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7 Tips For An Amazing Showering Experience

A good daily shower routine can kickstart your day like nothing else. It is like coffee minus the jitters! You can take a cold one in the morning to wake you right up. Or have a warm shower at night to untangle your mind and soul like nothing else. Let us take a look at all the ways you can enhance your showering experience today.

7 Tips To Enhance Your Showering Experience

Every shower cannot be a day at the spa. But that does not mean that you have to slum it like a pirate. There is an affordable middle ground here and we will tell you all the easy tips to get there pronto!

1. Keep it Clean

Start with a clean shower. You will be saving yourself from a lot of infections and health complications by doing so. A dirty and damp shower area is the recipe for health disasters. So it is better to take care of this necessary chore first.

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Invest in a few heavy-duty and skin-friendly cleaning supplies. Scrub the entire floor area in the bathroom to remove any traces of mold or gunk. If you have the time and patience then clean the showerhead too. This will open up all the pores up there to give you better water pressure. You only need to do this once a month for best results.

2. Better Showerhead

You won’t know the difference until you actually get one fitted in your bathroom. A good showerhead gives you the magic wand to play God with your bathwater. Set the temperature, pressure, hardness and purification levels according to your requirements.

Smart Shower

The smart shower systems let you enjoy all these benefits while saving you a bunch of money. And also the environment. You get introduced to an updated lifestyle that your friends and family will want to adopt. All this while you enjoy a refreshingly cleansing shower every day.

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3. Check the Temperature and Pressure First

Make sure you set the pressure and the temperature correct before hopping in. It is always a good practice to check it with your hand first and then get in. This will save you from a lot of literal rude awakenings in the morning. You don’t want to be torched with scalding water or pelleted with water bullets the first thing in the morning.

It is normal to forget it while still walking in a half-asleep state early in the day. That is why smart shower systems make a reliable showering installation. You just need to set the requirements and preferences once. And then forget about it! No more annoying shower surprises.

4. Replace Old Loofah

Loofah is a godsend when it comes to bathing supplies. It lathers you up in no time and makes it easier for you to clean all the hard-to-reach places.A gentle loofah can also promote better circulation while gently slogging off the dead skin cells.

But, not when it has not been replaced in ages. Then it becomes a Petri dish of staph infection, diseases, and foul smell. You don’t want to be anywhere close to that. Make it a rule to replace it every 3 months. Or when it starts to discolor and smell.

5. Stick to Herbal Products

It is always better to stick to the herbal products while cleaning your bathroom space or your body. Try to stay away from the chemical toxins as much as possible. In this age of globalization, you can easily find organic bathing products and cleaning supplies of your liking online.

Thus, you won’t be inhaling toxins in that cramped up shower space every time you choose to shower. You won’t be trapped in that carcinogenic net that eventually engulfs your entire showering zone when you consistently use the artificially synthesized products. This will save you a ton of money and add life to your skin and bathroom.

6. Shower After Completing Your Exercise and Errands

Now, get the most out of your showers in both mornings and evenings. You can engage in a demanding exercise routine that makes you sweat like a dog. Run the errands and then take a shower to stay fresh and clean throughout the day. This refreshing cleanse will also keep your spirits up throughout the day.


In the evening, you can rinse away the tiredness and stress of the day away by taking a quick warm shower. Studies suggest that taking a shower right before sleeping improves the quality of sleep (click here for more details). These all-natural products cost a lot less than their synthetic counterparts and are much more beneficial.

7. Save for Rinsing

The best way to shower is to increase the water usage levels in ascending order during different stages of showering. Use just the bare minimum amount of water to wet yourself for easing up the lathering process. Then put a dollop of shower gel on your loofah and get to the lathering stage.

Lather generously all over your body to get rid of all the dirt, sweat and odor. Finally, use the bulk of your showering water quota of the day for rinsing off. This will make sure that you have enough water to prevent any sudsy hair situation later in the day.

The above-mentioned tips will help you enjoy an amazing shower every single time.


A good morning shower and a hearty breakfast make everything possible. You can conquer the world if you have had a mind-blowing shower every morning since the day you were born! Jokes aside, everyone has their own take on showering. So you make sure to optimize it around your preferences.

Did you have a nice shower today? If no then hop into the bathroom to enjoy a great one right now! And quickly forward this article onto your clueless friends and family to brighten up their day.

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