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Should You Buy A Smart Motion Sensor: An Unbiased Take

The motion sensors are an integral part of any home security system. It is advised to implement a layered approach to home security. This makes it all that difficult for the intruders to break into your place. A motion sensor network forms the outermost layer of your home security. It will immediately alert you via the mobile app or sirens about an intrusion in motion.

Should You Buy A Smart Motion Sensor?

So, does your house need a smart motion sensor? The best way to deal with these types of questions is by making a detailed pros and cons list. Read on to know our take on it.


The following are the main benefits that you can avail with the latest smart motion sensors:


The smart motion sensors make sure that you never trip again in the dark in your very own front yard. It can be tricky navigating in the dark as you try to find the right key. But, the smart motion sensors will instantly detect your presence and flood your outdoors with good lighting.

You can be carrying several grocery bags, just arrived with your family, bring your pets home from their walk. Everyone including you can safely walk through that front gate without having to take out any torch or emergency light.


The motion sensors can protect you from a number of threats in your daily life. In the city, you only have the burglars to worry about. But, if you live somewhere closer to the woods, you might lock horns with the local fauna. Bears, mountain lions, and coyotes are quite common in such locations. And turning on bright lights on them while being at a distance will surely scare them away.


You can use this technique to scare away the raccoons and the possums in the city too who feast on your garbage every night. And, create a huge mess for you to clean up till the morning. Having motion-sensor activated lights will keep the robbers away too as they don’t want to gamble with the high risk of breaking into a brightly-lit home.

Cost and Energy Efficient

You don’t have to keep the front porch and other outdoor lights on at all times with the smart motion sensors. Just get one of these smart sensors and then forget about your light switches altogether. They will automatically light up the way when a car pulls in. Or, when you come back home. Or, when an uninvited ‘guest’ decides to sneak in.

Thus, keeping you constantly updated while maintaining clear visibility of your entire property. And they turn off on their own too when the job is done. This drastically cuts down your energy bill. This is because you are technically using the light only when required. The lights are off otherwise. And, you don’t even need to make painstaking efforts to reach this goal.

Immune to Pets

It is tough to maintain fancy gadgets in a home with pets. But smart home automation fixes that problem too. The pet immune smart motion sensors make it simple for you to keep its alarm from going off. You can set the sensitivity of the sensor in a way that all the small and big pets at home don’t cause false alarms.

Pet Immunity

The dual technology motion sensor makes it easier since they require two triggers at the same time to go off. Its manufacturers develop it in a way to minimize the false alarm occurrence effectively. This is basically a passive infrared sensor. You can set it to ignore the animals of upto a certain weight.

Capture Only Useful Video Footage

It is better to have video coverage of all the crucial happenings at your place. This gives you a better idea of the problem at hand and how to tackle it the next time. Today the smart video motion sensors are readily available. You can just hook them up with your security system. And save a ton of your memory space as it only captures the highlights and not the entire day.

These sensors work on advanced signal processing with a high-tech camera. The video starts recording as soon as the specified trigger occurs. You can get this footage on your mobile app or the main security feed too.

Keep Up with Everyone At Home

You cannot always be at home. But that does not mean that you cannot take care of your kids and pets even when you are away. The smart motion sensors let you know when they are in trouble and also when they are causing it! It is good to impart a disciplined lifestyle to your kids within reason.

Monitor Kids

The smart sensors will let you know when they are sneaking in after a late night. Or, watching TV instead of studying when they have an important exam tomorrow. The pets can also be easily managed with their help. It will let you know when they have entered restricted areas such as the pantry or the washroom.

Gives Enough Time to Respond

The smart motion sensors work on preventing the threat first. It gets a lot tougher to manage when a security breach has taken place. That is why the Passive Infrared and Wireless motion sensors sense the threat from a few feet away and give immediate alert. This gives you enough time to process and deflect the trouble if possible.

Also, you get a headstart with the information and you can call for help on time. The timely alerts will give you enough time to get out of the mess with your family and home intact without much damage.

Compact and Indistinguishable

The wireless smart sensors of today are quite discreet in their appearance and operation. They have a tough exterior and make zero operation noise. That is why you can use them almost anywhere. They are equally suitable for domestic and industrial purposes.

They are highly portable and undetectable in plain sight. You can install them all-around your home or office. And connect them to your central security system. That is all you need to take care of enjoying seamless round the clock protection.

These are the advantages that make a strong case for buying the latest smart motion sensor.


There are a few reasons that might deter you from getting a smart motion sensor just now.

False Alarms

Unless you have made the required changes, the false alarms caused by random objects will be many. The downside of getting a highly sensitive smart motion sensor is that it picks up on everything. That means you have to give it a month or two of settling period.

So that you can note down all the false alarm triggers. And program it accordingly to be actually useful. The pets and other dummy triggers might cause it to act up inconsistently if not calibrated correctly.

Compatibility Problems

Your brand new purchase must be compatible with all the devices in its immediate network. They are designed in a way to be so. But they have not been tested for the exact combination at your home. Most of the time, you will face no issues.

But few other times your phone may not detect it in the network. Or your smart hub may refuse to integrate it into the network even when it is meant to be compatible. You need to be on top of all the updates to make sure that your security network with the smart motion sensors is always working fine.

Interference Issues

The radio-frequency levels at which the smart motion sensors function are used for other purposes too. This means that more often than not there will be traffic on this frequency slowing down the operation. The infrared motion sensors get distracted by other heat sources.

Their range cannot penetrate through the metal objects. Certain high radio frequencies are harmful to humans upon prolonged exposure. You need to do a good amount of research to get a smart motion sensor that is actually useful in the long run without causing any long term harm.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned cons before making a rushed purchase and regretting it later.


So do you need to buy a smart motion sensor? The answer to that is yes but with proper research (thankfully, we did all the research for you and put together this buying guide). The portability and applicability of the smart motion sensors make them useful enough in the world of today with million distractions.

It is not easy to be focused on so many important things simultaneously. But they need to be monitored constantly including your home, family, office and yourself. But don’t let the ocean of choices overwhelm you into the wrong choice. Take your sweet time and finalize your purchase only when you have explored it completely.

What do you think about our take? Tell us in the comment section below. And tell your friends and family how much you care about them by forwarding this article to them this instant!

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