Service promise with this speaker.
  • It comes with the Micro SD support and can easily connect to the non-Bluetooth devices via the 3.5mm audio cable that comes with the package.
  • With the two 5-watt loudspeakers present inside, you can definitely count on a clear and powerful audio experience.


  • The USB charging port may or may not break within a few months of purchase.
  • Its connectivity is shaky, especially for longer durations.


The TECHDOTY Bluetooth Speaker is a high performer in its price bracket. Most of the reviews are quite positive regarding their durability and performance. This speaker is perfectly suited for those people who want to gauge if the Bluetooth speakers are their thing or not. And if yes then you can pat yourself on your back when you get an amazing product like this under the 20 dollars margin.

8. Echo Studio with Echo Sub

Main Features

Priced within the 340 dollars range, you get a powerful Amazon speaker – Echo Studio along with Echo Sub with this order.


  • The Dolby Atmos technology offers amazing depth, clarity and space.
  • This 5-speaker system produces immersive sound experience with crisp highs, dynamic mid-range and powerful bass.
  • You can voice control all your music demands with its direct access to the Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and other popular platforms.
  • It fine-tunes the playback by sensing your space and adjusting the acoustics accordingly.
  • The 6” woofers offer 100W deep bass sound for vibing musical experience.


  • Its home theater experience is underwhelming.
  • The Echo Studio audio quality is not yet ready to compete with the giants of the speaker world.
  • Clarity and Bass seem to be on opposite sides of this musical journey.


Its an expansive musical innovation. The Echo Studio combines the utility of Alexa with the entertainment factor of Amazon Prime for maximum value.

The above-mentioned speakers are the current best performers of the digital market. Refer to our reviews above to make an intelligent choice now.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot has become a household name as of late. Take a look at the following speaker suggestions for making your experience all the more better with this mind-blowing gadget.

1. JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • Test the power of these remarkable speakers thanks to the dual external passive radiators.
  • With JBL connect+ you can connect over 100 similar speakers who have this feature to really amplify the tempo of your soon to be an unforgettable party.
  • Comes in a wide range of color options including teal, blue, black, white, red and gray.
  • Ipx7 waterproof has made this speaker so water-resistant that you can even keep it submerged in the water without any possible damage to the device.


  • Get more than 12 hours of playtime on your hands with its long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • You get the option to connect a total of two tablets or smartphones and take turns to play your favorite music.
  • Non-stop wireless Bluetooth streaming choice to give you unlimited choice when the celebration time arrives.
  • Keep regular useful assistance in the form of Voice Assistant Integration that will sense and guide you whenever you get stuck.


  • Sound quality is not as impressive as it has been marketed to be.
  • Charger or the charging cord is missing in a few of the deliveries.


Echo Dot will work wonders in collaboration with this JBL speaker that has been getting rave reviews from all the major channels.

2. Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

Check Price on Amazon!

Main Features

  • With an incredible 18-month warranty, you can be assured of the incomparable quality of this product.
  • The customer support is exceptionally helpful when it comes to the installation, usage and maintenance process.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology makes sure that it gets connected to all your Bluetooth enables devices instantly.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity range is an impressive 66 feet to accommodate all your major smart devices throughout your home.


  • Automatically get reconnected to the last integrated device with the help of SoundCore feature.
  • Pamper yourself with the Built-in mic for enjoying hands-free calls from every corner of the home.
  • High capacity Li-ion battery and the Anker’s power management technology give you the unimaginable 24 hours long battery life every time.
  • Unique spiral bass port and dual high-performance drivers work hard to deliver surreal sound quality consistently.


  • Bass is not strong enough to give you a hearty sound range to match the level of your upbeat playlists.
  • Control panel seems to malfunction sometimes, especially during the track selection process.


Try out the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker if you are looking for a long-lasting speaker that is able to connect seamlessly to all your favorite gadgets without any trouble.

Which Speaker Goes Best With Echo Dot?

The answer could not have been any easier. The Echo Studio with Echo Sub is clearly the best of all the options discussed in detail above.

Good sound quality and ample bass are what we all search for in all our primary sound gears. But we rarely find them that easily. But with our well-planned out guide, you will surely get exactly what you are looking for this season.

Don’t believe us? Try this once and thank us for that every time you hear your favorite nostalgic tune the way you always wished to hear it!

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