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Virtual Assistants: Time To Make Your Home And Life Smarter!

We all can use some help with our tasks. Somehow, we are always running low on time and high on the task list. There is just so much that we want to do in a day and yet somehow at the end of it, none of it gets done in an agreeable manner. People who have this kind of scenario as the screensaver of their life are either too busy or just too lazy to allow the accurate time for each task.

Virtual Assistants for smart homes

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And then there are the ones who think that maybe the Rome was not built in a day but they can surely try to make it and have possible success. All these kinds of people can use the virtual assistant and benefit tremendously from it. It can inform you when you can afford to take breaks and when you need to buckle up and take things up a notch.

Virtual Assistant – The Smart Help

You can benefit from these assistants by making the right use of their various features to lighten up your daily workload. They can take care of the menial tasks for you. And soon you will be able to focus all your time and energy on the tasks that matter the most. You will have more time for yourself and your family.

And you will never get caught up in the feeling that you are sinking in the workload. The virtual assistants can communicate with your smart appliances too now. And that means you can use them to interact with your various devices and optimize their functioning too. You can cut back on a lot of distraction and time expenditure thanks to the variety of virtual assistants available with varying platforms.

Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit And Google Home: How Capable Are They?

There are three key players that are creating the buzz in the smart home market recently. Let us take a look at each of them and figure out how useful they can be for different types of users.

Amazon Alexa

We all have become pretty comfortable with the voice commands and know just what to say to get things done at our house with the help of Alexa. It has been gaining popularity in new demographics and is about to become a global phenomenon soon. A total of over ten thousand commands are acceptable to its interface. And it gives a lot of freedom to its users when it comes to using the local language format for its operation.

You might have already been carrying out most of your home chores with its help. You can shop with utmost ease with the help of Amazon Alexa. It is as good with android as it is with the iPhone. And this multi-platform compatibility makes it suitable to be incorporated in all types of households.

Voice Controlled Comfort

The latest development is the introduction of skills that will let you control way more aspects of your life without having the need to lift even a finger for the same. And we smart users love that about this technology a lot! Most of the task requires just a normal command and it gets done in the most comfortable manner.

The recently launched smart app makes it even more useful and accessible to its users. Now you can control the app from your smartphone with the same ease as you would otherwise. It will give you plenty of options to arrange and manage the various smart appliances within your home as per your preferences.

Apple HomeKit

Siri has been around a long time. So long that it has become a proper component of our modern day tech-savvy ecosystem now. This is why Apple decided to make it the backbone of its Apple HomeKit that lets you organize your home into a smart arrangement and utilize all of its features efficiently. You can shortlist the components that you like to use the most and keep then under the ‘Favorites’ list.

Apple Homekit

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Create certain situations and save them as ‘Scenes’ that you can use later on. This will save you a lot of time if you wrap them up at a time and then use the required mode whenever you feel like doing so. You can create ‘Rooms’ list and organize the various smart components under it. This will help you in making the required changes to their setting without getting lost too deep in the clutter.

Familiar and Secure

Home security has been giving special attention in the latest edition of this kit. You are provided the end-to-end security feature that will enable you to save your sensitive data and other important information from being stolen. You can rely on the Apply HomeKit for offering you a secure smart home network. All these points have been taken care of by Apple in its kit and all of its components so that you can finally exhale.

You will love the ease with which you can operate all the accompanying devices. The voice control comfort is also there which will let you do all the talking and relax and the Apple magic takes over your home and cleans all the mess. You can schedule various events as per your requirement and control them with your smartphone easily.

Google Home

You will find the Google Assistant familiar and yet so different. It has been a bit late to the virtual assistant game but it is catching up fast. At present, it is a home speaker system that can take you orders form you and get them dome as per your specifications. It is only compatible with the components and hubs from Nest, Philips Hue, IFTTT, and SmartThings as of now. But this list is growing fast. And soon you will be able to see all the big brands here too.

Though it is catching up fast. But still, it has a long way to go before it can even be termed a rival to Alexa and Siri. The Google Assistant that you get this speaker is not the same as you get with the Allo app and on your other Android devices. It has been designed to be more useful for the smart home network and its important requirements.

Android Support for Everyone

One thing that will make it an instant hit with the Google users is that you don’t have to follow any specific format when giving it a command to perform the required task. This is because it makes good use of the ‘Google Search’ component and it has been accustomed to the gibberish that people speak for over decades now. So, if you can’t seem to remember the specific tasks and love the comfort of Google search then you should definitely give it a try.

You will find it similar to Alexa in its functionality. Also, it makes use of the IFTTT protocol to connect with the various devices and carry out the communication across the network. Google has tried its best to make the people feel at home with its virtual assistant as they do with the rival brands. And it is gradually increasing its clientele and the supported smart home networks to give you the best that it can offer.

Types Of Jobs They Can Do

Your virtual assistant can do a variety of task for you. Instead of living your life for you, it can help you make it amazing and easy just like that. Take a look at the various categories of tasks that it can perform for you easily on a daily basis:

1. Easy Information Research

Basically, the virtual assistants are the affordable and efficient alternatives to their real-life counterparts. You don’t have to pay them and increase it consistently to accommodate the inflation. They don’t ask for the holidays and sick leaves. They don’t find an excuse when you can clearly see that it is their incompetence written all over it. Basically, you don’t have to put up with any of the annoying antics of the traditional secretaries with their virtual versions.

Information Research

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You can and will surely get a lot more work done and in a lot fewer time thanks to these intelligent creations. They can perform quick searches to everything you need to research about and thus focus your research in the key areas than just hovering over the surface. You can use them to perform the exhausting researches and even random check on what is going on in your neighborhood. Which new fine dining place has opened up, where to shop for clothes, where to browse the gadgets and a lot more.

Know Everything Speedily

You can save a lot of time and effort with each search. And that counts for a lot when you have a high-speed internet connection round the clock. And you seem to be struck by the arrow of curiosity. Today, people search when they get bored or sometimes just random things that often made them wonder. This sometimes might divert you from the main task at hand. And to tackle that problem, you have the virtual assistant now.

This will help you to make the most useless and most useful searches without wasting much of your precious hours. You can get back to your original work in no time. And also, when you have a smart search option like this, your work will get a flow. You will feel more in sync with your work. And soon you will have no problem getting a good amount of work done with every sitting. And when you are finally free, you can let your curiosity wield the search button for a while or so!

2. Financial Assistance

One of the main areas where everyone can use some expert assistance and organization is their finances. Very rarely, you will find people to be totally aware of their financial worry points. Well, you can fix that and a lot more with the help of the virtual assistant when you let it dig around a bit with your receipts and other financial reports. You will finally have an option to guide you better with your savings and inform you about how to manage it better.

You can upload and save all your receipts in the database of your virtual assistant. This way you can access it easily when the tax filing time rolls around. You will not have to roam all over your place and empty every virtual and actual drawer in sight. Now, you can just press and button and the date-wise organized stack of your receipts throughout the year will appear. You can even ask the virtual assistant to create a report about your financial health and how to improve it over time.

Explore And Understand Your Options Better

You will soon discover that you can also make the smart investment decisions with the help of this virtual guide. Of course, it will be better to confirm it with a reliable financial adviser too. This way, you will be able to remove every single ounce of doubt form your head and make the investment with full confidence. The virtual assistant will keep you updated on all the latest investment trends and other latest news that might be relevant to your finances.

You can keep track of all the incoming and outgoing payments. You can even fix a time of the day and take a download on all that has changed with respect to your finances during that interval. This will make you more focused the rest of the day. And all the payment and premium deadlines will be in your notice well in advance.

3. Book The Appointments on Time

Getting the appointment with the right people at the correct time is often quite cumbersome. You have to match your schedule with their and it is only after sufficient amount of waiting and discussing that you are able to get the right time. But, now you can leave all of these problems to your virtual assistant. It will take care of all of this for you and even remind you in advance just when to show up.

You can sync your contacts and calendar with your virtual assistant. And fill in the details of when you wish to have an appointment and with who. Most often than not, your calendar will end up with the exact schedules as the one you are hoping for.

Be Punctual Always

You will save plenty of time and mental exhaustion this way. Gone are the days when you kept on forgetting all the important dates. And miss your important meetings just because you did not have anyone to remind you of it. And you might not notice, but the appointments and meetings kind of creep up on you.

And if you are not careful then you might miss them. Now, you have all the time and the attention span in the world to focus on the most important thing at any given time. This has been made possible with the help of your virtual assistant and its extremely helpful user interface. You will find your concentration levels and productivity shooting through the roof with the help of this smart innovation.

4. Takeout or Fine Dining

You open the fridge, it is empty. Every restaurant that you wish to go to is somehow running its own waitlist. And you just have junk food lying around in your kitchen cabinets. How come this is the usual weekend picture of your home nowadays?

Fine Dining

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The virtual assistant makes sure that you make the healthy choice every time and you have plenty of access to the right kind of food.

Eat As And When You Want

You can instruct it to keep your fridge stocked with all the healthy food options of your choice. You can get the grocery shopping done too with it in no time via the online shopping method. This way, you will always have a mindful meal and snack option for you. And you won’t feel tempted to try anything too processed and unhealthy. Though, you can still get its help to figure out the best outlets out there to indulge your taste buds occasionally.

5. Entertainment

You might like the weekend movie night. Waking up to your favorite song might be your thing. The online audio and video streaming services that you like so much can now be connected to your virtual assistant and streamed to give you offer you the ultimate entertainment experience.

Enjoy the Entire Spectrum

Make your home theatre system all the more convenient for you by controlling it with your virtual assistant and modify its setting with utmost ease. You can bring in the surround sound speakers in the picture too and have the best of audio quality especially when you are jamming along with your audiophile buddies.


Today, you have a smart virtual assistant as a bonus with every other smart platform you use. So make the right choice. And bring in even more comfort to your home with the help of this latest invention. Take your time to select the platform and the virtual assistant that goes with your entire set of requirements and preferences.

Now it is your turn. Shoot a line to us. Tell us if you like, hate or absolutely adore our space. We look forward to getting inspired by your kind words. And be motivated to work even harder with your suggestions. So, read on and leave a comment below.

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