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TP Link vs Wemo Smart Plugs: Best One of the Two

Plugs. We have them all over our house. And we have been using them for quite some time now. But somehow, we have not figured out how to use them in a smart manner.

TP Link vs Wemo Smart Plugs

Thankfully, the technology has finally been able to fill these gaps in our domestic energy utilization. Hence, we finally have a range of smart plugs to make our home and everyday life even easier. You can keep track of all the devices plugged into your home at any given point.

There are a number of ways that make them a better choice over the traditional plugs. They have amazing app support. You can be miles away but you can control the plugs in the same way as you would when you are sitting in the very same room.

Smart Plugs in Everyday Life

You can turn them on or off as per your preferences. This setting also comes handy when you are away but you want to create an illusion that you are still very much at home. At times like these, you can just turn the lights and other plugged-in devices on at the usual time. This practice will discourage the possible intruders to hatch a break-in plan since they won’t come to know that the house is totally unattended.

The sleek design and smart sensing further make them a perfect fit for your home. You can make them a part of your living room or tuck them in a corner in your study room. They will gel seamlessly in all kinds of settings. At present, the two prime smart plugs in the market are TP-Link and the Wemo smart plug.

TP Link vs Wemo Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are no more an indulgence but a necessity if you are a savvy individual who likes to keep up with the latest in technology. Following are the five main criteria that will make this choice easier for you:

1. Price


Thankfully, both these models come with the $40 price range. This means that you won’t be giving a serious blow to your bank balance when you go with either of them. You just need to choose the model that fits your requirements the best.

At just $29.99, the TP-Link smart plug is still the most affordable smart plug on the market. Hence, if you are planning to change all the plugs within your home to their smart plug counterparts then you can never go wrong with the TP-Link plugs.

But don’t get us wrong. TP-Link plug surely brings affordability to the latest technology. But, it can also bring the luxurious bouquet of latest breathtaking features to your doorsteps. The price will vary accordingly and always justly. Overpricing is not something that will be an issue as long as you are using the TP-Link plugs.


The price difference between the TP-Link and the Wemo model is not that much. With the price tag of mere $34.97, you won’t find a serious price hike if you plan to switch from the TP-Link to Wemo. However, when you plan on buying them in bulk then the $5 margin might add up to a considerable amount.

But as long as you are getting what you desire in your smart plugs, the price difference can be incurred in the form of a durable and outstanding performance. The consistent app support, voice control, and all other amazing features will make you glad about every penny invested in the purchase.

2. Voice Control Availability


Voice control is one of the smartest and most convenient inventions of the modern age. The TP-Link plug can be controlled via voice with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Since these are the two most popular voice control hubs in most of the smart houses nowadays, it comes naturally to make these plugs compatible with them.

TP Link Smart Plug

You can just name each plug and assign the voice commands easily to each one of them using their name. And if this sounds too much work then simply create one main group for all of them and give a single command to control the operation of all of them.


You just need to pair these plugs with the Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant device and you don’t have to manually control them from then onwards ever. You get total hands free control over the various plugged in devices. This means that you can turn the lights on or off for the entire room with just a single command.

3. Compatibility


Today, most the smart appliances work in the form of network for maximum productivity. With the TP-Link plug, you get total compatibility with all the major smart hubs including Amazon Alexa, Echo, Echo Dot and it very own Kasa app.

The Kasa app facilitates perfect compatibility with all the plugs present at different corners of your room. You just need to keep a tab on the app status and you can give the commands according to make the most out of this wonderful creation.


Wemo Smart Plug

Just like the TP-Link plugs, the Wemo plugs also feature seamless compatibility with the Amazon Alexa, Nest, IFTTT, Echo, Echo Dot and its own Wemo app. Automate your switches by pairing them up with the latest smart hubs. Set, triggers, timers and all other latest scenarios that are aimed at making your life a lot better with minimal effort from your end.

4. Design


Quirky egg-shaped design with the bright white finish will make you overjoyed with this latest smart home investment of yours. The tall housing of this plug lets you fit only one plug in a socket at a time. The receptacle is located on the front end for that utmost ease.


One of the many impressive things about the Wemo is its minimalistic and elegant layout. You might think that at this price range, the manufacturers might not be able to offer you the high-end design but they do indeed remarkably!

Glossy white shade, sharp stackable edges and the overall modern appearance will make you all the more happy about this addition. There is also a power button and the forward facing receptacle at the front end of this plug.

5. App Support


With the TP-Link plugs, you get the Kasa app. It has been designed to offer you total control over your house through your very own smartphone. You can just download it totally free of cost form your respective app store. It is available for both Apple and Android platforms.

TP Link Features

Once you install and configure this app on your phone then you don’t need to worry anymore about the plugs. You will get full status updates in a timely manner whenever you want one. Turn the plugs on or off as per your schedule and live life on the comfortable side!


The Wemo App is there to take care of all your short term and long term requirements in a timely manner. You can use it to set the timers on your plugs as per your preference. Or use it to sync up with rest of the smart appliances at your home. Total networked control is the future of smart home automation and the Wemo app makes just the right start for you.

The Verdict

Now, you have come to know all the essential information about the top choices in smart plugs present in the current digital market. But the main question still lingers. Which is the best plug to go with?

Here, the Wemo Smart plug is the ultimate winner. The TP-link plug does come close to the competition but the overall performance has clearly declared Wemo as the best choice.

One more smart home product to look out for if you are planning to upgrade your home to the current century. Do let us know how helpful this article was. Also, keep reading for knowing all about the latest smart home automation devices on a regular basis.

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