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Rihanna’s Latest $13.8M Beverly Hills Mansion Will Mesmerize You!

It is nice to explore the world of ultra-rich once in a while. It can just give you enough inspiration to get that billion-dollar idea off the ground. Or, have one more item that you may or may not want to add to your manifestation board. Rihanna, the artist, is hardly as glamorous as Rihanna, the popstar. She has so many hits to her name.

But still her style and overall attitude towards life is what stands out the most. There is no doubt that she has the voice of a siren. But it is her my-way-or-the-highway approach that gives her a larger-than-life stature. You need a kind size place for all that personality and allure. That is exactly what her latest purchase is. The $13.8M Beverly Hills Mansion is the flavour of the season for this Barbadian bombshell.

Let us take a look at the interesting features of this luxurious place.

Soothing and Classic Interiors

The house comes with 7 bedrooms, a gourmet chef’s kitchen along with formal living and family areas. It holds its own when it comes to elegance and luxury. However, it is designed in a way to give a simplistic and relaxed feel to it. Gold and marble seem to be the theme running around the home. The French oak wood flooring follows you wherever you go in the area.

Its master suite comes with an entire set of perks. There is the calming view of the mountains as you open your windows to start the day. You can sit on the windowsill for hours and take in the serenity of the scenery in front of you. There are spa-quality bath fixtures in the attached bathroom that amazes you with its minimal yet stunning look.

Place to Unwind

The copper sink and taps add a metallic accent to the otherwise demure place. There is a private outdoor sitting area too just next to it so that you can follow that much-needed bath with an equally refreshing hour in the sun. This side of the house is perfect when you want a little peace and quiet to yourself before joining everyone on the dining table and let the morning frenzy begin.

Rihanna House

Image Source – businessinsider.com

This mansion is spread over 7,628-square-foot in area. It has a balanced mix of both indoors and outdoors that gives you enough room to enjoy the lush green cover outside and the crisp interiors. Among the various celebrity that live in this neighborhood include the legendary Paul McCartney. Madonna and Mariah Carey have also been rumoured to have rented or leased a place in this side of the town.

Unfolding an Urban Dream

The home is situated over a sprawling spread stretching to a total of 21,958-square-foot. The house itself covers just over 7 thousand square feet of it. This gives ample room for future expansions and renovations. Also, just in case when RiRi decides to sell it, the future home owners have ample space to completely revision the place.

It comes with 7 bathrooms, wet bar and plenty of entertainment space. The home is designed in a way to be a sanctuary away from the mania of the celebrity world. But, it also has enough to keep you buzzed with joy. The wet bar itself makes for a perfect hangout place where you and your dear ones can sip on margaritas, cocktails or full-on shots, depending upon the occasion.

Leisurely Spots

The comfortable and yet stylish sitting area in the bar has an inviting vibe to it. But the deeper tones of greys, blues and black prevents it from being shrill. It is well-lit enough in a subdued manner to let the festive vibes flow without harshing your spirit.

Built in 1938, the property has changed some hands till now. Mary Sheldon initially owned this house. It was sold to Daniel Starr and today it belongs to Rihanna. She has already bought the neighboring home worth 10 million dollars for perhaps privacy reasons. The neighboring home comes with a massive outdoor swimming pool, four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms.

Property Portfolio

Rihanna has had a scintillating music career. And her inclusive Fenty empire encompassing cosmetics, lingerie and soon-to-be launched hair extensions has put her net worth at 600 million dollars margin. Till now, RiRi has invested in real estate worth 100 million dollars. Let us take a look at the top 11 properties that shine in her long list of possessions. She bought a Mediterranean-style villa in West Hollywood worth 2.7 million dollars in 2017. Only 3 months later she sold it for 2.85 million dollars pocketing a minor profit.

Rihanna's Property Collection

Image Source – nypost.com

She rented a $14.995 million mansion for 65 thousand dollars per month in 2012. She had to evacuate it soon owing to a stalker situation. Then she rented a Chinatown penthouse for 50 thousand dollars per month in New York from 2013 to 2017. Next, she bought a Mediterranean-style mansion in Hollywood Hills for 6.8 million dollars in 2017. She decided to sell it for $7.495 million within six months due to a break-in situation.

Of Millions and Billions

Finally in 2019, she decided to rent it out for $35,000 a month. Understandably, she was looking for a safe and secure home by now. And she found it with a Luxury Penthouse at Century City in California. This towering 42-story condominium-building comes with 3-layers of anti-paparazzi security cover. It has private elevators, 24 hours valet service and a 75-foot pool with private furnished cabanas.

The approximate cost of this property is 5.5 million dollars. She bought a $21.8 Million Beachfront Condo at Paynes Bay in her home country Barbados in 2013. In 2015, she bought a condo worth $925,000 in Los Angeles, California. From mid-July to mid-August of 2020, she stayed in a $415,000-Per-Month Summer Home at Southampton, New York. She stayed in A £18,000-Per-Month Home in London, England for around a week in 2015.

This wraps up our list of RiRi’s real estate adventures for now.

What do you thing about our roundup? Have you ever been interested in multi million-dollar mansions just for the sake of overwhelming luxury? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, forward this article to your near and dear ones to give them something to fantasize about too.

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