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Should You Automate Your Home In 2022: An Unbiased Take

Today, we live and breath in an age when every single activity can be automated. Well, almost all of them! So it becomes only imperative to utilize them for making the most every single day.

You might or might not be a smart homeowner. But the curiosity to be ‘smarter’ does not end with owning a smart home either. You constantly want to better yourself and everything around you.

Smart Home

And that is the concept behind the smart homes and appliances too. Why settle for anything less than the best. And when you reach the current best level, strive to make it better.

Better than yesterday and better for tomorrow! A smart home let you smarten up every single aspect of your room. This means that you can perform everyday tasks in a much more efficient manner.

And it will free up enough space in your mind and day to cover way more activities than you have been able to do so until now.

Smart Homes for Better Today and Tomorrow

Home Automation is not a new concept nowadays. Your friends and neighbors have already are already making the most of this technology for quite some time now. And it is our turn to enjoy the best and even better that comes with full home automation.

 Often you might wonder, “Why to automate your home when you are comfortable enough in your present setting?” The answer to that you might or might not find in this lifetime.

You might end up being one of those people who still use flip phones and are very much content with it. You use to own your very own cherished model too when flip phones were the edge of the latest technology. But as time progressed, so did you.

The smart homes are the next chapter in global technological advancement. You can turn to this page now or whenever and even never if you don’t feel like doing so. It will be yet another classic that you just could not bring yourself to sit through and savor!

Pros And Cons Of Automating Your Home

Every coin has two sides. The pros and cons of home automation also exist thus making you the final decision maker to make the right choice. Read on to know the many benefits and a few downsides of smart home automation at present.


  • Save Energy, Save Money

Better than saving money is saving energy since it ultimately saves you even more money. Most of the smart home appliances nowadays come with the energy saving feature. With a glowing energy saving rating, a wide range of smart appliances are becoming indispensable components of our homes with every passing second.

Today, even if you end up buying a device a bit on the expensive side, you will be able to earn back every single penny in just a couple of years. The amazing energy saving technology incorporated in all the latest smart home devices will make sure that your energy bills are slashed tremendously.

  • Added Convenience

If you do end up exploring the smart home automation devices then everything connected to this upgrade will get immensely convenient for you. You might start with a few smart home devices and end up connecting all of them together with a suitable smart hub. And this will make the management of the entire home extremely easy for you.

You will finally be able to catch up on your deadlines and hobbies with the utmost because the smart hubs will take care of the monotonous chores for you.

It is just a click here and a tap there. And you will be all set to take on the next challenge without worrying even a bit about all the things that are conveniently controlled by the smart hubs back home.

  • Unparalleled Security

One of the many advantages of the smart home automation is that you finally get a reliable way to take care of everything in your home. All your important and sensitive data is protected with a robust firewall whose password only you have.

 So you do not have to worry about any kind of security breach while using the smart home appliances of today.

Smart Home Security

You can include them in as many aspects of your home as you would like. The security has always been a strong suit of the smart home devices. HD security cameras and sensor networks have been in the use for a while now. Thus, making you even more sure about their applicability in your cherished home.


  • Required Continuous Wi-Fi Connectivity

Most of the super fast and competent devices we use today are perpetually connected to the internet. This helps them to keep us updated with every bid and small things that might interest us. Same is the case with most of the smart home gadgets too. They have been designed in a way so that we don’t feel even a bit out of place or unfamiliar while using them.

This also means that they have to be connected to your home Wi-Fi round the clock. And the smart devices required a high speed and uninterrupted internet connection round the clock.

So you need to be extra careful about your home specifications and make sure that you get a sound home internet connection well before you get started on the home automation process.

  • Increases Dependence

Once you start using the smart home devices, you will find that they indeed make your life a whole lot easier. And before you are able to figure it out, you will get quite accustomed and eventually dependent on them. But it all comes down to us.

 We can either reap the benefits of the marvels of technology. Or let it make us even idler and lazier than ever. The prime aim of smart home automation is to free up your time for more important tasks. Make sure that you do keep it in mind while making this transition.

Factors To Consider Before Automating

  • Requirement

Sometimes we see something new and shiny and just go with our immature urge of owning it. Make sure that you don’t do that with smart home automation.

No matter how amazing the product is, if you have no requirement of it in your life then you will never be able to enjoy its benefits in the right manner.

So, it is better it starts with automatizing the home security first rather than the home theatre system if you are not going to make much use of it.

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  • Budget

Affordability has made the smart home automation accessible for everyone. Now, no matter what your annual income is, you can make your home just as smart as the rest of the world without having to buy expensive equipment for the same.

The focus is more on creating a product that can be affordable to a wider section of the global population. And that has made life immensely better for everyone.

  • Application

Before making a purchase, it is better to figure out that what exactly you want to accomplish with the device. And do you actually need this device or the problem you have at hand will persist even after getting this model? Maybe you need a more expensive or a much more affordable model.

Make sure that the kind of investment you are making turns out to be well worth its value over time. Otherwise, it will become yet another expensive purchase that becomes an armrest for you and your friends after a while.

  • Energy Consumption

We all have seen the best and the worst of energy bills. They can inflict us with crippling fear when they sky-high. But they also make us feel happier than ever when they add up to be way less than we were actually fearing them to be.

 If you want to enjoy this light and bright feeling then you should definitely go for the energy efficient models. You are going to save a fortune on these energy efficient devices once you get them installed at the right points within your home. Make sure that you are automating the more in use energy utilization points and not the one which you use sparsely.

  • Future Upgrades

Z-wave technology has been the backbone of smart home automation since its beginning. It does not mean that there are no other suitable smart home technologies present in the market at present.

This just means that you can easily upgrade and find way more viable options in the Z-wave smart home automation horizon. No matter how good of a smart equipment you end up owning. If you cannot upgrade it at regular intervals to keep up with the rapidly progressing world then you are not making the right investment.


We often think of technology as a luxury. But smartphones and other superbly empowering gadgets have reminded us time and again that it is more of a necessity.

If you want to live the best version of your soon to be passed, present and future then you need to embrace the smart home automation today. Make the most of the present day technology to add a certain edge to every single moment of your life from now onwards.

Is your home smart enough? Do you want to upgrade to the latest features that modern day technology has to offer? Do let us know all about it in the comment section below.

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