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Is Your House Lighting Depressing You: Here’s How To Fix It

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is as real as the lovely autumn. But it is not always the changing seasons that are responsible for your gloomy days. It is a lot about your lifestyle too. A good house lighting cannot replace therapy.

However, it can definitely keep you motivated and regulated enough to deal with it as just another chapter in your colorful life. Sometimes, just a bad routine can make your life way harder than it needs to be. And something as simple and fixable as proper lighting can help you out a great deal.

Keep reading to know more about the impact of your home lighting on your everyday mood.

Sunny Days

The weather is not that big a factor as it used to be a thousand years ago. Winter is not the ultimate villain as you can clearly see in a lot period dramas. This has been possible because of the nifty invention called thermostat.


The indoor climate can easily be managed and adjusted to the weather conditions of your liking. However, this might lead to a whole another category of problems. Not getting enough natural light can seriously mess up your mood balance. More than the sunlight, you also require regular fresh outdoor exposure. Even if you live in a bustling city.

Recipe for Happiness

Going for a walk at least twice a day is of utmost importance all seasons of the year. Sunlight does a lot more than just being the endless supply of Vitamin D. It boosts your mood and vitality. The lightness and brightness of spending even an hour or so in soothing sunlight can do wonders for your mental health.

Sometimes, your disturbed mood due to the lack of sunlight for a couple of days in a row can just send you down the path of unbalanced mental health. And it is just as easy to fix it. The key here is consistency that comes from making major lifestyle changes and sticking to it for the long haul. You can also go for solar lamps and housing with maximum exposure to natural light.

Mood Lighting Medicine

Your day needs to have a gentle flow to support your mood. It cannot be a knee-jerk start with a sudden ending. That is how people get all out of order and have a breakdown at the most inappropriate time. You become a ticking time bomb as you unconsciously gamble with your mental health with a poorly planned daily routine.

Mood Lighting

Also, a lot of our life nowadays takes place indoors. And that is good and safe when the UV rays start to get a bit too friendly. Even industrial strength sunblock cannot help your skin if you choose to spend an eternity under the sun every day. Moderation needs to be introduced in this mix. That is where the mood lighting comes into picture.

Relaxing Presence

You work and live indoors for maximum time in a day. And that is the progress that can work in your favor with just a couple of fixes here and there. Go for lighting fixtures that give you the option to adjust the lighting as per your mood on various occasions of the day.

Bright lights can be reserved when you want to be at the peak of your productivity game. And the you can bring it multiple notches down when you are enjoying a relaxed meal with your folks. Or when you want to wind down and relax. It is always better to gradually shift these gears so that your nervous system gets time to adjust.

Blue Light Fiasco

The screens all around you emit blue light to keep you alert and exploring all the time. This is great when you need a wakeup call for the day. In fact, the sun is also responsible for some natural blue right radiations within limited amounts. But you cannot be on that cool-aid for the entire time. Treat it like your morning cup of Joe. It is nice to have one as a part of your day.

But you can’t be chugging one every single hour. The blue light does exactly that to your body. And then you wonder, where is this irritability and uneasiness coming from. You don’t understand and you flock to your phone, searching for a cute and quick distraction. Soon it turns into an infinity loop.

Winding Down to Sanity

The solution to this couldn’t be simpler. Just turn on the ‘night light’ mode on in all of your devices. You can keep it on all day too. It will just mellow you down as you have enough around you to keep you stimulated anyways. Also, try to keep the TV, tablets, phones and other screens away from your sleeping nook.

It can just be a no-screen zone. And for a week or so, notice the difference. As a creature of habit, that will become the new normal for you very soon. Invest in a nice smart home lighting solution and dim the lights all around your home with one single click. Or set them to a calming tone. The options are literally endless with smart home lighting. Today, you definitely need one of these to keep you sane week after week.

This brings us to the end of our take on house lighting impact and its solutions.

Do you have smart lights at your place? If not, then how has been your experience with your home lighting till now? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, forward this to your friends and family and let them know a thing or two about the impact of house lighting on their moods.

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