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20 Mind-Blowing Alexa Skills That Can Transform Your Life

Amazon Alexa is one of the most popular voice control devices at present. It literally makes your wishes its commands and solves a lot of trouble for you in the process. So, it only makes sense to keep it updated at all times. And make sure that its functionality progress at par with the requirement set by its users.

Alexa Skills

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Going by its popularity, a bunch of third-party apps that helps its to acquire more apps than ever. This increases the skillset of Alexa and lets you interact with its better version usually at zero cost. And you will be able to so much more with Alexa and improve your quality of life tremendously.

Always Evolving Amazon Alexa

There are so many ways that Alexa already assists you at home and work both. But sometimes you wish that it can do just a bit more. And so do the third-party developers. That is why they have come up with the most amazing apps to that makes your life so much better than yesterday. Some of these apps will become indispensable to you.

Others will tickle your funny bone. And some others will make you realize that you had such a limited knowledge about the application of Alexa until now. Consider Alexa as your Smartphone that lets you control it with voice alone. And the app store you have just got assigned will make it more useful than ever for your entire family and yourself.

Top 20 Latest Amazon Alexa Skills

Let us take a look at the best skills of Alexa that have come into the picture till date:

1. Favorite Song Wake Up Call

Now, your mornings can be as amazing as your playlist. Just tell Alexa when you want to wake up and to what. You can have one of those serious mornings during the weekdays and tune in to the BBC the first thing in the morning. Or let the latest EDM beats make your mornings all the more exciting at your specified time.

2. Catch of the Day

Enquire about the best deals that Amazon has to offer today. And buy them just in time before the offer gets over. You can also take the benefit of the Amazon ‘Voice Shopping’ feature. This will help you shortlist and select just the perfect headphones or pair of heels without having the need to ping-pong your eyeballs from one webpage to another.

3. To the Unforeseen Frontier

The best vacation experience your money and time can buy will be available with the Kayak account. You get the unbeatable travel itinerary planning assistance of the Alexa with it. And you can check all the latest travel deals that you can get within your budget. The entire navigation process becomes extremely simple thanks to the Alexa.

4. Book A Cab Just in Time

Uber Skill

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You get the two best online cab services with the Alexa support – Uber and Lyft. Just fill up the basic details and get your account set up with proper sync in with the Alexa. And then you can easily check the fare rates at any time of the day. Book the cab easily in seconds and the payments will be deducted in the most transparent manner form your account.

5. Let Your Voice Do The Texting

If you are sick of actually using your fingers to text then just switch to Alexa mode of smart texting. Compatible with the Android and iPhone phones, you can finally just speak your mind and let your fingers relax a bit as your chats extend from minutes to hours. The iPhone users can enjoy a string of other benefits too with a nominal price tag of $15.

6. Music From Room to Room

Now you can connect all the Echo devices present in your home together with the help of the Amazon app. Use the multi-room section feature and you will be swaying to the in-home concert you just got running in no time. You can use Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited service to expand your playlist and play anything and everything that you like there.

7. Fine Dining At Home Everyday

You cannot wake up as a trained chef one fine morning and start whipping up the most savory dishes that one can think of. Though most of us wish that could be a possibility. Alexa makes part of it possible. The variety of apps there can help you learn one amazing cooking trick every day with the most helpful guidance. You will not have to pay for those expensive drinks every single time you feel like having one. In fact, now you will be able to make one for yourself and your friends and have the most awesome house parties.

8. Let Alexa call Alexa

You can make both voice and video call to other people in your address book who have the Alexa app or Echo device. The Alexa app will do the work for you and let you know right away who has the Alexa call feature with their phones and devices and who does not.

Call Skill

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This way you will be able to use the full range of Alexa and all the services that it supports. The amazing quality of sound and audio will allow you to use it more often when you are not getting the same quality form your other modes.

9. Exercise Smartly With Alexa

You can do just the right exercise for your body type and current fitness requirements thanks to Alexa. It will suggest you the tried and tested exercises for different purposes. You can improve your metabolism, energy levels and even decrease the excess fat from all of your trouble points.

Alexa will notify you the best time to take breaks so that you don’t over stress your body muscles. Each exercise plan here is created by experts and it will enable you to to make the most every minute. This way you will be able to include new habits in your schedule without having to redraw your whole schedule.

10. Get The Bank Statement

If you are a Capital One member then you can use the Alexa service to know all the latest activity on your particular bank account. You can check the total balance and know a brief detail of the latest transactions. Get a download of the approaching due dates orally from Alexa and you will be caught up in your finances in no time.

11. Play Mind Games with Alexa

You can play all your favorite childhood two-player games with Alexa. It knows the rules and will catch you when you are trying to cheat your way to victory with it. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, chess, 20 questions, and bingo are few of the many games that you can play with Alexa whenever you want.

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12. Know How Your Stars are Aligned

We all love to read our horoscopes. Some ironically and the other hopefully. So, if you are feeling lucky and whimsical then you can just open the Alexa app and let it know your zodiac sign. It will have the prediction and accompanying tip ready for you in no time.

13. Weather And You

Before heading out without an umbrella or doing the mistake of putting on your most expensive pair of heels on a prospective rainy day, you might want to double check with Alexa. You can rely on its expert report collected from various reliable sources regarding the sun and the storm condition in your locality.

Weather Skills

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This will help you in planning your activities throughout the day. And the weather will never be able to play the spoilsport as long as you have the cautious guidance of Alexa buy your side. You can even use this information to make the most out of the current climatic conditions in your locality and make plans accordingly.

14. At Home Bartender

If the thought of making a perfect martini gets you shaken and stirred then you would surely like to try ‘the Bartender’ skill on Alexa. It lets you know the easiest way to make your favorite cocktails and even has the ‘cocktails of the day’ feature within it. Impress your friends and your indulgence buds with this handy party trick.

15. Instant Help For You

You never know when the lightning might strike. So you can really use the help of the ‘ Ask My Buddy’ skill to let your loved ones know when you are in danger and need their help. This feature will get you the right kind of help minutes after the initiation.

Sometimes you might not be in a position to make an actual call or even text your near and dear ones. But these are usually the times when you need their help the most. So, it makes sense to have this skill all ready and fired up in your Alexa app so that you can use it at any moment instantly.

16. News On the Go

Today every news is made out to be the breaking news. So you need a quick round-up of the entire day just to make sure if the aliens have invaded the earth already or they are still pretending to be non-existent. The ‘NPR Hourly Summary’ and other similar skills on the skill store will keep you updated to the last second at all times.

Now, you don’t need to waste countless hours just to get to the headlines which are actually groundbreaking. You can just listen to the wrap-ups and you will be done with the daily update almost as soon as you finish your mindful snack. You can even set alerts for certain topics and get notified on time when anything important happens in that sector.

17. Control the Lights

You cannot control the sun. But you can surely play God at home with Alexa. Just turn them on when you feel like having a well-lit room. And even get the mood lighting feature on with the right Alexa command. You need to sync up Alexa with your smart lights network for this feature.

This skill will let you use Alexa to make your home nothing short of a light museum. You can play with your favorite colors and set the right intensity for each room and the duration of time. The time and effort investments get slashed tremendously. And you are able to make the most of both natural and smart lighting options and save precious energy in the process.

18. Mess A Bit With Your Cats

Meow Skill

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With the ‘Meow’ app, you can make Alexa purr, meow and even chirp when you want to play around a bit with your cats. This might seem a bit entertaining to some cats, while others can get a bit confused with it. So, you can use this skill to have a nice bonding time with your furry friends.

19. Track Your Health And Fitness

You might already own a Fitbit and be enjoying all of its health benefits. Now you can benefit doubly from it by syncing it up with your Alexa app. This way you will be reminded of all your daily goals and how far you are on the track to achieving them. You can get regular updates from the activity tracker too to monitor your weekly and monthly fitness goals.

20. Clean Your Home

Now Sunday afternoons can be the busiest and the most relaxing day for you, thanks to the Alexa skills. Just let Alexa know when and where you want to get the vacuuming done and Alexa will take care of the rest. You can let the weekend vibes take you to your happy place as the Alexa takes care of the whole cleaning process in the background for you.


Alexa is only becoming more useful by the minute. If you already own it then you are one smart netizen. If not, then you will be thrilled to see how your daily life transforms into the big and small benefits that the Alexa brings into your living room.

Have you tried any of the latest Alexa skills yet? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, tell us what you want to read about next and how to make it better for you and your smart home automation requirements.

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