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Heated Towel Bar: Worth Buying Or Not?

Remember that luxurious vacation you took not so long ago. Everything was warm and toasty there, even your towels! Well, you can at least have those toasty towels back if not the vacation. And extend that relaxing vacation feeling forever with a single smart fixture.

The heated towel bars are a luxury that we all enjoy in those charming hotels and resorts. You can have one installed in your very own home and add a slice of luxury and comfort every day. As soon as you do that, you will realize how indispensable these are for a hygienic bathroom experience.


The many benefits of heated towel bars will make you rush to get one for your restroom pronto. Keep reading to know more.

Easy Storage

A sizable chunk of things that you buy goes missing before you can even use them. All because you did the mistake of dumping them somewhere too safe and totally forgot about them. With heated towel bars, that will never be the case with your favorite towels.

No matter how many you have, you can always neatly arrange them on the bar for you to choose and use as per your liking. It will also help you in regularly washing them after you see them hanging there for too many days in a row. Finally, you will have a purpose for all the towels that you bought on a whim while checking out your already overflowing cart online.

Towel Storage


Moisture in the bathroom can wreak havoc on its hygiene. Towels especially become a breeding ground of bacteria and mold when they are just sitting there smushed every time you wipe your hand or feet on them. But a good quality heated towel bar can fix this problem easily for you.

They keep the towel dry at all times. That means you don’t have to worry about your towel is a cesspool of germs ever again. You can just put them on the heated bars and forget about it! They are gonna be safe to use, warm and dry at all times you actually need them.

Energy Efficient

The heated towel bar saves energy and consequently money in a number of ways. They are not just for the towels, you can use them to dry damp clothing items too. Or, just skip the spin option for your laundry and use them in place. It will definitely use a lot less energy than the thundering washing machine to power itself and dry your clothes.

There are a number of smart options out there that adjust themselves according to the room temperature. They consume only as much as energy is required in that condition to dry the towels/clothing hanging on them. This saves you a ton of energy bills throughout the year. And, this feature makes it year-round useful rather than just during exceptionally cold and humid months.

Stylish and Versatile Finish

Today, you will find just many types of heated towel bars as there are ‘Ben & Jerry’ flavors. The sky is the limit when it comes to the variety in these bars. You can find a suitable option no matter how big or small your bathroom is. They come in a number of styles too including classic, contemporary, modern, and others.

Stylish Bars

They can be mounted on the wall, glass surface, or kept standing by itself. You can find one that excels in the green initiative so that you are able to contribute regularly to the environmental crisis without even knowing about it. The incredible stylish option will definitely amp up the glamour quotient of your bathroom.

Warm Ambience

The warmth of the towel bars goes beyond just the towels. A long as they are switched on, they can be used to make your entire bathroom warmer and cozier than usual. The warm and dry floors ensure you won’t be tripping yet again after climbing out of the shower and incur serious injuries.

Most of the bathrooms don’t have a floor-length french window that can be just left open to let the sunlight and wildlife from the backyard woods get into the damp and misty room. That is why it is better to have even one measly towel bar that can keep the place nice and dry for you without even trying.


Luxury, in simple terms, just means not have to deal with the cold harsh realities of life. Something like not having to deal with the damp, freezing, and gloomy ambiance of your bathroom after you have just had a nice hot shower.


The frigid winters and the exceptionally humid rainy season have a way of making you feel like a humble peasant. But not when you have a nice heated towel bar in place. Then your luxury bubble becomes impenetrable. The warm happy glow of a good hot bath will stay with you all day as your bathroom stays luxurious as ever.

The many benefits of a heated towel bar will let you know if you want to get one today or right now!


The five main types of Heated towel bars are as follows:


These bars operate consistently. They basically comprise of a thick gel that dries the towels when heated by electricity. This gel circulates all over the bars while the cooler gel falls to the bottom of the rack. A mini pump makes the movement of gel possible.

With Overhead Rack

This is more of a setting that can be availed in almost all the towel bars out there. This rack can be used to hold and dry lighter clothing items such as the lingerie, washcloth, etc. This rack needs to be securely affixed to the towel bars for stable operation.


These kinds of towel warmers are best for makeshift and seasonal operations. That is why you will see a lot of them in the college dorms and cottages where most of the things are just seasonal. Just get a pair of strong wall studs and mount it wherever you want in the bathroom.

Wired With Switch

The warmers use the internal heating coil mechanism to reach a temperature upto 140° F. (55°C.). They are wired and supplied with a switch that can be turned on or off according to the requirement. You need to maintain a minimum distance of around 12 inches between them and a water source at all times to prevent electrical circuit malfunction.


These warmers make use of the hot water supply. The soaking towels dry quickly with the help of the scorching hot water flowing through the entirety of the towel bars. You need to make sure that the hot water supply is connected securely with the combination towel bars. Mount them securely on the wall with the help of sturdy bolts.

Take your pick from the above mentioned Heated towel bars when you are ready to change your home for the better.

Things to Consider Before Buying

It is always a good idea to take care of the key concerns before making a major purchase. Keep scrolling to know the important points to consider before getting a brand new Heated Towel Bar for your bathroom.

Guarantee and Installation

The towel warmers must come with at least 5-years of guarantee that covers all the major instances of wear and tear. A self-regulating thermostat, thermal security fuse are a few of the many things to look for in your next purchase. Read the fine print before buying to be on the safer side.

You need to know whether it is a DIY situation or you need to call a professional. This will help you figure out the final cost of the towel warmers to get them up and ready for use. It should have the wiring to enable mounting on the wall, glass, floor, or just standalone configuration.


The variety of finishes makes it fit right in your home decor theme. The black coat, chrome polish, stainless steel, white coat, and several other options make for perfect additions to your home. The variety of finishes is endless which makes them all that easier to inculcate in your bathroom decor plan.


Size and Cost

Keep in mind the number of people that are actually going to use the bathroom and hence the towels on a daily basis. The size of the bath and the available mountable space also plays a key role in picking the suitable heated towel bar for your home.

The more features the towel bar has, the higher will be its price. Get one that comes with reliable performance and all the basic features that you absolutely need in your towel bar. Beyond than spend only if you can afford it without breaking out your credit card stash.

Take care of the above-mentioned areas and you will be happy with your heated towel bar selection.


Bathrooms have always been a sanctuary from the mind-boggling chaos of the world. It is only recently that we have started actually decorating it to improve the overall experience. The heated towel warmers are a perfect example of aesthetics with a utility that every decent bathroom deserves including yours.

Do you currently own a Heated Towel Bar? If yes, then how has your experience with it been till now? Do you hate it already or you can’t fathom how you used to survive without it? Tell us all in the comment section below. Forward it on your socials to let your family and friends know what’s new.

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