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Future of Home Automation: 2022 And Beyond

Smart homes are no more a luxury. They have become the necessity of today. You want to be in a home that is keeping up with the times. Few of you might still rely upon the good old gadgets of the bygone generation. But it is about time to smarten up your home and let the wonders of technology show you how the other half has been living all this while.

Home Automation Future

Smart homes do not just make things simpler for you. They offer you unlimited control over your home and your very own life. The smart home controllers allow you to access your home from different corners of the world. You can keep a tab of all that is going on around your home when you are there and even when you are away. Let us see how the smart devices and the approach of people towards them have changed over the years.

Trends And Statistics Of Last Few Years

The home automation industry has slowly cemented its place in the consumer-centric market of today. Now, people don’t think of home automation as the new fancy thing that will make them ahead of the curve. Rather they look at the indispensable necessities without which they will be lagging behind.

Today you have the option of choosing from a variety of systems. Most popular are the do-it-yourself models that take little over few minutes to get up and running. Then there are the point solutions and the installer based systems that are suitable for certain purposes. People started making the smart home automation a part of their home for the security purposes.

Popular Trends

It is only after they realize how much automatizing one sphere of their life has made them that they move ahead to other spheres too. The ease of use is surely one of the major reasons that people are opening up to the possibilities of having a smart home. The energy saving and consequent cost saving also play key roles in encouraging people to adopt the smarter lifestyle.

Most of the people are looking for self-automatizing devices. They don’t want to become a slave of yet another gadget that slows them down rather than lightening their workload. And most of the smart home devices nowadays are created with the same goal in mind. They are created to make sure that you have to invest minimum time and effort to use them in the most efficient manner.

Prime Consumer Preferences

You will find that the younger generation prefers to buy these smart appliances from the technology company, home security stores and rarely at discounted prices from the repair shops. These are the prime points of purchase for a major portion of the customers.

Young Generation

Customers are looking for devices that are easy to respond with but don’t require much constant attention. They want to free up their time throughout the day as much as possible. And they do achieve that goal with most of the devices nowadays.

Celebrated Features

Today, people do crave innovative and fresh designs. But they also expect a certain sense of familiarity and inclusion of their top favorite features. Motion detection is one such feature that is finding itself being included in almost all the highly rated gadgets of today. People do admire pro-active action even when they have forgotten that they got the device in question installed recently.

The market has experienced a surge when it comes to the smart devices that are self-sufficient. All you need to them is just install them one fine day and then forget about it. You will definitely experience the improvement in your quality of life. But the seamless functioning will make you forget all about the reason soon until the next upgrade!

What Lies In 2022 And Beyond?

The home automation technology has catapulted us into the future way before our expectations. So it only makes sense to wonder what is in store for us now. Home automation devices have been around a few decades. But they have been explored and readily accepted in the average household since 2014 only.

And since then we have seen a tremendous growth when it comes to the developments of this industry. This leads to a win-win situation where both the customers and the manufacturers are happy with the current scenario. This means that home automation is here to stay. And we are in for bigger and better developments in our future.

Home Automation In The Future

You will be treated to the sensor network in every other smart device of the future. The sensor technology is able to comprehend our requirements better than even we do. That is why you will see them expand exponentially within the smart home automation universe in the coming years.

Smart Home

Remotes will become a thing of the past. Anything and everything will be voice controlled. The ease and comfort which you enjoy with the likes of Alexa and Echo will be carried forward into the future. And soon you will be free from the trouble of fiddling with your pesky remote every now and then. The multi-sensing technology will transform your home into an efficient and self-regulating unit in no time.


Smart home automation has developed tremendously in the North American and European markets. But there is still a long way to go before it comes the default home setting for the homeowners and centers around the world. The affordability and energy efficiency has already made it one of the most profitable home investment in recent times. And by the next decade, we are surely in for a major upgrade in terms of the lifestyle and the living space structure.

What do you think about home automation? Do you already own a smart home gadget or two? Or, are you still weighing your options? Let us know all about it in the comment section below.

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