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XY Find It vs Tile Tracker vs Chipolo: 2022 Edition

Your belongings are varied in size and almost infinite when you are trying to keep track of all of them at once. It does get exhausting to do so on a daily basis. That is why you need to get a smart tracker for your precious belongings right about now.

XY Find It vs Tile Tracker vs Chipolo

The market is full of highly useful and customized smart trackers. They are all amazing in their own ways but you need to pick the one that will be best according to your requirements. The color, shape, size and overall features tend to differ quite a bit and that gives you the scope of finding the one that is perfect for your daily use.

Quick Highlights

You might be reading this article on your phone or tab. If for some reason you don’t find yourself able to finish this segment right now then just read the next two lines to load up on some serious information for the road!

If you can afford to go for the premium version then bring the XY3 3rd Gen Item Finder to your home today at just $59.99.

For the affordable option, make Tile Mate your tracking buddy at just $24.99.

Utility Of a Tracker

Though a smart tracker is a necessity for everyone on this planet, if you have not been using one until now then you might want to know its basic applications. There are a number of ways in which it makes you everyday life highly sorted. Read on to know top four of them.

1. Find Your Things Faster

One just needs to attach this tracker to the thing you want to keep track of and them forget worrying about it. Every time you can’t seem to find the said thing, just activate the tracker and you will be able to find it within seconds.

Sometimes, you are not able to scan the entire location properly. Or you just don’t seem to have the time and patience to do so. During those moments, you just need to follow the beeping sound of the tracker and you will be able to locate your misplaced item instantly.

2. Ring It Out Loud

Sometimes you are not even in the range of your lost item. During those times, it is always better to have a loud ringing tracker to guide you throughout. You can easily do so by making your smartphone ring your tracker and locate it at the earliest.

3. Tracking Map

You can get quick updates about the location of your phone via your smartphone and even see its proper location on a map. This will let you make the most of your available time. You will be able to locate your possessions way before someone else tries to sneak them out.

4. Community Help

It is always better to have a community support that helps you tremendously by making the right choice. Most of these smart trackers have their own community along with a lost and found section. This allows the members to stay updated about the various upgrades and how they fare with other members of the online community.

If you lucky, you can also get your long lost item right there through the conscious and mindful efforts of your fellow community members. And you can return the favor in same way someday too.

XY2 Find It Beacon: Detailed Review

It is quite hard to keep track of everything and anything from dusk till dawn. That is why we bring to the very helpful and hardly noticeable XY2 Find It Beacon.

XY2 Find It Beacon

Basic Introduction

All you need is this tiny trinket of a gadget and you will never lose a thing from then onwards. Keys, phone, your pet; everyone and everything will be well on your radar. Thus, you won’t be wasting hours a day looking for something right next to you but not clearly visible.


  • The XY App is completely compatible with the iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.4+ devices with Bluetooth 4.0.
  • XY App can be downloaded totally free of cost and you don’t even need to pay any additional subscription fees.
  • Virtually track an infinite number of beacons so that you always stay updated about your belongings.
  • Quickly receive the out of range alerts on your phone and find the misplaced items without much hassle.


  • XY App can use some serious upgrade since right now it is not able to properly locate the missing items.
  • The battery of your phone will be drained quite too often because of constant location updates.

The Verdict

If you are planning to buy this smart locator then you can go ahead right away. The sleek design and vibrant colors further make it a cool accessory to own. The fact that it is immensely helpful will surely convince you to add it to your smart home collection instantly.

Latest Updates: XY3 Review

XY3 Find It Beacon

Basic Introduction

The third generation update of the XY finder comes with a lot of positive and much-needed changes. First of all, you can easily sync it up with your android and apple phones without any trouble whatsoever.

You can track your wallet, pet, phone, keys and every other valuable thing of your in the most efficient and effortless way possible in way simpler manner than the second generation model.


  • Signal strength indicator on the XY3 beacon surely helps to figure out how much progress we are making in the search process.
  • You also get a map describing the location of your lost item and your current distance from the same.
  • Find your phone instantly by making it ring with a single click on your XY3 Beacon.
  • Log on to the website and into your account to see the location of all your lost belongings and the quickest way to reach them.


  • Smart tracker is not much helpful most of the time as opposed to the boisterous claims.
  • After only a few days of use, the device is showing faulty functioning which is totally unacceptable.

XY Find It vs Tile Tracker vs Chipolo

There are a lot of other suitable options in the market too. Let’s take a look at few of the best of them.

1. Tile Mate

Tile Mate

Basic Introduction

The latest edition of the tile mate is designed in the smartest way possible. It is already the best selling Bluetooth tracer in the world. And now you get it in a 25% smaller size that just makes things all the more better.


  • Quite easy to loop it into the keychain and attach to all your valuable belongings.
  • TileMate itself is designed to be easily attachable to any kind of surface in general from making things a bit more easy for you.
  • You can easily make your TileMate ring when it is out of sight so that you can find the attached item quicker.
  • Tile community comprises of over 5 million members and currently, it is the largest lost and found network around the globe.


  • Sometimes you get incorrect alerts at the most inconvenient time that induce unnecessarily panic.
  • Does not last for more than 7 months and need to be resigned for assimilating the durability feature.

2. Chipolo 2nd Gen 110019 Bluetooth Key Phone Car Luggage Wallet Item Finder & Selfie Remote

Chipolo 2nd Gen 110019 Bluetooth Key Phone Car Luggage Wallet Item Finder & Selfie Remote

Basic Introduction

It is always better to stay updated with the location of all important items such a your phone, wallet, and car keys among others. Now you can do so in style by picking from a range of colors with the unbeatable performance to back it up.


  • Use it to find your very much animated pet as well as the easily misplaced car keys.
  • With only 5 mm thickness and roughly the total size of a coin, you cannot find a better alternative to this one.
  • An extra battery is included with the model and you need the usual watch battering for this that will give uninterrupted superior service for over 6 months.
  • The longest Bluetooth range (60m/200 feet line of sight) of this device can be attributed to the Proprietary antenna design.


  • Alert sounds are barely audible no matter with which item you pair it up.
  • Often it gets unresponsive and that gets really annoying when you are running low on time.

The Best Item Tracker?

There are a lot of things that demand your attention throughout the day. Let the location of your valuables not be one of them. With the above mention range of Bluetooth trackers, you are finally able to resolve this problem once and for all.

The XY third generation beacon is clearly the best tracker of the lot. You will be immensely grateful for buying it and the way it makes your life simpler instantly. Being highly compatible with all the major smartphone platforms and the wide Bluetooth range further makes it an indispensable smart asset.

This is all there is to know about the smart Bluetooth trackers right now. Do let us know if you found it useful or do we need to step up our game. Till then, keep following this space!

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