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Summer Is Coming: 5 Pro Tips To Make It Cool With Lighting!

The perfect lighting can make or break an evening. Add a layer of safety to it and you are golden. Summer is the season to shake off the layers and layers of clothing, sip a drink or two, and have lively conversations till the wee hour of the night. And nothing says conversation-starter like mood lighting with zero chances of short-circuiting.

Depending upon the occasion, your requirement and budget, you can go wrong or right while zeroing in on your summer lighting options. The heat, longer days and spike in the outdoor activity needs to be factored in as you are all set to decorate your home like a Christmas tree with fairy lights, or not. Don’t try to outshine the breezy moonlight in the process!

5 Summer Lighting Tips

Take a look at the many summer lighting tips that can turn your evening from meh to mesmerizing in seconds.

1. No Circuit Overload

It doesn’t take much for lighting arrangements to go out of hand. The summer calls for ample lighting inside and out to match the outgoing nature of the season. That means you need to keep the pathways well-lit. A couple of fans will also fit in nicely to make the conversations flow.

The barbeque grill screams summer cookouts which makes them a must. Add some sound systems and charging stations to the mix and you have yourself a safety hazard! This is because we forgot about the important detail. All these gadgets need to be connected in separate electrical circuits.

More often then not, the night ends with the one and only electrical circuit short-circuiting. And that jogs your memory to finally pay attention to the overcrowded and overloaded central circuit. Branch out the main circuit into secondary balancing circuits so that you and your home is safe at all times.

2. Make the Most of Sunlight

The best things in life are free. Take the best light source of all time, sunlight, for example. If you use it right, you can have the best lighting option available to you for the most part of the day totally free of cost. Summers are one of the best seasons to rely heavily on sunlight.


It is a good practice to reach for the window curtain rather than the light switch for starting your day with. The morning sun offers the most cohesive lighting to make sure you are eased into the morning. And all that mood-boosting Vitamin-D will perk you right up for your day ahead.

Insist on a place with maximum natural light. This will make sure that you have to switch to artificial lighting only late at night. The evening glow of the setting sun is the perfect way to unwind after a long day as the weary sun bids you adieu for the day.

3. Dimmers over Plain Switches

The artificial light is not designed perfectly to suit the different times of the day like sunlight. But it does come with dimmers. They allow you to set the brightness according to your mood and requirement. This will help you save a good deal on your energy bill too that always seems to be out of control.

The generous use of the dimmers will make sure that your eyes are not saturated with the intense light from the bulbs. You can adjust it on a, particularly sunny day to complement the daylight. Or you can turn it up on a cloudy day and compensate for the sunlight by having ample brightness in your place of work or leisure.

You can also use them as nightlights. You will have just enough lighting to not bump into the table yet again on your night prowl. Also, the gentle intensity will make sure that your sleep is not disturbed. There are a number of smart bulbs that let you perform all these functions with a single tap on the mobile app.

4. Opt For Outdoor-Rated Bulbs, Cords And Fixtures

It is a common practice to use indoor stuff for occasional outdoor usage too. This pattern should never extend to the lighting appliances. This means you need to use only those equipment that come with the ‘Suitable for Outdoor Use’ stamp over them.

The rapid temperature fluctuations outdoors alone can make your flimsy indoor lamp explode like anything. The incessant moisture, exposure to the harsh outdoor environment, and unprotected exterior opens up your devices to a lot more damage than you might expect. A single downpour or storm is enough to collapse this house of cards.

Outdoor Bulb

The outdoor bulbs are the only ones you need to be putting in the outdoor light holders. Also, they need to match the wattage of each other else it is a matter of time before the short-circuit fireworks drop by for an appearance yet again. Replace the seriously old bulbs with new LED versions to make the most on your investment.

5. Careful Placement

Electricity is useful only in the hands of an equipped user. This means that you need to be really careful about where you are installing the light. There are so many ways the wrong placement can make things fatal for you and your family.

It can catch on fire, shock the person in contact, explode, or all of the above. But, if you pay enough attention, all of these troubles can be easily avoided. Keep the lighting away from all water sources. This includes ponds, fountains, pools, moist lawns, and other sources. This is to keep the people from getting shocked or worse.

The number of flammable items that are strewn all over the garden is endless. Dried grass, wood chips, oil and gas supplies are few of the many items that can cause a good amount of damage when it comes in contact with frayed open electric wires.

Take care of these few tips and your summer lighting endeavors will be a hit both in terms of safety and fun!


The bright and open-ended summer days call for the best lighting systems in town. You can keep yourself and everyone around you safe by just taking care of the above mentioned checklist. Explore around a bit and get to know the many ways you can have the time of your life this summer while not gambling with it thanks to responsible summer lighting.

Do you follow a special lighting routine for the summers? Have your party lighting plans every exploded literally and figuratively when you were a bit too distracted by the good times? What will you add to our summer lighting checklist above? Comment below and let us know. And while you are at it, forward this article to your friends and family over at your socials to have a safe and fun-filled summer this year.

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