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Insteon HomeKit to Light Up your Days for Days

Insteon Starter Homekit Reviews

HomeKit. The name does sound familiar and that is intentional. But if you are like me, you must also be associating this term with something totally unrelated. Technically, HomeKit is an acronym which has been derived from two different words. The ‘Home-’ stands for ‘Home Automation’ and the ‘-Kit’ stands …

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Best Z-Wave Light Switch Reviews – 2022 Edition

Smart Lighting Control

Update – August, 2022 [We have replaced 6 obsolete models with the latest ones.] If you’re looking for a quick verdict, here you go: [After hours of extensive research, we found out that the best z-wave light switch currently available on the market is Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ Decora.]  We recommend you …

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