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Best Z-Wave Motion Sensor Reviews – 2019 Edition

After 14 hours of exhaustive research on 8 of the best z-wave motion sensors available on the market, we think the Aeon Labs Aeotec MultiSensor emerges as the clear winner as far as affordability, features and overall compatibility are concerned. If you’re on a tight budget, however, you can go with the Z-Wave Plus Easy Install with Pet Immunity Motion Detector (PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO).

Let’s move right ahead and explore what exactly is a z-wave motion sensor, its utilities, and criteria you need to consider before making a purchase.

Z-Wave Motion Sensor

Thousands of people, especially those who can afford to do so, have already set up their houses to being smart homes. They are now taking their home automation a notch higher by making use of a Z-Wave Motion Sensor.

You can see entrance lights that you can turn on by clapping your hands. There are also doors that automatically open and close once a presence is detected. These are amazing innovations.

Watch the video below to experience the magic of motion sensor lights!

But, have you ever wondered how this is possible? From the doors to the locks to the windows, even the lights, everything is automated and can be activated by motion. Well, it’s all thanks to Z-Wave motion sensors!

Z-Wave motion sensors serve as all-around motion detection system for homes. These sensors can detect motion, change in temperature, the amount of humidity, lighting, water and much more.

Once a change in any of these factors occurs, it triggers a pre-set action. These actions can be an alarm sound, automatic activation of water sprinklers and more.

Benefits of a Z-Wave Motion Sensor

There are still those who doubt the practicality of motion sensors, especially since most samples provided are at the houses of the rich and famous. However, if you think about the benefits that installing a Z-Wave motion sensor can bring, you may end up changing your mind.

With no further a due, here are the top reasons why purchasing a Z-Wave motion sensor is beneficial for you:

Extra security measure

Motion sensors can provide an extra layer of security to your home. Since these sensors detect movements, it will be a lot more difficult for burglars to get in and get out undetected.

It will also give you a warning of any attempted intrusion and will give you a chance to run to safety and call for help. If you couple your sensors with sirens, alarms, alert lights and other gadgets, they can provide a whole new level of protection for your home.

Ease of use

Aside from protection, motion sensors can also make it easier for you to operate lighting, doors, and gadgets in your house. Instead of turning the lights on manually, you can pre-set your light sensors to recognize clapping and other hand gestures as a signal to turn on the lights.

You can also pre-set light sensors connected to lighting in your hallway, comfort room, and kitchen to automatically turn on or off when someone passes. It saves you time and money.

Outdoor signal

You can place outdoor sensors connected to outdoor lights that can serve as a signal for your neighbors when forced entry is taking place. When the lights switch on at your gates or your porch even when you are away, your neighbors can check it out and immediately inform you. They can also alert the police.

There are many more benefits that you can get when you buy Z-Wave motion sensors. Those above are only some of the best advantages it can offer. If you have finally decided to purchase a Z-Wave motion sensor, move onwards to this article for the eight best bets you can purchase in markets today.

Top 8 Z-Wave Motion Sensors

Of all the Z-Wave motion sensors present for sale today, here are the top eight that performed the best:

1. Z-wave Plus Easy Install with Pet Immunity Motion Detector (PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO)

PIR Z-Wave 2.5 Eco Motion Detector

One of the top-performing Z-Wave motion sensors today is the Z-Wave Plus Easy Install PET Immunity Motion Detector. With a price tag of $31.48, you can enjoy premium components that come along with the device. There are two modes available, automation and security.

You also don’t have to worry about installing the device since you can install it easily, you can either opt for flush mounting or mount at corners. If you go for the latter, wall brackets come with the package. Once the power is up, the sensors can immediately start learning about the different motions that pass through.

Since it is small and light, about 4.8 ounces or about 136 grams, you can easily hide it. Not to forget, the 5-year battery life can serve you a long way.

An additional feature of the device is its pet immunity. You no longer need to worry about false alarms that your pets may trigger.

However, the immunity is only up to 55 lbs (about 25 kg), which is adequate immunity for regular pets. Unless you have elephants for pets, you don’t have to worry. So, if you have dogs and other pets around your house, this Z-Wave motion sensor can be the right choice for you.

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2. ZOOZ Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 Sensor ZSE40

ZOOZ Z-Wave Plus ZSE40 4 in 1 Sensor

Another top performer in  Z-Wave motion sensor arena is the ZOOZ Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 Sensor. This device prides over its 4-in-1 component. The device supports motion detection, light sensing, temperature changes and humidity sensing.

At a price of $36.95, this device is already a deal on its own. Aside from the sensors, it also has seven motion sensitivity levels of motion sensitivity with three modes that you can choose for motion detection or temperature notifications.

In the case of low battery, the device gives alerts which notify you of charging or replacement. The device also comes with a built-in tamper sensor which will give a signal in case of intentional tampering. If you are using VERA controllers, you don’t have to worry about compatibility because this guy will fit right in.

Please take note though that when you are using alarm panels like ADT Pulse or Wink controllers and similar devices, it may not work or may not function as intended. These devices don’t accept multi-level command class so you may find it difficult to fit the ZOOZ with these guys. However, if you can find a way to work around this, then the device is a good product to consider buying.

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3. Fibaro FGMS-001 ZW5 Motion Sensor with Z-Wave Plus Multisensor

Fibaro FGMS001 Z-Wave Plus

Another motion sensor that is on this list is the Fibaro FGMS-001 ZW5 Motion Sensor.

Even though it has a smaller size than the first two, the Fibaro ZW5 packs a Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 multi-sensor component. It can detect motion, variation in temperature, light, and vibrations. That’s because of the accelerometer installed inside its small compact body.

Unlike the first two, the Fibaro comes with an alert system that smartphone or tablet enthusiasts will surely love. If you have been away, you can easily monitor your house by syncing the device to your phone or tablet. You can also receive email notifications.

You can trigger the alarm or activate specific pre-set scenes remotely when motion detection or light detection kicks in.

If you have pets at home that could trigger false alarms, you can easily adjust the sensitivity level to distinguish pets from people.

If your concern is tampering, you don’t have to worry as well since the device comes with a tamper protection mechanism that gives off alerts when someone moves the device.

You get the device and all these features for $59.87. A bit pricier than the first two but it will be worth the money.

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4. Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Detector – FGMS-001

Fibaro FGMS001 Z-Wave Sensor

Another top performer from Fibaro is the Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor- FGMS- 001. Like the other Fibaro product, this device also comes in a small size, just about 1.8 inches in diameter.

This device also comes with a phone or tablet syncing capability. If you are away on holiday, you can remotely activate the alarms that will trigger a set of predetermined scenes and actions. These actions may even include automatically sending alerts to the police.

With its Intelligent Object Recognition capability, you won’t have to worry about keeping pets around. You can simply set your device to distinguish smaller pets and humans. It is mostly through programming a specific weight or mass range that will correspond to the size of your pets.

The device also comes with a multi-colored LED eye-like display which changes color depending on the type of detection. You can even customize the notification lights to your specific preference.

The device still comes with a built-in tamper detection system that will you know when someone attempts to move or shake the device. This system can also be helpful to detect earthquakes. However, you may need to install a Fibaro controller to configure the device.

Although the price of $74.95 is higher than the first three, if you think of the perks, you may just reconsider.

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5. Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW100 Multisensor

Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW100

Another Z-Wave sensor that you should not miss looking at is the Aeotec ZW100 Multisensor by Aeon Labs. This small device contains six sensors fused into one. This device can detect motion or PIR, change in humidity, change in temperature, lighting, vibration, and Ultraviolet light.

Mounting the Aeotec is easy with four options available. You can mount it in the ceiling to connect it to your lighting or vertical motion sensing. You can mount it on a shelf, on the wall, or even around corners.

Whichever way you want, you can install the device easily. The small size also adds to the convenience.

Whether you install it indoors or outdoors, the device is applicable. Just remember that indoors, the antenna range can reach up to 80 ft. while outdoors, the range is about 300 ft. at Z-Wave RF. If you install it outside, make sure to provide protection from outdoor elements like rain, storms, dust and other factors that may affect its performance.

With a price tag of $59.95, the device might just be worth the buy. The features that it provides can surely make up for the price. However, if you are still looking for something more, there are still others on this list.

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6. Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

Aeon Labs Aeotec Multi-Sensor

Another product from Aeon Labs that is part of this list is the Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor. Unlike the other Aeotec in this list, this device only supports four sensors. It can sense motion, temperature, lighting, and humidity.

However, even though there are only four available sensors, the device is not exactly a pushover.

In place of the lacking two sensors, the device offers the setting up of a Z-Wave network that can house up to six devices. Whenever the device senses changes in IR in front of its viewing window, it automatically sends a radio signal notification to the devices that are part of the network.

So, if there are more members of the family, you don’t have to worry that you may be the only one who will get the notice.

You can also install the device both indoors and outdoors. Whichever way you choose, the device will function just the same. However, it is important to note that indoor performance may still be better than its outdoor performance.

For sale at around $30.99, the device also comes with easily adjustable motion settings. You can easily adjust the motion detection to be immune to unintentional triggers and false alarms by small animals. Since dogs and cats, and any other pet is bound to run around the house, setting the device to distinguish these animals will be helpful.

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7. Schlage Smart Motion Sensor with Nexia, RS200

Schlage Z-Wave Motion Detection

The second to the last item in this list is the Schlage Z-Wave Motion Sensor with Nexia. The main charm of this device is the ease it gives to the owner regarding staying in tune with the happenings at home. You can monitor your house even on vacation.

Unlike most sensors that only sends notifications, the device can also record a short video of any activity in the house and send you a copy.

You can also remotely incorporate a scene that automatically switches the lights on when there is activity. It can also allow you to turn on and off the remotely alarms in your house. You can remotely turn it on when you are on travel or remotely check if you did turn the alarms on before you left.

All these conveniences are thanks to the Nexia system that comes with the device.

However, there is a catch. Even though the price is at $51.18, if you want to enjoy full control and access, you will have to pay a monthly rate of $9.99.

Now, at first, this may seem an expensive deal, but when you consider all the convenient ways you can get privy to every month, the price may be worth it.

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8. GoControl Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector – WAPIRZ-1

GoControl Smart Sensor

The last contender in the group is the GoControl Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector which is for sale for $45.55. Even if the device is the last in this list, it is not the least. The device provides motion detection of up to 32 ft. and a temperature sensor that can detect changes in the temperature around the area from 2 degrees Fahrenheit and higher.

If you wish to build your network of security, you can connect to five other Z-wave devices to this device. You can also connect your mobile phone, tablet, or computer to receive notifications when you are away. It allows you the chance to monitor your house in case of any activities even when you are miles away.

There is also a 120-degree detection angle which allows detection of movement even at the sides of the device.

Like most of the items in this list, the device also comes with a tamper protection system. The LED notification will turn red when the device experiences are tampering or shaking. The red light will only turn off when you reset the device.

Regarding compatibility, you don’t have to worry. The device is highly compatible with all the other Z-Wave-certified products for sale in markets, whether from the same manufacturer or not.

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Which is the best Z-Wave Motion Sensor?

The decision on which device is best highly depends on you. If you are really mindful of the price, the Z-wave Plus Easy Install with Pet Immunity Motion Detector (PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO) and the Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor by Aeon Labs can be your choices since both are for sale at around $30.

However, if you are more of the features that are available, you can go for the Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW100 Multisensor which has six sensors built into one for a price of $59.95. The Fibaro FGMS-001 ZW5 Motion Sensor with Z-Wave Plus Multisensor is also full of features at around $50.

Z-Wave Motion Sensors Outdoor Security

If you are a pet lover, fairly all the products in this list provide immunity against false alarms that your pets can trigger.

However, if you are the tech-savvy type, then remote access may just be your thing. The Z-Wave sensors from Fibaro at around $60 and $75, and the Schlage Z-Wave Motion Sensor at around $50, may just be the right pick for you. The Schlage offers better remote access but comes at an additional monthly price of around $10.

Now, if you are more of the connections between devices, the two Aeotec devices, and the GoControl Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector will suffice. The GoControl is also the go-to sensor if overall compatibility is your peg.

Judging based on affordability, features and overall compatibility, the Aeon Labs Aeotec Multi-Sensor takes the cake as the best Z-Wave Motion Sensor. For the affordable price of around $30.99, you can get four sensors, easy installation, remote access, fast syncing network, and an overall great deal. If you want a Z-Wave motion sensor that walks the talk, this device can give its competitors a run for the money.

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Also, do let us know your thoughts on our review of the best Z-Wave motion sensors in the comments section below.

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