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Haiku Fans Review: Best in The Market Just For Your Home

Fans. We have been using them for a very long time. But most of us switch from fan to AC when we think of something better. The potential of fans has not been fully explored until now. But the technology is about to change all of that. Haiku fans are here to show you the best of smart fans. And how they will improve your everyday life with it.

Haiku Fans Review

Till date, the Haiku fans have won over 70 internationally acclaimed awards for their design and performance. So it comes as no surprise that they are the leading smart fan in the market right now. Everything had been taken care of in these amazing appliances. You can install and control them with utmost ease. And once you do so then you are going to enjoy their remarkable service for quite some time.

Breeze of Comfort with Smart Haiku Fans

Till now, you might have yourselves dabbled in a few of the best of the smart fans that the digital space has to offer. But once you will get exposed to these fans, you will truly know the difference. They have gained critical and commercial fame at an explosive rate in the recent times.

The ENERGY STAR, Popular Science, Interior Design, CES, and A’Design are few such illustrious authorities. They have recognized the true potential of Haiku fans and extensively featured it in their column. It recently got awarded the Excellence in Energy-Efficient Product Design as an ENERGY STAR award. This truly gives you an insight into the quality product that these smart fans are.


Haiku fans have totally changed the smart fan game since its initial launch. Now you can be the smart owner of these fans no matter in which part of the world you reside. It is the best not just in terms of its futuristic technology but also when it comes to style. The unique design of these fans is assured to make you and all your guests look twice when you pass by them.

Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the prime features of these fans. It allows them to connect to the network of smart appliance present all over your home. You will really appreciate the lowered noise levels when you are in the presence of one of these amazing fans. The refreshing and rejuvenating breeze created by these fans will help you relax instantly.

Basic Introduction

There are a number of exciting features that will make this fan the best addition to your home to date. They come with the attached LED light to give your room a warm glow whenever you want. You can control both fan speed and light intensity with Amazon Alexa. The voice command activation is best when you already have a lot on your plate and need some independently working gadgets in your room.

Each fan in this range has been properly calibrated, tested and balanced so that it works in a glitch-free manner throughout its whole life. The click, rattle or wobble are few of those troubles which you will never be facing as long as you own a Haiku fan. One of the best things about this fan is that it exceeds the energy efficiency requirement by a massive 450%.

Haiku Fans Review: Pros & Cons

Haiku Fans are the best in their category at present in the market. Let us take a look at its pros and cons before you decide to make a purchase.


Haiku Fans Pros and Cons

1. Smart Cooling

There is this old trick in the book where you can minimize your energy bill. You can easily do it with the help of a fan or even better smart fan. Just keep the thermostat a bit higher. And make up for the difference with the help of the Haiku fans. The wall controller that comes with these fans will help you perform this trick with utmost ease.

You will come to know that the Haiku fans perform the very same function with the help of their SenseMe widget. They will collect the room temperature and humidity data from the controller and set its speed accordingly.

2. Smart Heating

You will always need a fan to mix up the air in your room for proper ventilation. During the winters, this will help you in mixing the warm air that has become lighter and risen up from the ground. When you are in the room then the Haiku fans will be working at minimal speed. But as you leave the room, they will increase their speed a bit automatically.

This way the warm air will get properly mixed by the air near the ground. And when you eventually re-enter the room, you will find the air to be warm through and through.

3. Woosh Feature

During the peak summer time, you will find this feature really helpful. It basically enables you to simulate the gentle breeze blowing through your living room at regular intervals. You can also choose the speed of the breeze that will be flowing through your living room.

Set the speed to maximum. Ans soon you will be enjoying a really pleasant climate well within your room. A cool breeze will silently sweep your living room at regular intervals. And this will help you to spend even the most trying summers in the best way possible.

4. Smart Thermostat Compatibility

The key to getting the most out of your smart Haiku fans is to just get them integrated with a smart thermostat. There are two best thermostat brands that work perfectly with it. These models include the Ecobee3 and the Nest. You can get a good worth of your money if you try to control the temperature throughout your home using this setup.

The SenseMe Wall Control of Haiku Fans will just sense desired temperature input provided by you. Then it will make up for the drop or rise in temperature by adjusting its own functioning. And this will help you tremendously in enjoying a perfect weather all year round.

5. Smart Features

You are provided a remote control along with the fan. You just need to get a Wi-Fi module and a SenseMe Wall Control Switch. This will help you to explore all the exciting features that are the backbone of this sophisticated gadget. It is with the help of the Wi-Fi module that you are able to connect the fan to the app, thermostat and other smart appliances.

This connectivity with the module and the switch helps a lot in easy controlling of the fan from anywhere, all the time. You just need to input the range in which you want the temperature to vary. Beyond that, the fan will itself take care of the room temperature.

6. Design

You will be quite impressed with the minimalistic yet stunning design of the Haiku Fans. They have won a ton of awards for their design too. The glossy finish and the innovative look really sets it apart. The blades of these fans are made of the high-quality plastic. They have been designed to incorporate all the advanced functioning of the fan easily.

You also get the option of choosing the fan airfoils made out of either bamboo or the aluminum material. They might cost a bit extra but the performance will also vary accordingly. The fans are extremely lightweight and go perfectly with all kinds of interior decor themes.

7. Energy Efficiency

The Haiku fans exceed the ENERGY STAR requirements by a considerable margin of 850%. This means that even if you invest a good amount in these fans, you will be able to earn it back in just a couple of years. They also give a remarkable CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) per watt. It has the statistics of 667 cfm/watt on low, 519 cfm/watt on medium and 306 cfm/watt on high speed.

These numbers are quite encouraging when you will compare them with other fans. The airfoils of these fans can be credited for these outstanding figured. They have been designed after the airplane wings the consume less energy and produce more air.

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Haiku Fans Features

1. Price

At flat 600 dollars, the price of these fans is quite steep. You can buy an average well-functioning fan in a quarter of this price. But you should think this price to be an investment. These fans improve your lifestyle. And also save you a lot of money in terms of annual energy expenditure.

There are other smart fans too that might entice with their much affordable price tag. But the Haiku fans surely stand for quality and reliability. You will not find the same level of service with any other fan in the market at present with the same price range.

2. Plastic Body

When you buy a luxury fan like the Haiku, you expect a visually appealing device. However, some people are not too pleased with its plastic blades and motor housing. The brand claims that these airfoils are made of plastic to reduce the overall weight of the equipment.

But still, the people looking for an aesthetically pleasing fan are not too keen on investing in a fan with a plastic body. If you are one of them too then you might want to try other luxury models who are known for their glossy metallic finish.

3. Incompetent App

If you own an Apple smartphone then you would face no trouble with this fan. However, the app of this fan is not made for the Android platform. It has just been converted and uploaded to the Android platform. That is why you face so many problems when you are trying to establish a stable connection between the app for a long time.

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Installation and Setup

You might not find any ceiling fan that has a plug-and-play kind of mechanism. The installation process is always a bit tricky. But since we are talking about Haiku here then you must know that it is assured to be way easier for you. The 30-page long manual takes care of all the queries you might come across during the course of the installation process.

Haiku Wall Control Setup

The booklet is full of many helpful instructions as well as photos. Every single step, no matter how insignificant, is written in the book. And the product has been created marvelously. So everything just snaps together when you are putting it together.

Easy To Setup

If you follow all the instruction in the sequential manner then you will hardly face any trouble. You will need to buy and install the Wi-Fi module and the SenseMe wall control switch separately. The manual for both will be provided with their individual packaging.

There are two poles – one short and one long – in the package. You need to make up your choice right at the beginning. Else, you will be facing a lot of trouble once the fan is fully installed. The fan weighs mere 11 pounds. Thus, you won’t face any problem carrying it with you on the ladder over your head when you are wiring it up.

The Verdict

This brings us to the end of our piece on Haiku fans. This buzzworthy product is ruling the smart fan market at present. If you have the passion and money for making your smart home one of the smartest on the block then definitely go for the Haiku fan. It will one of the best decisions you have made in quite some time now.

Are you interested in smart fans? If yes then how do you find Haiku fans? Tell us in the comment section below. We are awaiting your positive response and helpful suggestion. Subscribe to our blog for getting regular updates about the latest in smart home automation universe!

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