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Hacker Attack: 5 Steps To Avoid Losing Control Of Your Smart Home

You live in a smart home that has the IQ greater than that of Einstein. Every task is simple. Life is great and easy. You cannot have asked for a better today. But as high as one is soaring, their fall is also that low and back-breaking. Thankfully, smart homes are secured enough to prevent you from having any similar unpleasant experience. But there is still a small chance that things might get a bit tricky sometimes.

How To Safeguard Smart Home From Hackers

Since everything is connected via the internet at all times, sometimes the dark underbelly of the internet might get suddenly interested in your smart home. Or find it just the right fit for making you an unknowing accomplice in their major website takedowns. This way, they leave behind no proof that can track back to them and thus perform the elusive perfect crime. But you don’t and even wouldn’t want to make this choice on any given day.

Hackers: The Smart Home Parasites

Though there have been even less than ten percent of such incidents until now. But still, you would not want to be one of those unfortunate souls who had their smart homes targeted in the most unfortunate way. Some of these incidents have even caused the owners a total damage of over five thousand dollars. So, it is safe to say that you need to pay good attention to the security of your smart home network too.

Though, you don’t need to worry a whole great deal about it. You can just take care of the few key points. And try to stay a bit updated. If you follow the basic guidelines of the smart network then you will hardly face any trouble with your smart home network. Secure the smart hubs and all the devices present throughout the home. That is all you need to take care of in this matter.

How To Secure Your Home Network From Getting Hacked?

1. Strong Wi-Fi Security

Often we do not pay as much attention as we need to with the home internet networks. Often we are more concerned about whether they are performing properly and we are able to connect all our devices with it. The thought of the home network being hacked and used for any unlawful activity does not even cross our minds.

Secure WiFi

The smart homes are more susceptible to this kind of interference from any outside party. And that is why the smart homeowners need to pay more attention to this detail. They need to make sure that the internet connection is password protected at all times. And once in a while even change it just for added protection.

Robust Firewalls

If you want to employ the network firewall for added safety then that will surely add to your peace of mind. The network protection from the anti-social elements that comes with the firewall will help you keep all these unfortunate events at bay. And make sure that your smart home network is always running smoothly without any kind of trouble.

Another way is to have two separate Wi-Fi networks in your home. And make sure that you keep all the sensitive data in the network which is not connected to the smart home devices. Since the smart home appliances may give a better access route to the hackers. Keep the important data away from the smart home network altogether is a wise move.

2. Proper Pre-Buy Research

When in doubt, it is always better to go with a branded device. Since they have been around for a long time and have created a certain image for themselves in the market. They are quite concerned about the privacy and data security of their users. Since they would not want to lose all the generated goodwill in any sudden mishap.

Brand Trust

Also, make it a point to read the privacy policy of the device you are about to buy. You might find out what actually the manufacturers are doing with your data. And whether you have any problem with the way they are claiming to handle your personal information. This way, you will be able to avoid many unfortunate incidents later on.

Trusted Brands Are Safer Options

Brands such as Amazon, Google and Philips offer regular safety updates to keep your device and data on it safe at all times. They also actively seek to create updates that improve the performance and safety cover of the device. Their entire R&D team works tirelessly every day to avoid you running into any sort of online hacking trouble in an unfortunate turn of events.

But, whether you end up owning a branded or quite newly launched device in the market, it is much better to do your research before buying. This way you will not have to stay stuck with an expensive device that does not do anything for your data safety.

3. Keep Proper Tabs on All the Exposed Online Areas

You realize the actuality of the online hacking threat when even the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, keeps the webcam on hid devices taped and covered when not in use. Though, this in no way means that we should take a step back in terms of technology. We just need to progress a bit more until the latest technology becomes as safe as we desire. And the best minds in the world will make sure that it happens sooner than later.

Computer Scientist

Today, almost all the smart devices come with webcam and microphones. This makes them all the more useful. We can talk and communicate using all the devices without having the need to bring any bulky device into the interaction just for the lack of these added attachments.

Keep It Covered and Muted

Most of the branded devices today come with the ‘mute microphone’ feature. This way, you will save your conversations from being tracked and risk losing any important information. This also prevents the otherwise intrusive hackers from recording and using your conversations for getting into your home network and create havoc.

4. Proper and Regular Updates

You can do a great deal for your smart device and data security if you just keep tabs on the latest updates. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that the developers will regularly offer updates for the device over the official website. You can also activate the ‘automatic update’ setting on your device. This will save you the ton of trouble.

Device Update

Otherwise, it is always better to log on to the official and take a look around. This way, you will not be left uninformed about the various ongoing updates that your device needs to stay at the top of its game. Be sure that you are installing all the updates that have been created by the developers of the related company only. Sometimes you might get stuck in a third-party software that disguises itself just like the other branded software. They turn out to be viruses most of the time.

Shield Your Devices From the Hackers

Your smart devices are not smart enough till now to inform you all about the latest security threat that might trouble them in the future. Though, that technology might also not be far behind. But till that happens, you can look out for your smart devices, in terms of the security updates. There is much other essential software too that will improve the overall performance of your device upon installation.

5. Stronger Passwords

Is your password ‘123’ or ‘password’? Has it been so since the first time you got a password protected device? Well, that is definitely the story of a lot of other people. We wait for a disaster to happen so that we can change our ways. Till then we feel that it will not and cannot happen to us. But, a little bit pro-active and informed approach will surely save you tons of trouble in the process.

Strong Password

There are just so many ways to beef up your password security level. For starters, make sure that even you need to keep it noted down somewhere. When the password it that hard to remember when it will surely be equally difficult for the hackers too when they try to play the guessing game with it. And thanks to the helpful apps, you finally have one to store your passwords too. This way you don’t have to recycle all your well thought out passwords.

Get Unpredictable and Creative

When we try to use the same password for all our devices then we are connecting them all to a single security line. And that just defeats the entire purpose of having the password protection facility in the devices individually. Try to mix the uppercase and lowercase letters. Add in few numbers and special symbols too. Make sure that it is something unique, just like you!

Hackers Vs You: You can Win, Always!

Whenever you will try to take a step forward in life or even in terms of technology, you will come face to face with several pitfalls. But with smart home technology, that is not the case at all. You just need to be aware and updated.

So, if you are planning to make your home a smarter one then go ahead without a single doubt. It is as safe and secure as your current home has never been. And by following few tips, you can get the premium security level in the simplest possible manner.

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