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Should You Buy A Smart Shower System: An Unbiased Take

The modern-day houses are surfing the high tide of smart home automation. The smart shower systems are the latest to hit the shores. They are convenient, versatile and everything that a useful shower should be.

The affordability and durability are what cements them as the ultimate showering option for global netizens.

Or is it so?

Read on to find out!

Should You Buy A Smart Shower System?

Every individual comes with a different set of requirements. Not everything amazing is useful for every single person. Keep scrolling to find out if you will actually benefit from a smart shower or not.


The advantages of a smart shower system are many. The main ones are as follows:

Cost Saving

Your latest gadgets should not be a white elephant that just keeps on draining your money. The smart shower systems help you keep the water bill low and thus pays for itself in a few months. It is a worthwhile investment if you want to benefit from the technology without burning a hole in your pocket.

Not all smart showers cost an arm and a leg. You can get few useful smart attachments under the 40 dollars mark today. And you can always upgrade later when you and your home is ready for a full-fledged smart shower system.

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Versatile Usage

The strength of the smart showers lies in their versatility. They mostly come with a phone app that lets you control the vast number of functions that they offer. You can create various ‘scenes’ and set them on a timer. Get and maintain the desired temperature during the entirety of your shower.

Receive useful suggestions from the smart shower, once it learns well about your usage pattern. If you desire, get a few monthly subscriptions to optimize your usage. Keep tabs on everything about your shower whether you are at home or away.

Easy Installation

For something that works just perfect, the installation process surely could have been more difficult. But thankfully, it is a breeze. You can even do it yourself if you have good experience with using and installing the smart showers. And even for the newbies, a good portion of smart shower systems come with the DIY kit.

DIY Smart Shower Installation

Few of the elaborate models might require you to hire a plumber. But the job won’t be too difficult thus saving you a good amount in the installation process. You can even opt for online technical help from the manufacturer if you feel puzzled.


The fast pace of life does not leave us with much time to even invest in ourselves. So it helps that a smart shower system does your bit for the environment. We read about the irreversible damage caused to the environment every day. And all of us do have some responsibility towards the preservation of the planet that we live in.

The smart shower systems help greatly in water conservation. This way you get to save the environment one shower at a time! You don’t have to put your current life on hold to make a positive change. These smart showers let you be an active participant without consuming you in the process.

These are few of the many advantages that one gets with a smart shower system.


Nothing is perfect. The few downsides of getting a smart shower system installed are as follows:


You will need to invest a good amount of money to avail all the benefits of a full-fledged shower system. It will earn its value back in savings. But, you need to have the usage and the liquidity to actually be able to make this lifestyle switch.

Few of of these monthly subscriptions might run you a huge bill too if you are not careful. They seem pretty affordable with their monthly price tag. But it really adds up when you whimsically get a couple of them and forget to factor in your other monthly expenses.

Possible Data Breach

Online privacy is a pretty elusive luxury nowadays. And almost every other app can access your personal data if you are not careful. You can specifically ask for personal data protection with the phone app and the monthly subscriptions.


But, most of the people forget to do so. It is just so difficult nowadays to stay connected and updated while still keeping the online creeping hacks at bay. So if not done right, the online segment of your smart shower can open you up to a lot of personal data risks.

Click here to know more about how to keep your smart home network safe from online goons.

Only For Tech-Savvy Folks

The reply of a non-tech-savvy person to the smart home automation is – Why? In their minds, they don’t need any more technological evolution and would rather divert the resources to more pressing ‘causes’. Maybe they are actually onto something. Or they are just ignorant.

So, get a smart shower system only if you enjoy being a part of the latest technological feats. And, feel more than ready to update your lifestyle accordingly. Otherwise, there is no point in making this drastic change overnight if you are only going to stay in that rut.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned inconveniences before you commit to a high-end smart shower system.

Suitable for…

A smart shower system especially benefits a certain section of society.

Single People

It is not fun taking care of an entire place by yourself. More often than not you wish to share the load with someone. But the privacy and the comforts of having a personal sanctuary stops you from doing so. That is why you need gadgets like a smart shower system to share your workload.

It will take care of the water bill for you. Advise you to improve your water usage pattern effectively. Make it easy for you to go through your water expenditure. And help you stay stress-free by giving you the option of easy management with the mobile app.

New Home Owners

You are decision fatigued after constantly making a hundred different decisions every day since you decided to get a new place. Now is the time when you move to a new place and actually enjoy it. Start with getting a rejuvenating shower that does not give you nightmares about the crazy high water bill.

This addition will set the tone for the rest of your home. You will feel inspired to make the rest of your home just as smart and efficient. And the rest of your current or future family will follow the suit.

Building Owners

Management and control is the key when you are responsible for an entire building. You have to moderate the utility expenditure habits of an entire building’s worth of people. And they will always try to put up a conforming front.

The smart shower systems will let you know exactly how much of the water is consumed and wasted. It will let you know the usage pattern so that you can better understand the requirements of the people in the building. And guide them to use it in a more environmentally conscious manner.

Not Suited For…

A smart shower system is definitely a great convenience for those who have the budget, but not everyone needs one.


Renting a place comes with its own challenges. You don’t know when your job will take you someplace new. Or when you get into a tiff with your landlord. Or, the place you always wanted to rent finally becomes available.

That is why making a big commitment in the form of getting a smart shower system installed is not prudent. They are not designed to be portable. You don’t know if this shower model will be perfect for your new place too. Or, if your new landlord will even let you make such major change to their place.

Digital Nomads

You know exactly where and when you are going in the next few months. So it makes more sense to get a place that has a smart shower rather than getting one for yourself. This way you will be able to enjoy all its benefits. And you won’t even have to actually invest in something that is just not as mobile as you are.

DIY Smart Shower Installation


The commercial explosion has a way of convincing us that we want all the garbage that everyone else is consuming. Sometimes with the promise of a better tomorrow. And other times as a response to the FOMO. The minimalists are taking a strong stand by not succumbing to this human instinct.

A smart shower system is something that is constantly being optimized. You can use the same model without any other commercial add-ons that come with it. But that will be wasting the potential of a perfectly useful smart shower that is capable of so much more.

If you belong to any of the above sections, wait a few years till the smart showers become a more worthy purchase for you. But if you’re the impatient one who cares more about enjoying every bit of your life, buying a smart shower system surely won’t disappoint you, even if you don’t perfectly fit the criteria laid out above. After all, YOLO!


So should you buy a smart shower system? The answer is pretty simple. You can talk to your near and dear ones who have been using one. Get to know their challenges and breakthroughs with the device. And then only move forward with your final decision. Otherwise, you can just buy one with a decent return policy and get to experience it first hand!

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