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Canary vs Nest Cam: Make Your Home Safer Than Ever

You cannot be present everywhere at all times. Sometimes you need to be at work but you might be constantly worrying about what is happening back home. At times like this and almost every other hour, you can really use a smart security camera.

Canary vs Nest Cam

Today you can find a variety of these smart gadgets present in the digital market. They have been designed to make the security process extremely simple for you. Whatever your security requirements might be, you will always find them up to the task. Today, you can get an outdoor smart camera to be as useful during the night time as it is during the day.

Be Omnipresent with Smart Security Cameras

The best part of owning such a device is that you are always getting the best that the smart market has to offer. Since there is such high competition in the market, the obsolete technology is not able to survive this level of cut-throat competition. This means that you will always end up with an updated appliance no matter what choice you ultimately make.

Two of the best smart security cameras present in the market are Canary and the Nest Cam smart cameras. Most of the homeowners prefer to go with either of these models for a safer home and that elusive peace of mind. Read on to know which one is better suited for your home.

Canary vs Nest Cam

You must have a list of specifications that you want in your security camera. Keep reading to know how these two models fare in those areas. And which one should become the new addition to your home.

1. Price


At present, the Canary security cameras are priced at just $143.63. The price difference is not much between these two cameras. However, the services for which you are paying might turn out to be widely different. And if you don’t pick correctly then you mind find your investment to be worthless.

Canary Security Cam Review

This camera is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. The weatherproof robust and tough body makes it resilient enough to brave all kinds of weather conditions. Depending up where you end up installing it, you can either plug it in or connect it in a wireless manner. It has provisions for both the situations and this will make sure that you can use this camera in any kind of spot within or outside your home.

Nest Cam

The total price of the Nest Cam is just $153.77. So price-wise, even if you go with this security camera, you won’t be facing a major shift budget wise. It works perfectly with the Amazon Alexa. You will be able to control it with your voice from different corners of your home. You can install it anywhere inside your home.

It will give you that perfectly balanced picture and video round the clock. The additional subscription plans will help you in customizing the overall setting according to your comfort. There is a number of useful monthly subscription plans that will improve the security throughout your home.

2. Installation


The DIY installation process for this device will make sure that you don’t spend a lot of time on effort on the same. The simple plug and play feature is best for all kinds of smart homeowners. It makes it extremely simple for them this way to use the best of smart security cameras without any hassles.

First of all, plug in the USB cable to get the camera started. Then find the yellow cord and use it to connect the camera to your smartphone. This will help you to download the smart app in just a couple of minutes. After that, you only need to follow the instructions. And your highly compatible and automated security camera will get properly installed.

Nest Cam

Today, you will find the installation process for the Nest Cam to be most simple of all. It involves a total of two simple steps. So, even if you have no experience with the smart appliances you will face absolutely no trouble with this one.

Nest Security Camera Review

Start by picking a suitable spot where you would like to place it and plug it in. Now download the smart app for your Apple or the Android smartphone. Finally, follow the instructions in the right order and your security camera will be ready for work. Though, sometimes you might not be able to get it right on the first take. So if you face any such issue then just take out the user manual. It is very detailed and you will be able to solve your installation trouble in no time.

3. Features


There are a number of features that are unique to this camera and you won’t find it with any other model in the market. Get a good look at the area in question with the help of the wide angled lens of 147° giving you that ample field of view. You get clear audio with all the video feeds. This will enable you to keep a close track on all the ongoing activities in your home even when you are away.

The HD quality picture beards the unbeatable resolution of 1080 pixel. In case of an emergency, use its one-touch access to give you a quick report about the chaos back home and act accordingly. Get regular updates thanks to the HomeHealth Technology which keeps you tension free throughout the day.

Nest Cam

The indoor camera by the Nest Cam has its own set of amazing features that can be really useful in your household. It allows you to get that live stream and recording facility round the clock at a very nominal charge. You can store all these feeds in the cloud storage space that has been so generously offered along with this product.

Every corner of your home is totally protected and under constant vigilance with the help of the Nest Aware feature. The whole home is divided into the activity zones that helps in easy monitoring of different nooks and crannies of your house.

4. Mobile App


You get the Canary mobile smart app for both Apple and Android platforms. You can even use this app to sync up with your Apple watch. Such wide-scale compatibility is hard to find. And it is really helpful for keeping a track of all kinds of happenings going on in your home no matter where you are.

Canary Security Camera

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Nest Cam

The mobile app of this camera is one of its best features. You will soon discover that it is highly user-friendly, responsive and useful in times of need. Just after the completion of the installation process, you will get your very own Nest Aware account. You can check out all its features to your satisfaction during the trial period. And then you can make the decision whether you want to continue this service or not.

5. Design


This camera is only 6 inches tall and just 3 inches in diameter. The sleek body makes sure that you face no problem installing it in any corner of your home. Currently, there are three main shades available in this model – white, black and silver. It is aesthetically pleasing and its design has been appreciated in a lot of columns.

Nest Cam

Weighing only 0.45 pounds, it is one of the smartest and sleekest looking products in the market. You won’t find the design too far removed from the traditional cameras. But it is innovative enough to give the ‘smart’ twist to the traditional design. It has a glossy black finish and you will find it fit for the role with its unassuming pattern. The sophisticated look of this product is understated enough so that it does not interfere with its job.

6. Support


Today, you don’t even need to worry about the customer care support for a device. There are just so many helpful YouTube tutorials and forums out there that it takes a really unique problem for you to reach out to the customer care. In case that you do, you will find the Canary customer care to be remarkably helpful and attentive to all your device-related problems.

Nest Cam

Nest Security Cam

The customer care team for the Nest Cam is equally supportive and dedicated in times of need. You will find no trouble getting your troubles addressed in a timely and comprehensive manner. A well trained and punctual customer care support really come in handy when you are planning to buy a brand new device.

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Finally, you must like to know which one of these cameras are better suited for your home. The answer to that question is Nest Cam. This is because, the Nest Cam is the ultimate winner when it comes to mobile app usage, design, installation ease and overall features.

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