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Samsung SmartThings vs Wink Hub 2: Which Is Better For Your Home?

Smart home appliances are a blessing. But when you want to network them together then you need something that can somehow bring your whole house together. Here, we are talking about a smart hub that has become a necessity for almost every other smart house nowadays.

Every other smart gadget comes with its very own app today. The app is meant to make your life simpler. But when you are managing a ton of appliances together with their individual apps, things do start to get a bit complicated. The smart hub is the best solution to this very common problem that the savvy smart homeowners are facing nowadays.

Smart Hubs for a Smarter You

The best possible application of the latest smart hubs is that they give you centralized control in a highly interactive format. The dozens of smart apps get replaced by a single interface of the home automation hub. And a lot of your time and efforts get saved in the process.

Not to mention, you also get to keep track of all the latest updates from a single source thus minimizing the chance of missing out on some crucial information. These alone are enough reasons to go for a smart hub today and make your smart home all the more convenient!

Samsung SmartThings vs Wink Hub 2

1. Overall Design

Samsung SmartThings

If you are conscious of how this hub is going to look at your selected location then don’t be. You can keep it anywhere you like and it will fit just right in. It is the white quality plastic material that makes it appear a part of any surrounding that it is placed at.

Though, design wise, you might want an upgrade to the next purchase or so. It is quite strongly built. But, the layout of this hub can use soft-tuning to make it seem more appealing in general. Till then, try to maximize on its effortlessly universal white hue.

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Wink Hub 2

If you are a fan of the minimalism then you would surely appreciate the sleek yet highly impressive design of this hub. It is also white in shade and comes in that robust plastic material. But the aesthetics are a notch above than what you are getting with Samsung SmartThings.

The sleek yet elegant design is perfect for making it the center of attention in your living room. Or you can tuck it away in a nook in your study room. You won’t have any trouble in making it as visible or as invisible as you want your smart home appliances to be!

2. Voice Control Support

Samsung SmartThings

One of the most common features that you would find in every other smart home device is the voice control. This is trending so much because now it has become the need of the hour. You would surely want your home automation hub to respond to your voice commands just like everyone and everything else in your home does!

One can also use this highly helpful feature to create different scenarios that get triggered by certain situations. Also, you can set command protocols for when you are awake, asleep, away or just too busy with other important things. This will make sure that your house will always function like a well-oiled machine even if you forget to oil it regularly!

Wink Hub 2

You also get the smart voice control with Wink Hub 2. You can just sync it up with the Amazon Alexa already present at your place and enjoy that ease and comfort that has thankfully become a part of your daily life by now. It is very easy to integrate this device with Alexa to control every big and small function through your voice commands.

The Amazon Echo is also compatible with this hub for that effortless voice control. This opens you up to many options since some people prefer the latest Amazon Echo over Alexa. So whatever your preferences might be with respect to the voice control facilitators, you can always count on Wink Hub 2 for being able to perfectly coordinate with them.

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3. Performance

Samsung SmartThings

When it comes to performance, you will hardly ever find the Samsung SmartThings to be lacking in any domain. There is this efficient and effortless service quality you get with the SmartThings model that you hardly are able to receive from its top counterparts.

You will be able to control all kinds of Zigbee and Z-wave devices with the help of this hub. They have primarily been developed in a way to be highly compatible with all kinds of Z-wave and Zigbee appliance because they form the major chunk of the market. And smart customers like you prefer them over other platforms.

But even if you come across a device that belongs to a different platform, you can still control it with the help of SmartThings. There are so many technologies and platforms that have been kept in mind while creating this one of a kind of smart hub.

Wink Hub 2

You will not find the Wink Hub 2 far behind the Samsung counterpart. When we are talking about the performance you will surely be getting only the best with this amazing hub. Just like the SmartThings, it too is equipped with the best system to manage the Z-wave and Zigbee appliances.

You can also go ahead and appliances belonging to different platforms along with this hub. You will always be able to administer control over all of them with the same ease. And that is saying something considering the variety of smart appliances available in the market nowadays.

4. Battery Backup

Samsung SmartThings

The power supply in times of sudden power disconnect is a key factor which decides the suitability of a hub for your home. You should always pick the one that has both battery and power backup facility embedded in its circuitry. The Samsung SmartThings version helps you to stay one step ahead in such scenarios.

When the power is out, the Wi-Fi connection of your hub to your home network might get lost. But still, the SmartThings will make sure that few of the key automation systems keep on running without a glitch in the background.

This will be made possible with the help of local storage that is arranged by the crucial mechanisms of this hub. Whether you are at home or away when such an incident occurs. You can be rest assured that the safety of your home and your comfort will never get compromised.

Wink Hub 2

In case of a power outage, the Wink hub 2 might not hold up as good as the SmartThings. It usually goes offline and this might interfere with the proper functioning of your smart home in times of crisis. This might not be the best way to handle the overall operation of the various connected devices present in your home.

Hence you must make sure that you have made certain provisions to tackle this problem when that time arrives.

5. Total Appliance Count

Samsung SmartThings

It is always better to know beforehand that how many appliances you can add to a hub. Since you are planning to use this hub for a good amount of time so it will be great if you know about it appliance count. In the case of the Samsung SmartThings, you can practically add an unlimited amount of devices at a time.

This facility has been provided to keep it relevant in the following years too as the technology continues to advance at an explosive rate. You might be just getting started with your smart home. But, within a couple of years, you are going to update it immensely. And then you will need a hub which allows you to add as many appliances you want at a time.

There is just so much extension room with the SmartThings. You will never feel the need to upgrade to any other hub anytime soon since your smart house requirements will always be fulfilled with this amazing device.

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Wink Hub 2

There is so much that this hub offers. But the freedom to connect as many devices as you want is surely not the one. However, you can connect as many as 530 devices with this hub at a time. And this count is quite impressive since most of us won’t b able to exhaust even this limit.

Most of the smart houses today have their smart device count well below the 530 device margin. And this means that you are going to face no trouble making it the prime controlling hub for your home. This hub is perfect to power and smartly manage an average smart home of today.

6. App Quality

Samsung SmartThings

Lastly, we come to the topic of app support. Here, the app interface and user convenience are hugely important because we will be using this app in place of all the other app. Hence, the app has to be simple enough so that we dot feel overwhelmed when we try to manage the various appliances of our home with it.

Also, it should have enough customization options to let give us that control over the functioning of various smart devices of our home. With SmartThings, you get both these qualities in the same app. And thankfully, you get this app for both Apple and Android platforms.

Few of the users have found a bit hard to use it with that utmost ease which they are used to with other Samsung smart devices. If you face similar problem too then you can always consult their customer care center.

Wink Hub 2

One of the best parts of using this hub is its extremely user-friendly app. You can use it quite seamlessly even if you are using this hub for the very first time in your life. You can also go online and view a 2-minute video to understand it functioning is the easiest way possible. After that, you are never going to find any trouble with its operation.

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Which one to buy?

Both these hubs are as good as they come. So making a choice among them is quite tricky. But there are certain points where one hub is far better than the other. Hence, your choice is going to be based completely on your set of requirements.

The Samsung SmartThings is the smart hub you need to buy today. It has the best community support, features, unlimited connection and practically everything you need now or will need in the future. So make this smart choice today!

Smart Hubs are one of the best investments for a smart house. You and your smart house are going to gain a lot from this timely decision. Let us know how helpful this article was to you in the comment section below. You can also suggest us new topics related to smart home automation. We are eagerly waiting for your reviews and helpful suggestions.

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