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4 Step Solution To Cleaning Smart Security Camera Lens

Before we answer the question of how to clean the lens of a smart security camera, it is essential to address the question ‘why?’. Why do you even need to clean the lens in the first place? Considering that you have installed a smart security camera speaks volumes about how concerned you are about keeping your surroundings safe and secure.

Smart Security Camera Lens

In most cases, people install smart security cameras at a few different spots in offices and homes. From the living room to the garden, people need to keep their homes under watch.

However, just installing the smart security camera does not declare it DONE! It is crystal clear that security cameras are an investment for your home as it helps track every move in and around your house. However, what if the video quality goes blurry the next day?

This brings us to the discussion, “Why do you need to clean the smart security camera lens?

Maintaining the Video Quality

You install smart security cameras to keep a check on your loved ones and precious possessions, but what is the point if you cannot see anything clearly? You need to clean the lens of the camera in order to sustain the video quality that you need to track everything down. It might look shiny and exciting the day you install the camera, but you need to keep a check on the quality and clean the lens when the video starts getting blurry.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Cleaning your lens once in a month will keep you away from unnecessary servicing of the camera. When the lens is not cleaned properly, not only does it compromise the quality of the video but it might scream for a heavy servicing afterwards. The lens are generally delicate, and when they aren’t cleaned properly on time, you might require servicing of the fragile lens. So it is better to take the prevention beforehand to avoid the extra mile of expenditure afterwards.

Now, since we are all clear in our head that the security camera needs some cleaning at regular intervals, let’s talk about “how?”.

4 Steps To Clean Smart Security Camera Lens

Get your pen and paper as you might need it! Before we proceed with the steps of cleaning, lets pen down the things that you will need to clean the lens.

What you do need?

  • A cloth to clean the lens (Preferred- microfiber)
  • A solution of lens cleaner
  • A compressing air can

Step 1

Switch off the camera. When the camera is on, there are few mechanisms that are running inside the camera. Cleaning the lens when the camera is on can damage the whole mechanism. It is also safer for you to clean the lens when there is no electricity passing.

Step 2

You might come across some dry dust hugging the lens.

Look carefully…it’s right there!

It’s time to take out the compressed air can to blow off the dirt from the lens. All the loose dust will wave off from the lens. If you do not have the air can, you can just simply wave the dust off by blowing air from your mouth but keep your nose covered or you might catch an allergy!

Step 3

Now, you will need the cloth. Make sure you are using microfiber cloth as it does not leave any marks behind. Just put a little gentle pressure to wipe off any remaining dirt from the lens.

Step 4

It’s time to remove the smudges from the lens. Spray the lens cleaner solution on the fibre cloth and wipe the lens properly. You might require putting extra gentle pressure so that there are no smudges left.

And that’s it! Your lens is clear as new!

However, there is one question that bothers few people: “What if I do not have a lens cleaning solution?”

Although it is not difficult to find a cleaning solution in the market, in case you do not have it, don’t panic! After wiping off the loose dust, you can exhale air on the lens that will create moisture on the same. You can wipe the moisture away with the cloth which will clean the remaining smudges on the lens as well. And you’re done!

Smart Security Camera Lens

Hang on! Where are you running already? Before you leave the page to clean the lens, keep a note of the following precautions as well.

Necessary Precautions

  1. Make sure children away from the cleaning solution: If you have a naughty kid always roaming around you, make sure that you keep the solution away from them. Kids have a habit of snuggling everything in their mouth, and you definitely do not want them to taste the cleaner! At every step, make sure no kid is around.
  2. Be careful and safe: Generally, security cameras are installed at some height. So if you are planning to climb a stair ladder, you must take care of your balance and do not try to look down. I would suggest you take some time to balancing your weight on the ladder before getting into action.
  3. Lenses are delicate: Lenses on any camera are generally delicate. So whether you blow off the dust or wipe the smudges make sure you do not apply too much pressure on the lens. You might risk breaking the lens.
  4. It’s better to have someone: If you are planning to clean the lens, make sure there is someone to guide you from downstairs. Whatever be the case, whether the ladder gets disbalanced or you drop the cloth on the floor, it helps if someone is there to assist you.
  5. Keep your hands clean: As obvious as it is, clean hands will result in clean lens. If your hands are greasy or oily, you might not want to stick it on to the lens. You may end up damaging the lens and in turn, the video quality. So make sure your hands are perfectly clean and sanitized before you touch the lens.
  6. Keep doing it once in a while: Well, you do not have to keep cleaning the lens every day. But cleaning them once in a month is a good idea perhaps. The lens of your smart security camera will work fine and your investment will keep paying off.
  7. Consult the expert: Remember the guy who came to install the camera initially? He can give you better information if there is any particular solution or liquid you must NOT use on the lens! It will help you stay away from any chemical compounds that can permanently damage your lens.

That’s all for now, folks. Just make sure you follow these precautions and follow the steps mentioned above as they are. You will end up with your camera lens as shiny as new. 

Do leave your comments and experiences after you follow the instructions on the page. If you know someone who does have a security camera, sharing these tips will help them a lot when it comes to cleaning.

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