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Ecobee HomeKit: Centralized Control for Comfort All Around

Ecobee had been in the business of smart home automation for quite a while now. It is primarily known for offering world-class thermostats specially designed for commercial and domestic use.

Ecobee HomeKit

Now it has come up with the latest addition of a HomeKit along with its powerful temperature control gadgets. This launch is aimed at making the temperature control process extremely easy for you. The goal is to achieve uniform and desirable temperature throughout in a hassle free manner.

But not many people are familiar with the prowess of Ecobee HomeKit. They have a lot of questions in mind.

  • Why should they go for Ecobee HomeKit?
  • What are its main features that favor them? What about its pros and cons list?
  • Is the Ecobee for someone like them or not?

If you are one of these people then you would like to read the rest of this article!

What is Ecobee HomeKit?

In simple terms, Ecobee HomeKit is basically a kit that comprises of a thermostat, main controller, room sensors and many other big and small components. You can either use this HomeKit as it is or you can add Apple TV, Apple Watch and other compatible devices to this network.

Ecobee HomeKit Setup

Initially, Ecobee was just focused on the temperature control function but it is gradually expanding. Now you can control a lot different home automation functions with this HomeKit. Entertainment, security, lights and many other aspects of your home can be managed with utmost ease with the help of this innovation.

You can practically make your iPhone your universal remote for the smart home automation management. You can see the progress of different tasks being allotted to various appliances through your smartphone and manage them accordingly. Or use the phone to assign a new task even when you are miles away.

How can Ecobee’s HomeKit simplify my life?

There is more than one way in which the Ecobee HomeKit can change your life for the better. Below are the key reasons that will make you go for this switch first thing tomorrow morning.

Centralized Control

One of the main things that the Ecobee delivers to you with its HomeKit is the centralized control that eases up your life quite a bit. It is not just limited to the freedom that you get by controlling everything from your smartphone right away, courtesy the hub.

Centralized Home by Ecobee

But it branches out to more important aspects of the home management. Whether it is communication with other devices or sending centralized commands, the Ecobee HomeKit can take care of all it for you.

You can save a lot of time and efforts by investing in this smart appliance. And in addition to the comfort, you also get the peace of mind when you can monitor everything from one screen itself.

A Scene for Every Situation

The thing that you would like the most about Ecobee HomeKit is that it is able to sense your needs beforehand and offer you relevant options for the same. That is the whole point of even owning a smart home anyways.

So, with this HomeKit you get the option of creating as many different scenes as you would like for various situations that you are likely to face in the next couple of days. And when you sense the situation approaching, you can be pro-active about by activating the relevant scene with a single click.

View Everything on Apple TV

Apple TV is a great addition to your home on its own. However, you can make this gizmo even more useful for you by integrating it with the Ecobee Home Kit network.

Apple TV integration with Ecobee

This way you will be able to view and manage everything clearly. Sometimes, the screen of the tablet or smartphone is not big enough to view the various important details about your smart home as vividly as you would like.

But Apple TV integration makes sure that you get a good view of the progress of all the impending tasks and any other aspect of your home that you would like to monitor.

Voice Control it All

There are times when you are not just up to the task of taking out your iPhone and checking all the big and small issues that need your urgent attention. So at times like this, you just grab a comfortable corner on your bed and ask Siri to read all notifications out loud.

Ask Siri to pause and replay a notification if you couldn’t just quite catch it at the first time. And then assign Siri all the necessary actions to be taken before you doze off comfortably with the satisfaction of tackling all the imminent tasks.

Ecobee HomeKit Features

Ecobee HomeKit has a lot of considerate and striking features to take care of your day-to-day needs. The following list of features will inform you about the ways in which the Ecobee HomeKit can add more value to your life.

Ecobee HomeKit Features

  • Control the various temperature-related activities by using the Siri voice control facility.
  • Create a number of scenes to activate them with a single tap or command when the moment arrives.
  • Apple TV can become a visual hub for this system. Here, you can view and manage the various proceeding taking place in and out of your house throughout the day.
  • Make changes to the temperature setting and different preset scenes with utmost ease whether you are inside the home or miles away.
  • The Ecobee App can be controlled from a number of different devices including the Apple watch, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Apple Watch can also be used to view the latest notifications and take action accordingly when you are at home or away.
  • You get easy access to different corners of your room without even getting up once to make the adjustment.

The above-mentioned features are just a few of the many amazing options you get to enjoy along with this futuristic gizmo from the house of Apple.

Detailed Review – Pros and Cons

There are always two sides to every decision you make. One side troubleshoots all your previous problems and makes your life easier than before. While the other side brings a fresh set of problems with it for you to deal with.

Ecobee Hub Pros and Cons


  • Save at least 23% on your cooling and heating requirements with the initial use itself. This way you will earn back the original investment in this product even before you know it.
  • You get a total of two Ecobee sensors totally free with the eligible models. This early bird offer is surely going to cut back on your initial home automation budget.
  • The whole home can be configured to be voice controlled with the help of this device as far as the temperature control function is concerned. So tell Siri or Amazon Alexa how you would like the temperature to be from any corner of the home.
  • Various room sensors that you will be getting along with this kit will allow you to control the temperature from one side of the home to another with no hot or cold spots whatsoever.


  • You might face the overheating issue sometimes when the system has been overworked. This might interfere with the overall performance in the later stages.
  • The sensors, ventilators and other accompanying accessories have to be bought separately. Apart from the few freebies that you will be getting, this addition to your home automation budget might jeopardize your overall estimate.
  • The installation guide might not always be as helpful as you would like it to be especially when you need it the most.

This list of the upsides and downsides of this model will help you decide whether you want to add it to your smart home or not. Though the balance tips greatly towards the pros side so getting this gizmo might not be a bad investment after all.

Should I buy Ecobee HomeKit?

If you want to be at the forefront of the smart home automation revolution then you should definitely go for the Ecobee Home kit. You get a taste of the future without letting go of the familiarity of the past. The Ecobee HomeKit has been designed in a way to ease you into the next generation of smart home automation. And you are going to enjoy every bit of it.

This is all about Ecobee HomeKit for now. Tell us which topic we missed and we will write a fresh entry for the same just for you. So start commenting now!

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