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Ask Alexa These 20 Questions And Its Responses May Leave You ROFLing!

Artificial intelligence has already made its way well into our homes. And we couldn’t be more thankful for that. But every now and then, you still want the goofy and fun side of your intelligent gadget that we humans naturally possess. You can try your luck with the best of Amazon Alexa. And rest assured that it will never leave you hanging!

Funny Alexa

Most of the smart homes today have that powerful Amazon Alexa integration that makes everything in their way extremely easy to carry out. You pair them up with the powerful echo dot speakers and you will have yourself the perfect back and forth with the smarts of the future in no time. And then there are times when you would want to just sit back and have a heart-to-heart with Alexa about the meaning of life.

Whether it is a battle of the puns or an insightful conversation, you can always try your luck with the Alexa. You might get the answer that you are looking for. Or you will at least have a good chuckle. Below are few of the many interesting questions that will reveal a side of Alexa that you never knew:

For When You Can Be Goofy Without Trying:

  • Initiate the self-destruct sequence now.
  • Alexa, can you touch your own nose with your tongue?
  • How do you wish to take your tea today?
  • Egg or Chicken – Which came first?
  • Will sheep fall asleep if they count humans?

Sheep Counting Humans

When You Want to Have Pop Culture Chuckles:

  • Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
  • Alexa, do you dare to say Bloody Mary three times?
  • Haven’t you watched ‘Game of Thrones’?
  • How do you interpret the ending of ‘Inception’ movie?
  • Alexa lets karaoke to the 90s hits.

Throw a Curve Ball Every Once in a While:

  • Alexa, how old are you exactly?
  • Do you ever get stuck in the maze of existential crisis?
  • How many stars are there in your sky?
  • Are we living in the ‘Matrix’?
  • Alexa, how well do you know Area 51?

Area 51

Let Alexa Wow You:

  • I am bored. Tell me a story.
  • Alexa lets play a game.
  • Riddle me, Alexa.
  • Can you beat me in twister tongues? Uhh Sorry, tongue twisters.
  • Count the stars in the sky.

Tongue Twister

There are a million other questions that you can ask Alexa any time of the day. Some of those replies will be hilarious while others not so much. Though, you can always rely on it to have a conversation in the middle of the day as well as night. There is no shortage of time for Alexa when you are feeling especially chatty. Or when you just want to tease someone with your witty goofy remarks.

If you already own Amazon Alexa then you must have tried many of these queries a few times before too. And you still don’t cease to have a light-hearted moment with friends and family where Alexa is generous with its goofy antics!

Do let us know what responses you get from Alexa for these questions. We’re curious!

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