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Schlage Sense vs Connect: Safeguard Your Home Smartly

A safe home is a happy home. We don’t need to tell you that. You know it very well that without the total sense of security at all times, the happiness usually becomes elusive. And that is why we leave no stone unturned in making sure that our home locks are always in the best of shape.

Schlage Sense vs Connect

However, we can do a lot better with the help of home automation. If you have been keeping a tab of the latest in the world of smart home automation then you must know exactly what we are talking about.

Till now you were just dealing with the average performance of the conventional locks. And hoping that they are enough to keep the possible threats away from your home. But even you know that in the time of an actual danger, they will always fall short.

Smart Locks for Round the Clock Protection

But with the smart locks and deadbolts, you will know in your gut that your home is at peak security level, all the time. And the mental peace you get with that knowledge cannot be achieved with the traditional locks. Then it does not matter how costly and supposedly competent those obsolete locks are!

Smart deadbolts are the one-stop solution to all your security troubles. Today, you have the smart locks that let you keep tabs on your home no matter how far you are.

You will get instant alerts about every small and big change that might compromise the safety of your home. The touchscreen locks with the security code make sure that your house is totally safe when you are there or away.

Schlage Sense vs Connect: Detailed Comparison

Currently, the digital space is unanimously celebrating the smart lock range from the house of Schlage. The two most popular locks from this enterprise include the Schlage Sense and the Schlage Connect. Let us take a look at how they compare and which one is the ultimate winner.

1. Smart Home Compatibility

Schlage Sense

With a smart device like this, it is always better to have a highly compatible interface for easy connection with other devices or an entire network. Since both these locks belong the same company, you will notice that they let you connect with a variety of devices with the same ease with minor variations.

Schlage Sense

With the Schlage Sense, you will get easy and uninterrupted connectivity with the SmartThings, Wink and Apple HomeKit. Not only this, it also extends this support to the various HomeKit compatible devices. It includes Ecobee3 and Ecobee4, Nest Cam and Canary and Philips Hue among others.

Almost all the locks in the Schlage enterprise are made to have easy integration with the third party devices. This will allow you to make them a part of your home security without ever having a second thought. You will be able to network all your smart appliances together perfectly.

Schlage Connect

The other equally useful smart lock, the Schlage Connect also gives you the same level of freedom when it comes to connecting with a variety of smart gadgets that you already have or wish to own in near future.

It easily connects with all types of Z-wave devices present in the market. This allows you to incorporate it into your smart home network without facing any major issues.

It also connects seamlessly to the Amazon Alexa. This means that you can control it comfortably with your voice commands from every single corner of your home. This level of compatibility ease is a prime requirement of every other smart home nowadays.

2. Security

Schlage Sense

With the smart locks, the prime importance must always be given to how secure they make your home. And if they can withstand the tempering in case of imminent danger. This lock has been given the ANSI/BHMA Grade rating. This is pretty reassuring coming from the institution which is considered to be the seal of approval when it comes to home security.

Then you also have the option of getting an optional reinforcement plate just in case you felt like elevating the security levels of your home. The lock has been reinforced further with the help of anti-pick shield by incorporating a proven security mechanism.

The fingerprint-resistant finish discourages the anti-social elements from getting into your home by guessing the security code via your fingerprints mark on the panel. In addition to this, you also get a 90-dB siren fitted in this lock to scare off the robbers.

Schlage Connect

With this specific lock, you will always be one step ahead of the home security game. You can start with the ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, the highest smart lock security rating that has been awarded to it owing to its outstanding performance.

Schlage Connect

You get the bank-grade encryption with it. This is to ensure that no one can hack into your locks, no matter how savvy they turn out to be. Combine it with the anti-pick shield and fingerprint-resistant finish. And you have got yourself a lock that guarantees the foolproof security of your home, every single day!

The 90 Db siren gets you that added layer of safety to alert you if someone tries to pick your lock. Also, you can set the sensitivity levels so that you don’t become the annoyingly loud neighbors in your neighborhood. You get complete control over every aspect of your lock with this model.

3. Locking and Unlocking Mechanism

Schlage Sense

The ease of use counts the most when you are buying something like a door lock which you are going to use multiple times daily. Hence, it is imperative that you know and are fine with their locking and unlocking mechanisms. It should neither be too simple that anybody can open your lock and enter without your permission. Nor it should be as tricky as a puzzle.

The Schlage Sense is just the right kind of smart lock that lets you lock as well as unlock it anywhere with the help of Wi-Fi Adapter. In the Apple HomeKit enabled smart homes, you might want to pair it up with the Apple TV/iPad for easy unlocking and locking.

Schlage Connect

This lock is perfect for a home with a range of Z-wave smart appliances. You can network all these devices together for optimum performance. And then you can just add this lock to the network. From then onwards, you can use the Z-wave compatible systems to unlock or lock this deadbolt as required.

4. Main Features

Schlage Sense

The range of features that are incorporated in both these locks from the Schlage smart lock enterprise is similar and yet so different. You will find the same quality and reliability with both the locks. And you will be able to get a lock for all your customized requirements.

Schlage Sense Features

The Schlage Sense is battery powered which means that you do not have to rely upon a dedicated power source for your home safety. It is Apple Homekit enabled and offers you regular activity alerts whenever they are required. Potential Door Attack Sensor further makes it a smart choice for your home.

Schlage Connect

One of the best locks with a scintillating track record is the Schlage Connect. It comes as no surprise that people are more inclined towards buying this model since its exemplary performance speaks for itself. It is one of the most affordable locks in the market at present. That just gives you all the more reason to go for it and save some money in the process.

When it comes to features, you will find the Schlage Connect to be a lot more flexible than its counterparts. So pick this to be the smart lock for your home. Then you will not be facing any sort of compatibility issue for a very long time in the future.

5. Design

Schlage Sense

One of the best things about the Schlage locks is that they are aesthetically quite appealing. So when you purchase them, you are investing in the security as well as the overall appearance of your home simultaneously. Almost all its previous and current users are quite happy with the variety of shades and design in which they are available.

They have this metallic glossy finish that is not too attention grabbing so that the true purpose of the locks are not hindered. You will get this model in three main hues namely: Satin Nickel, Aged Bronze, and Matte Black.

Schlage Connect

Design-wise you will find this lock to be quite alluring. It comes in four main hues namely – Bright Brass, Bright Chrome, Aged Bronze and Satin Nickel. The accompanying touchscreen keypad for entering the security code certainly adds a certain sophistication to this model.

Schlage Connect Features

The matte finish of all the locks gives them a polished look thus making them blend with your home decor. You will be getting a lot of compliments from the guests about this smart selection. And the impenetrable security net is just the icing on this sundae!

The Verdict

Conclusively, you have gained a lot of knowledge about both these locks. Now you know how they can benefit your home. And make you that much more efficient in your everyday life. All this happens when you are not constantly tangled up in your home security woes.

So, the winner in this battle of smart locks is undoubtedly Schlage Connect. It has been on the market for the longest time and till now the users have only been singing its praises which don’t seem to die down anytime soon.

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Smart locks are what your home needed yesterday. Though, you can still buy them today and be a responsible family member. Comment in the section below and tell us what you would like to read about next. We are eagerly waiting for your replies!

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