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Is Your Smart Home Incomplete Without The Echo Dot? Here’s The Answer

Amazon has been making all the right decisions with its latest voice control enabling device – Amazon Echo. It has been a crowd favorite since the time of its launch but now it has become a worldwide hit. And there are plenty of reasons for that.

Evolution of Amazon Echo Dot

It was launched to make the everyday chores simpler for the masses. Whether you are making the grocery list or trying to control the light intensity in your room, you can do all of that and much more with this device.

You will not find any other suitable device in the same price range that can replace the Amazon Echo that easily. Not that you would want to do so anytime soon considering the myriad of features that you get along with every cost-efficient upgrade.

You can also sync it up or enhance its features with the utmost ease. The speakers for echo dot can be found quite easily in most of the popular electrical outlets and even online as per your convenience.

Evolution of Amazon Echo Dot Over The Years

Amazon Echo was first launched by the end of 2015. It gradually became a success in the smart home automation industry after people realized that it can do all that it promises so much as making a single upgrade/subscription request.

People wanted it to be in every single room of their home. And the ones who can afford to do so got their whole home smartened up tremendously overnight!

So the Amazon team realized this and made a few other necessary tweaks and did so just in time for their second version launch. The initial model was priced at a bit steeper range of $180.

Amazon Echo Dot

The following year, that is in 2016, Echo Tap and Echo Dot were launched. They were priced at $90 and $130 respectively. So it is not a massive price deduction but it still made it possible for a greater number of people to try it out in their smart and not-so-smart homes.

Best for the Last

Finally, the second generation Echo Dot was able to solve all the minor issues that were preventing people from exploring its full potential. Priced at just $50, it became a whole lot more accessible for everyone to afford one or even six if they want to.

And if they do end up ordering six of these remarkable gadgets then they got one totally free. This version also has gone through many structural upgrades making it one of the most useful devices of all time.

Today, the Echo model does not contain the clunky large volume dial and the giant speakers. Now, both of these undesired features have been replaced by a petite but powerful speaker and a pair of sleek buttons.

The final product is quite compact and powerful. This attention to detail along with the slashed prices makes you want to get one for every location and setting that you end up being at!

Is a Smart Home Incomplete Without The Echo Dot?

We won’t go too far and say that any smart home is totally useless without the Amazon Dot. But once you get used to the comforts of voice control, you would definitely want to enjoy them throughout your home.

Voice control is there in our smartphones, cars and other important aspects of our life. So, it only makes sense to get them in our home too where we tend to spend a majority of our time.

Amazon Alexa Voice Control

Today, most of us have been exposed to only how freeing it gets when just a single tap on the phone is sufficient to carry out a lot of activities in a glitch-free manner.

So, just wait till you experience how amazing you feel when you can just blurt out the tasks to be done from the comforts of your bed or couch. It will also help you in cutting back on that screen time which most of us have been trying to since so long.

Voice Control: Remote Control of the Future

Gone are the days when just having a remote-controlled device would convince you that you do, in fact, own a piece of cutting-edge technology.

Today, until it comes with voice control and multi-sensing features, you cannot claim it to be even suitable for the present century. One thing is for sure that people do admire, and now want to have the voice control feature in all of their devices.

This not only makes them all the simpler to use. But it also guarantees that you can operate them from any corner of the room. All this helps you to make the most of your spare time and efforts where you are not chained to one device or the other, trying to program it according to your schedule.

You can just close your eyes, breathe easy and notify the device orally of all the changes in schedule and tasks.


The one thing worth noticing today is that everything evolves at the speed of light. It has been so since the beginning of the cyber age and does not seem to stop anytime soon.

So the voice control enabling gadgets are developing and evolving according to the user requirements at a speed of light. Amazon Echo has been a clear example of that. Some people are all about it. While others still prefer some other popular model over it.

The preferences and purpose decide which device will end up being the lifesaver for you. And which one will become yet another white elephant in your already over-crowded gizmo zoo!

There are just so many gadgets nowadays that claim to be the next big thing and end up being an underwhelming product. Make sure that your next purchase breaks that cycle and ends up being worthwhile.

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